10 Best Home Remedies For Termites : How to Get Rid of Termites

Home remedies for termites - Termites are one of the types of insects damaging home furniture or furniture made of wood. Termites breed very quickly and in large quantities. Therefore, immediately exterminate termites and do preventive measures before the increasingly rampant.

If you want to buy furniture, first check carefully. Make sure there are no holes or signs of decay.

Termites love to live in a humid environment. Perform routine checks on wood, furniture, and home from termites. Get rid of termites by using the method that is most appropriate. Here are some ways to eradicate termites nesting in the furniture.
Home Remedies For Termites
 1. Ventilation
Termites tend to like places that are damp and lack of sunlight. If you have a house and a lot of furniture made of wood, then how to eradicate termites the first is establishing adequate ventilation so that sunlight can get to every corner of the house.

By doing so, the furniture made of wood will not easily eaten by termites. If some furniture made of wood already attacked by termites, then how to eradicate termites next step is drying the furniture was on an open area. This allows direct sunlight to kill the termites.

2. Air Conditioner
As already said earlier, termites love damp. Because of that, expose it to extreme temperature so one of the how to eradicate termites most effective. In addition to heated in the sun, cool the room also a way to eradicate the termites that powerful you know.

You can set the air conditioner on the temperature the most low. The displacement of the temperature suddenly become cold will kill termites easily. If necessary, move while furniture affected by termites in the room that has air conditioning.

3. Install the Trap with Cardboard
There is one how to eradicate termites without the need to remove the furniture so that the dried or cooled, namely by installing a trap. How to eradicate termites here is to moisten the cardboard. Need not very wet, just create a cardboard so dank. Before doing how to exterminate termites, you should know in advance where termite nests.

Place the cardboard was in there up to the smell of which resembles wood wafted from the cardboard and fishing termites approached him. When the termites are busy eating the cellulose of the cardboard, move the cardboard into a large place and safe to burn cardboard.

4. Spray Soapy Water
How to eradicate termites which one is easy to do with the ingredients that are in your own home. You simply provide the spray bottle is empty, of liquid soap and water. How to mix four tablespoons of liquid soap and a glass of water, shake to blend. After that, enter the soap solution into a spray bottle. Spray the soap solution on the area that was attacked by termites.

How to eradicate termites as it aims to disrupt the respiratory system of termites, so that termites will die by itself. Do how to eradicate termites this one several times in a day until the termites get killed completely.

5. The Salt Solution
How to eradicate termites other is to make the salt solution. In principle, how to eradicate termites which one is the same with make a soap solution. First, dissolve it in a bowl of salt with half a liter of water. The aim is indeed to make a solution of salt concentrate is high. After that, insert a saline solution into the spray bottle. Seprotkan a solution of the salt on the termite so termites will die of suffocation. How to eradicate termites this one is easy and cheap, isn't it?

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Home Remedies For Termites
6. A Solution Of Whiting
Rather than the two previous solution, make a solution of whiting is actually a way to eradicate the termites most potent. A solution of whiting is famous not only as a way to eradicate termites since the first, but also powerful kill other insects. Eradicate termites with a solution of whiting can also turn off the larvae of the termites, so how to eradicate termites one this impact thoroughly.

Things you need to do is to mix whiting with water and spray it on termite nests. Spray also on other places so that the termites do not move. Usually only require once spraying.

7. Orange oil
Orange oil contains D-limonene which is effective to get rid of termites. Rub or spray the oil over the area that is infested with termites. The oil will kill the termites.

8. The washing water of rice
The washing water of rice which is often underestimated turned out to have considerable benefits. Yes, the water was able to repel the termites from the nest. The trick is also quite easy because You just pour the washing water of rice to the perimeter of the dwelling termites.

9. Water tobacco
In a previous article we had discussed that tobacco can be used to repel lizard from inside the house. Investigate a calibaration, the raw material for the manufacture of cigarettes is also it can repel a herd of wood-eating termites. How, first of all You have to soak the tobacco in water for one night. Immersion is aimed at removing sari in the tobacco. Once ready, please pour or spray water into the nest of termites.

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10.  Rack wood
Because of the termites most like in a damp place, then place it in a hot place will become a torment for him. Therefore if there is a furniture of Your house that is inhabited by termites, dry furniture in the sun. Do drying this on a regular basis to termites disappeared from the place.

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