7 Herbal Remedies For UTI ( Urinary Tract Infections )

Herbal remedies for uti - ( UTI ) Urinary tract infection or commonly called a urinary tract infection caused by bacteria growing in the urinary tract. Urinary tract infections can occur in men and women, but women are more susceptible to this infection, while men tend to be immune.

Based on the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections is escherichia coli (E. coli), which normally resides in the colon.

 Chlamydia and mycoplasma can also cause urinary tract infections. The difference is, if the E. coli bacteria found in the large intestine, chlamydia is caused by a sexually transmitted disease.

Herbal Remedies For UTI

Urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria/ germs invade the urinary tract us. Please be aware that our bodies have a lot of kuman2. But we didn't get sick because there body's defense (such as white blood cells, antibodies or also ‘the separation wall’ that protects the body from attack by germs).

When our immune system is weak or the bacteria managed to get into the parts of our body are supposed to be ‘sterile’ or clean, then there we have an infection. Something similar happens when we experience a urinary tract infection/ urinary tract infection.

Tanda2 is fever, we experience the pain/feel like burning when we pee, constantly feel like urinating, bloody urine, bedwetting (incontinence). If you've lived, maybe the sign is you will be confused/forgetful or unconscious. The doctor will check your urine to determine bacteria is what strikes the urinary tract and to treat it according to the laboratory results.

There are two tests to determine infection urinary. The base is a urinalysis. Your pee will be in a collection and then in the analysis of the wear strip test. This test only tells you if you are exposed to the infection of the urine or not. But do not tell what the bacteria that cause the infection.

The second test is the urine you will be in the process in the laboratory and the laboratory will try to ‘grow’ the bacteria in the urine for analysis - bacteria what antibiotics are most excellent in use what. Because the laboratory to ‘grow’ the bacteria, then this test requires several days.

There are several antibiotics that are usually used such as Trimethoprim, augmentin DF and also Cephalexin and usually the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections is E. Coli. Some years there are groups of bacteria that become resistant/immune to antibiotics (ESBL - Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase E. Coli) and requires special antibiotics and harsh.

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Herbal Remedies For UTI

Natural treatment what can be done for urinary tract infection

In addition to medical treatment, there are some natural ways that can be tried to cure the infection of the urinary tract, such as:

1. Drinking water

Drinking water regularly every day could be the initial step for treating urinary tract infections. Or You can consult to Your doctor about how many glasses of water should be consumed every day. In fact, eight to ten glasses per day can help eliminate the bacteria through the urine that is excreted. If You have diseases such as kidney stones, there is a good discussion with Your doctor about how many glasses of water that can be consumed every day.

If You are affected by urinary tract infection, You should reduce drinks that are colored and contain caffeine such as coffee, tea, and soda. Caffeine can aggravate urinary tract infections. In addition to caffeine, You should also avoid alcoholic beverages, sugary drinks, orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice, and wine.

2. Don't hold back urination

Try to monitor when You should urinate. Don't ever hold back-restrain urination, because holding urination can lead to bacteria growing in the bladder. In addition, the need to note is that You should urinate after sex with Your partner, this is done to reduce the risk of bacteria entering deeper into the urinary tract.

3. Take vitamin C

You are asked not to drink like oranges, but You can find vitamin C in fruits that are colored green or You can consume tomatoes, the fruit is most easily found. When You consume vitamin C, this will make Your urine acidic and this is good to reduce the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.

4. Use a hot compress

Pillow hot compress can be found in stores that sell medical equipment. According to Dr. Rivers, quoted in Everyday Health, use a heat pillow can relieve pain or pain in the area of the bladder. How to use it is by not applying it directly to the skin, use a cloth as a separator. Use only for 15 minutes to avoid burning taste.

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5. Use comfortable clothes

Use clothes with a material that can make skin breathe, like cotton underwear, loose pants instead of jeans, shirt loose, it is necessary in order not to feel damp so that the bacteria that ‘perch’ was reduced.

6. Note the cleanliness of the area of the bladder

Always pay attention to hygiene sanitation use. Do not use spray or soap feminine cleansing, rinse the genital area with the way from front to back, then dry. This is to avoid germs that migrate to the urinary tract. When bathing, it is better to use a shower than a soak in the bathtub. Use soap that is fragrance-free

7. Healthy lifestyle

Change Your life style such as food consumed, preferably more often consume fruit and vegetable. More frequently water consumption than others in addition to the juice, or beverage packaging. No smoking. Always maintain the cleanliness of the clothes that will be used is very important.

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