Home Remedies To Kill Bed Bugs : The Most Effective To Kill

How Home remedies to get rid of bed bugs permanently? Bedbugs, or also known as bed bugs, are parasitic insects of small-sized red-colored tanned. Bedbugs can bite the skin of humans or animals to suck their blood. How to home remedies to kill bed bugs ?

Usually bedbugs nested in the cracks of mattresses, box springs, bed headboards, bed frame, or other objects around the mattress.

Although not dangerous and do not spread infectious diseases, the bites of bed bugs can cause a reaction of the body as well as cause stress on the psychic if it lasts constantly. How natural remedies for bed bugs ?

Home Remedies To Kill Bed Bugs

Symptoms and Risk Factors of Bedbugs
The bites of bedbugs or bed bugs are not painful, however some people will feel the reaction afterwards. This reaction can appear a few minutes up to two weeks after the bite. Usually bedbugs bite in the face, neck, arms and hands. Some of the symptoms of the bites of bedbugs are generally there on a person's body is:
  • Red spots, with red dots blackish in the middle. Usually spots it in a striped pattern or get together.
  • Itching.
The Causes Of Bedbugs
Bed bugs can spread from one place to another by way of “hitchhike” on clothes, bags, furniture, mattresses and cardboard boxes. Bedbugs can easily creep to move between rooms or indoors. The existence of bedbugs is also not related to the level of cleanliness of the environment, as required by this insect is the warm environment that has a lot of places to hide.

In addition to hygiene, other factors that may increase the risk exposed to the bites of bedbugs, namely the resistance of bed bugs against drugs antiserangga, as well as the frequency of travel is high.

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The Diagnosis Of Bedbugs
Generally diagnosis is done by a doctor through physical examination on the bite marks of bedbugs, including evaluating the abnormalities in the skin and the symptoms felt by the patient. If it is diagnosed the bites of bedbugs, the patient should immediately inspect the place of residence to search for the location of the insects that nested (eg, in the crevices of mattresses, furniture, or walls).

The patient is likely to have to do inspection of the place of residence at night, when bedbugs are active.

Some of the signs of the existence of bedbugs is as follows:
  • Stains dark spots, commonly found on the mattress or sleeping pad. Stains spots this is the excrement of bedbugs.
  • The rest of the outer skin. Bedbugs shed skin five times while developing into an adult. Usually scars the outer skin is colored pale yellow.
  • Reddish stains such as rust, which usually appear on bed linen in which a person does not accidentally choke the bedbugs.
Home Remedies To Kill Bed Bugs

Treatment Of Bedbugs
Generally the bite marks bedbugs are reddish color will disappear by itself after one to two weeks. Patients can accelerate healing by applying creams hydrocortisone on the skin that is bitten or taking antihistamine medications (hypo-allergenic).

The doctor may also prescribe antibiotics if the patient is suffering from skin infections caused by scratching the bite marks of bedbugs.

After the symptoms have already dealt with, the patient should immediately eradicate bedbugs. It is quite difficult because bedbugs can hide quite well and can live several months without eating.

Prevention Of Bedbugs

There are several ways that You can do to protect themselves from the bites of bedbugs, such as by spraying the liquid antiserangga, installing wire antiserangga coated with the pesticide permethrin, or wear clothes that cover the skin. While to anticipate the emergence of bedbugs in Your residence, there are several ways that can be done is:
  • Be careful when in hotel. Check the bedding in the hotel room, and put the bag or suitcase on the table than on the floor.
  •  Clean the shelter from the nests of birds or bats, because bedbugs can hitchhike on the body of birds or bats to move from one place to another.
  • Check the used goods. If You buy a mattress, chair, or sofa used, please check carefully before carrying it all into the house. But you should avoid buying a mattress or chair used.
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In order to avoid mites or ticks, then do some stages eliminate bed bugs here :

1. Rack Mattress
It is simple yet effect on the cleanliness of the mattress is to dry. Drying mattresses, pillows, bolsters and blankets in direct sunlight. Before drying, you should move the items in the room to keep dust and tungai not spread to other places during the drying process.

2. Washing with Hot Water

Mix the hot water with antibacterial soap, then clean the mattress, pillows and bolsters. Dry it in direct sunlight.

3. Evaporation
You can use kettle electric then add a small hose and evaporate to along the seams of the mattress. Clean also to the sidelines of the mattress to the bed. Try all angles to get the hot steam.

4. Sprinkle The Silica Gel

Silica gel You can use to eliminate bedbugs. Tick repellent is used with the way sown to the entire room and part of the mattress. Then, the fleas will stick to the silica gel and die by itself.

5. Oil Land & Camphor
Mix the kerosene and camphor then spray onto the areas become a hotbed of mites, or bedbugs. The mixture is effective to kill bed bugs and is very practical because the material is easily obtainable.

6. Candles
If You have candles in the house, can be used to eliminate fleas in the mattress. Simply squirt the liquid wax that is burned to a gap where the bed bugs are. For the proportion, can adjust to the needs and area of the mattress. A natural way is considered to be effective to eradicate lice.

7. Insecticides
You can spray mosquito repellent to eradicate lice or mites. Select insecticides with a toxin that is not too hard. Eradicate fleas in this way is quite practical. You can do the spraying this until the flea eggs hatch.

8. Salt
Mix the salt and water then put into a spray bottle. Then, spray the mixture into the mattress and other areas become a hotbed of mites. This mixture is quite simple and certainly can be easily made at home.

9. Vinegar
Vinegar is the one ingredient that is quite multifunctional. Simply spray the vinegar into the nesting place of bed bugs. Then the fleas and their eggs will die quickly. Vinegar doesn't need to be in the mix water for the material of this one. Enough with the move to a spray bottle.

10. The Skin Of The Durian
After enjoying the durian, then don't waste the peel. Skin of durian can be used to eradicate bedbugs mattress. The pungent smell of durian peel can help eliminate the mites. The trick is quite simple to put the durian skin in the nest of bed bugs.

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