Simple and Effective : Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mice

Home remedies to get rid of mice - How to get rid of rats in house home remedies ? Rats are very easily attracted to garbage, pet food, compost bins, food waste or fruits and vines. And the danger, rats carry more than 20 diseases. Even though the house looks clean, the rats can still nesting.

They have a target place to live favorite, starting from the attic, gutter, sack, basement, pipe network, kitchen cabinets, and the land near the trees, the bushes, up to the warehouse.

If the rats start to make Your life uncomfortable, the house became the smell to the mess, there is a solution easily and quickly repel rats from inside Your home.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mice

A variety of how to repel rats done by many people so this animal is missing from the home. But to repel rodents is not easy, because rodents this ingenious and very aware of traps what can kill him. There are a variety of how to repel mice, either naturally with simple tools or using traps such as traps or using poison. Here are 12 ways home remedies for mice that are practical and effective :

1. Maintaining crickets
Surely you wonder, why cricket can repel mice. Crickets can produce a loud sound, with sound that is produced crickets this can interfere with hearing the rats, because rats don't like the sound of a noisy or noisy. So you can use crickets to repel mice, you should select crickets that have a loud voice or a type of cicada complaint. Put a cricket in every corner of your home, so your home is protected from rodents.

2. Camphor
Uses camphor is not only to scent the clothes or the room, it turns out that mothballs are also very useful to repel mice in your home. Mothballs can repel mice because mice do not like the smell of a fragrant and very pungent. The trick fairly easy just by putting mothballs in every corner of your home or on the usual places traversed by mice.

3. Keep the cat
How to repel rats other powerful is to maintain the cat. Of course there are already know that the enemy of a cat is a rat. With the presence of a cat in your home is very possible if the rodents away from your home, because only by hearing the voice of the cat, the rat will surely be afraid and go.

4. The use of detergents
Use detergent to repel mice, is one Way to repel rats potent. It is very easy, just by dissolving detergent with added chili sauce. Spray the mixture on the corner of the room is often impassable mice. If the rats pass through this fluid then he will feel the heat, so the rats dare not come again. Or you hunt rats and then spray the liquid directly on the rat, this will make the mice go away from your home.

5. Catch a mouse then coloring them
How to dye your rats this is how to repel rats unique. The trick is to catch one mouse, then color it with bright colors, such as yellow, red, pink or other. Then remove the rats that have been stained so that the rat would return to his native home and meet his group. At the time of these rats met the group, then the other rats will feel scared and then go separate to each other and even will go far away from your home.

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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mice

6. Using Soda pop ( bomb soda)
In a research study stating that the animal rats can't burp or not be able to issue a gas that comes from within his body. With this then soda pop or baking soda is very effective as a way to repel mice. It is very easy that, mixing or putting baking soda on the food preferred by rats.

If food that has been mixed with baking soda was eaten by mice then mouse stomach will become bloated, because the baking soda will react on mouse stomach by producing gas, and the rat can not remove the gas from within his body, so that the rats will feel bloated, even lead to death in mice.

7. Using mint leaves
Uses of mint leaves are many, one of them is to repel the mice from your home. Mice dislike the aroma of the smell that is produced from the leaves of the mint, as the scent of mint leaves is very pungent.

How to repel mice with mint leaves that is with, boil the mint leaves, then spray water the juice on the place of places traversed by mice, or you can spray directly on the rat. With this the rats will go away from your home and dare not come again.

8. With bleach clothes
It turns out bleach clothes can be one way to repel rats powerful, the trick is; mix the bleach clothes with cleaning ceramic each as much as ¼ liter, then put in a bottle and shaken. Semprotkanlah liquid the mixture on the hole where the rats nested, then the rats will go away and will not return again.

9. With noni fruit
Noni fruit is very useful to repel mice, it is very easy that by destroying the noni fruit then dissolve it in water. Spray the solution last in the area that is frequently traversed by mouse or spray on the rat hole, this way will make the rats run away from home and dare not come again. This way will be more effective to repel rodents in fields or warehouses.

10. Use pepper powder
Aroma of spicy on the pepper is not liked by rats, so use mrica as one Way to repel mice very effectively. The trick is to sprinkle pepper powder on places that are often traversed by the mice, or directly sprinkle pepper powder directly on the hole of the rat. Do this every day of the week, then the rats will be gone from your home.

11. Using mouse trap
Certainly you are familiar with tool rat-catcher, because you can find the tool rat-catcher in stores. In using the tool the mouse trap is very easy; lay a trap the rat that has been given feedback on areas that are often traversed by rats. This way is very effective, because in this way the rat will be caught. Note, however, in using the tools of mouse trap, because this tool is dangerous if exposed to humans, so put the tool trap is in an area which is not traversed or not accessible by humans.

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12. The use of rat poison
This way is the most effective way to repel mice. The trick is by mixing poison in the food preferred by rats. If such food is eaten by mice then the mice will die. But this way will be at risk, because if the rats die in any place or on the right which are difficult to reach will be difficult when take the rat carcasses. If a dead rat can not be found their carcasses will cause your home to be smell.
Thus a variety of how to repel rats powerful tool that you can apply on your home. Do the above regularly to keep your home free of rats. Observe cleanliness in every corner of your home, so your home is protected from rodents and your home is not used as a nest of rats.

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