Here's The Secret How To Home Remedies For ADHD

Home remedies for ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which is more commonly known as hyperactivity. ADHD is a disorder of the long term which affects millions of children with symptoms that can last into adulthood.

However Treatment of HYPERACTIVITY or ADHD is not easy. HYPERACTIVITY or ADHD is a disorder in brain development that causes the sufferer to be hyperactive, impulsive, and hard to focus.

This condition formerly known as ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. Although it can not be cured completely, there are several types of therapy and medication to patients with Hyperactive or ADHD that can be selected. Measures the handling of this is done in order to alleviate the symptoms. So that patients can enjoy a normal life and better quality.

home remedies for adhd

A combination of therapy and medication generally is the best steps for dealing with Patients with HYPERACTIVITY or ADHD. However, there are no shortcuts to deal with HYPERACTIVITY or ADHD. It takes commitment, time, and emotions. As well as financial not a little to find the combination of the method of treatment for ADHD that is right for You or Your child.

There are 3 subtypes of ADHD :
  • The predominant hyperactive-impulsive: People with ADHD are more predominant hyperactivity-impulsivity usually have problems of hyperactivity and impulsive behavior.

  • Dominant inatentif: People with ADHD are more dominant inatentif usually have the symptoms can not be noticed with good.

  • The combination of hyperactive-impulsive and inatentif: this Group has symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity, and can not pay attention.
The signs and symptoms of ADHD

Symptoms-common symptoms of ADHD in children are:
  • Do not pay attention. People with ADHD often feel:
  • Easy terdistraksi
  • Forgetful
  • Do not ignore your opponent talk
  • Do not follow the instructions, can't complete school work or tasks, lose focus and easily distracted
  • Have problems with regularity
  • Dislike and avoid tasks that require the attention of mental length, such as PR.
  • Hyperactive. Symptoms of hyperactivity are:
  • Seem always eager
  •  Excessive talking
  • Has difficulty in waiting for turn
  • Squirming in his seat, stomping the hands or feet, restless
  • Trying to get up from your seat when required to remain seated
  • Running or climbing in situations that are not appropriate
  • Can't play quietly or follow the activity of its
  • Give answers before the question is finished
  • Often annoys other people
  • Impulsive. People with ADHD may often behave in a risk without thinking of the consequences.
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Chances are there signs and symptoms that are not mentioned above. If You have concerns about a particular symptom, please consult with Your doctor. You should contact a doctor if Your child's behavior affect Your life. Remember that ADHD can be controlled with the help of treatment and support.

Handling and Treatment

Handling and Treatment of Hyperactivity or ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The following handlers that can be done for sufferers of Hyperactivity or ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

Handling Through Therapy
This Therapeutic method is useful to handle other disorders that may accompany ADHD, such as depression. Type-the type of therapy that could be an option include:

1. Therapy For Patients with Hyperactivity or ADHD
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)
  • This therapy will help sufferers of Hyperactivity or ADHD to change the mindset and behavior when faced with a problem or certain situation.
  • Therapy psychology
  • Patients with Hyperactivity or ADHD will be invited to share their stories in this therapy. For example, when their difficulties in overcoming the symptoms of ADHD. Or looking for a way to cope with the symptoms.
  • Training social interaction
  • This type of therapy can help patients with ADHD to understand the social behavior that is worthy in certain situations. People who are close to sufferers of ADHD such as parents, siblings, and teachers also need knowledge. Knowledge that can guide the sufferers.
2. Therapy For the Family
Therapy For the Family and the People around Patients with Hyperactivity or ADHD

home remedies for adhd

Here are some of the types of therapy and training that may be useful:
  • Behavior therapy
  • In this therapy, parents and caregivers with ADHD will be trained to devise a strategy. This therapy is useful to help the patient in the behave day-to-day and cope with the difficult situation. For example by applying a system of praise to encourage the patient.
  • Training Program and teaching for parents
  • In addition to helping parents to better understand the behavior of patients with Hyperactivity or ADHD. This step can provide an overview of the guidance specific required patients.
ADHD can not be cured. But diagnosis and proper treatment early can help patients to adapt with his condition at once of everyday life.

3. Handling with the Drugs

Although it can not cure, medicine can reduce the symptoms of ADHD. There are 5 types of drugs that are commonly used, namely methylphenidate, dexamfetamine, lisdexamfetamine atomoxetine, and guanfacine. By taking them, these medications will make the patient become more calm and reduce impulsive so people can focus more. For teens and children who can not use the above drugs, guanfacine would be an alternative. This drug serves to increase the concentration while lowering blood pressure.

All drugs certainly have side effects, including drugs for Hyperactivity or ADHD. A number of common side effects when using it is:
  • headache
  • no appetite
  • and digestive disorders
But users of atomoxetine should be more vigilant because this drug is also suspected to cause more serious side effects. That trigger the desire to commit suicide and liver damage. Patients who are already undergoing treatment should be screened regularly to a Psychologist and doctor spisialis. This was done until the symptoms of ADHD reduced significantly. After his condition improved, the patient is recommended to undergo a periodic examination.

The treatment of Hyperactivity or ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder In the House

What lifestyle changes or home remedies that can be done to cope with ADHD? The following is a lifestyle and home treatments that can help You cope with ADHD:

1. Behavior therapy
This therapy helps teachers and parents understand the strategy of behavior change. Such a system of rewards and time limits, to cope with a difficult situation.

2. Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy will help children with ADHD more adult to talk about issues that bother them. Also to explore negative behavior patterns, and understand how to cope with their symptoms.

3. Skills training for parents
This training is very important because it will help parents understand and guide the behavior of children with Hyperactivity or ADHD.

4. Family therapy
The same is the case with skills training. This therapy helps the family and siblings cope with the stress of living with someone who has Hyperactivity or ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

5. Skills training social
The training is very help children with Hyperactivity or ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder understand social behavior really.

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home remedies for adhd

Music Brain Wave Therapy for ADHD

If You want to avoid the use of medicines due to worry about side effects, or can't reach the cost of psychotherapy that memrlukan cost a lot and drain a lot of time also, there is an alternative treatment of ADHD/hyperactivity other, i.e. using Music Brain Wave Therapy, the therapy is you can use yourself at home, without having to take medication, without having to go to a therapist.

This therapy works by stimulating the brain at a specific frequency, precisely on the waves of SMR, because know that: people with ADHD are impaired on a wave of SMR.

Omega-3 fats for ADHD

Experts in ADHD recommend how to improve the ability of the brain to avoid the “bad fats” like those found in trans fats and fried foods, hamburgers and pizza. Instead, choose omega-3 fats from salmon, walnuts, avocados, and others. Types of food it helps improve brain health, and some research shows that consuming these foods can help reduce the negative symptoms of ADHD. in Addition, these foods can help lower hyperactivity while improving the ability of organizational.

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