Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Roaches

Home remedies to get rid of roaches - Have a comfortable dwelling is a dream of all people. In this case, what is meant by a comfortable dwelling is a dwelling that is free from animal harm, such as insects, rodents, or even cockroaches.

Animals is identical with the dirtiness that creates a feeling of disgust and make items that are in our homes become not clean. The presence of cockroaches (especially the flying) in residential we are of course very annoying and detrimental.

Even it is not impossible if these animals entered our bedroom. We need specialized knowledge to control, eradicate or repel cockroaches permanently. Here are a number of tips that You can use to help You repel the cockroaches that get into Your bedroom.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Roaches

The Tips that are provided below are divided into 2 groups, namely tips repel cockroaches use artificial ingredients or chemicals, and the tips repel cockroaches using natural materials. Each material certainly has its advantages and disadvantages respectively.

However, ways below is a simple way and You can do yourself at home. Here's how to repel cockroaches :

1. Clean the eggs of a cockroach

In addition to root, the proper way to keep a cockroach from the bedroom is to stop the cycle of his life, namely by turning off their eggs. The egg cockroach is often found in places that are hidden such as in corners of cupboards or under the bed. If You find the eggs of cockroaches in Your room, better immediately You flush with hot water to turn it off.

2. Spraying anti insects in Your home

How to eradicate cockroaches in the house the other is by spraying a can of bug spray to all parts of the house, including the room of Your bedroom. This way is considered potent enough to repel the presence of cockroaches. Spraying not only kills cockroaches, but also kill the insects bully others, such as mosquitoes and flies. You can do the spraying as much as once a day every afternoon.

Then close tightly the door of Your room so there is no way for insects to escape. However, this way also has its drawbacks. Cockroaches have the ability to form immunity against a type of insecticide if they've been exposed to these substances many times. Automatically, this may cause the cockroaches keep coming despite using bug spray.

3. Using anti cockroach

In addition to using anti insects, You can also use insecticides labeled “anti cockroach” and contains a substance cyfluthrin or other substances as the active ingredient. How to get the drugs also very easy. You can buy it online at websites such as Tokopedia and Open the Stall. How to use it is by spraying the drug into the places that often cockroaches use to hide such as walls, cracks, and vents.

However, there are some notes in the use of these substances, namely:
  • When You spray, as much as possible keep out of the reach of children and also pets in Your home.
  • Follow all safety instructions have been written clearly on the product label.
  • If You also put cockroach bait, do not spray anti cockroach nearby. This may contaminate the bait and make the cockroach actually avoid it.
Note that other is, probably a spray that can make a cockroach disappear quickly at that time. However, on the other hand, there is also the possibility that they actually hide to the wall that is in the again. It's important for You to eradicate the nest, not just the cockroaches.

4. Use a soap solution

Soapy water can kill a cockroach because it can form a thin layer to cover the pores that are used by the cockroaches to breathe. Due to the voltage on the surface, this layer will continue to cover the pores of the cockroach can no longer breathe.

How to use was fairly easy, namely by making a dilute solution of soap (using soap) and water. After quite dilute, pour this solution into a spray bottle then spray into the cockroach that was wandering around in Your room.

To kill a cockroach adults, You can spray 2-3 times a solution of this. Make sure that this spray about the head and stomach under the cockroach. This will be able to kill the cockroach in minutes. After the cockroaches die, immediately dispose of the cockroaches is because there will likely be recovered when the solution of the body dry or not enough to cover most of his body.

5. Using mothballs

Camphor is one of the solutions is the most practical and effective to repel cockroaches away from Your room. Put a few grains of mothballs in places that are prone to be a nest of cockroaches. For the use of more safe, You have to be careful to keep mothballs out of reach of children.

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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Roaches

6. Use a solution of lemon

In addition to the use of drugs or other chemicals, You can also use natural ingredients to keep cockroaches out of Your room. One of the natural ingredients that You can use is lemon. The fruit has a sour taste it is anti-pathogenic or prevent the growth of bacteria. The trick is very easy, namely by adding freshly squeezed lemon juice into the water used to mop Your bedroom.

The smell of the scent that is produced by lemon this is not liked by the cockroaches. Although the results tend to be slower than chemicals, however, repel cockroaches use this lemon does not hurt to try. Especially considering a fresh scent that is produced from this fruit will meet around the corner of Your bedroom.

7. Use cucumber as a trap

Use cucumber as a trap cockroach is believed to be quite safe because it is non-toxic. If You want to completely get rid of cockroaches, there is no harm to try the tips on this one. Utilization means, namely by putting pieces of cucumber in aluminum cans empty. The cucumber reacts with the aluminium can create a smell that is capable of killing a cockroach. Place these traps in places that become a nest of cockroaches.

8. Utilizing the peppermint oil

Natural materials that can be used to repel cockroaches next is the mint leaves. Not only used for cooking, mint leaves can also be used to get rid of cockroaches from Your bedroom. How do You get the mint oil? This oil can be obtained easily in stores or in online shop or You can also make your own by mixing oil with the sliced mint leaves.

Once again because of its nature, the work of the solution is not as fast as other methods. However, the advantage offered is this oil safe-safe only if exposed to children or pets.

9. Use a bay leaf

Bay leaf is a material that is very easy to be found both in-store and in the market for including into the herbs that is used quite often. However, in addition to as a spice to flavor food, it turns out the bay leaf also has other advantages which are useful to repel cockroaches because cockroaches do not like the smell.

Make a bundle of bay leaf consisting of several sheets of bay leaf and place it near the holes or cracks that commonly used cockroaches to lay their eggs and form the nest. If cockroaches also disturb the clothes and Your books, put also sheet of bay leaves is to place Your storage.

10. Use baking soda

Baking soda can be utilized to eradicate the cockroaches by way of mixing baking soda with sugar then sprinkle in the areas that there are a lot of cockroaches. Cockroaches will be attracted by the sugar, so eat them, however, do not know if there is baking soda in it so it will die. This is one of the alternatives to eradicate cockroaches without using chemicals. So how to repel cockroaches in your bedroom You can try.

You can choose whether to use chemicals or use natural ingredients. Chemicals of course react more quickly, however, dangerous and produce residue. While the natural materials even though her reaction a little longer than chemicals, however, tend to have no side effects and is not too dangerous.

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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Roaches

How To Prevent Cockroaches Coming Back

After You repel the cockroaches from Your room, the prevention of cockroaches in order not to come again also needs to be done. Here are some tips to prevent cockroaches coming back into Your room:

1. Take care of the cleanliness and layout of Your furniture as neat as possible
Hygiene is a key to get rid of nuisance animals from within the house. Try to always so that no goods were scattered in the room. Because, basically, cockroaches love to live in a slum, cluttered, and dirty.

2. Avoid storing food in the bedroom
To prevent the entry of cockroaches into the bedroom, as much as possible do not store food in the bedroom. This is because cockroaches are very fond of the existence of food. Be sure to store food in a covered place such as a jar or the refrigerator. In this way, the cockroaches will not be attracted to Your bedroom.

3. Use the trash-covered
Cockroaches are very fond of the smell of rotten garbage so be sure to use a trash that has a lid so that the smell of the trash does not sting to the outside. In addition, be diligent dispose of the garbage before piling up and cause dirty Your bedroom.

So how to repel cockroaches in Your bedroom and also how to prevent them coming back. The most important thing that You should remember is to keep the cleanliness of Your dwelling. Therefore, the dwelling that is clean will cleanse the soul of its owner anyway. Residential clean can make us comfortable living in it and rest so it can do the job with more leverage.

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