Hot Spot Dog Home Remedy, Prevention, Symptoms and Treatment

Hot spot dog home remedy - Hotspots or acute moist dermatitis, or pyotraumatic dermatitis. From the name of the other could mean inflammation of the skin which is wet and its nature acute (just happened), or it could also be interpreted by the inflammation accompanied wounds (from bites or licks) to fester on the skin.

Dogs and cats that are experiencing hotspot initially felt itchy on the skin, the cause of variety could be due to parasites, fungal infections, allergies and other causes.

Itching on the skin causing dogs and cats to swipe and lick, bite, or scratch the part that itches, will eventually widen and cause irritation on the skin.  Skin inflammation will be pain when touched, usually dogs and cats are exposed to the hotspot will tend to get angry when held the part.

Hot Spot Dog cats Home Remedy

Usually dogs and cats that experience the hotspot will show the wounds or inflammation of a certain area or city. Parts of the skin money generally could be affected by the hotspot, namely the chest, back, crotch (groins).

On these parts will be easily licked or bitten if the dog and the cat feels itchy. Dogs more often experience this condition than cats. Dogs with hair that is thick, long, and less kept clean will tend to experience the condition of skin disorders, one of which hotspot.

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Symptoms Of Hot Spot Dog 
Dogs and cats that are experiencing hotspot will show some of the symptoms include :
  • red skin
  • looks thickened (swollen)
  • wet
  • when held will be in pain
  • if there is already infection of bacteria advanced will fester.
Treatment Of Hot Spot Dog

Do the treatment and care of diseases of the skin indeed could be done at home. But it would be better if it checked to see a doctor, in order to get proper treatment according to its condition.

1. Don't let the dogs scratch the wound
It is important for the owner to prevent the dog or cat for scratching or licking the wound, because it will aggravate the condition. Dog or cat if the need to be able to use elizabeth collar or funnel for the dog.

2. Give the medicine according to doctor's instructions

The doctor will provide treatment in accordance with the conditions and their causes. Antihistamines, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory in the form of ointment or oral medication can also be given the doctor if there are indications of an allergy or a bacterial infection. Drugs need to be administered according to the doctor direction.

3. Shaving the hair can help persembuhan wound

Handling the wound also need to be considered e.g. the shaving of the hair around the wound to keep the wound so as not to be contaminated and make it easier to give the drug so as to accelerate the persembuhan.

4. Clean the skin with an antiseptic

Cleaning the wound is also quite difficult, usually dogs and cats will not like the last angry even bite because of the pain. so we need the help of others if memanh needed. Clean the wound every day according to the advice of the doctor before given oral medications or ointments.

antiseptic can be used to clean the wound, the market many of its brands can rivanol, betadine (iodine), good mixed with warm water. after a little dry out, then applied the medicine from the doctor. Make sure when cleaning our hands clean, thereby reducing contamination.

5. Garlic To Treat Hot Spots On Dogs
Garlic/garlic turned out not only serves for a mixture of cooking, but also serves as a traditional medicine for hot spots in dogs. Chemical content of garlic will cleanse the hot spot than in the blood, the garlic also is a natural antibiotic.

How to gift :
  • Take a clove of garlic.
  • For the onion into small pieces (because the one clove of garlic is a collection of several pieces which can be separated).for large dogs are given 2 pieces (not too large), while for a dog small enough 1 piece. It could be a plus if it is considered less proportion(depending on the severity of the hot spot)
  • Sliced thin - thin, the provision could be put into the food. If the dog does not like to be spoon-fed/fed. GIVE AFTER a MEAL,as if before a meal will cause stomach feels hot.
To accelerate healing,can be coupled with a treatment outside the body (the skin). The treatment in the skin/treatment the outside by means bathed with a medicated shampoo sold in tiko the needs of your pets (read the instructions).

6. Use coconut Oil or olive oil to speed up the healing process wound

Natural ingredients are easy to find and safe for dogs and cats including coconut oil (VCO) and olive oil (olive oil). But its use still need to be supervised by a doctor.

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Hot Spot Dog cats Home Remedy

Prevention Of Hot Spot Dog

1. Maintain the cleanliness. 
The cleanliness of the environment and the enclosure, the cleanliness of the dog itself. If everything is clean, the risk of presence of fleas or ticks is also low.

2.The owner diligently doing hair care and skin of the dog. 
Diligent combing hair, bathing regularly at least once a month or twice for a dog with long hair. Hair and clean skin makes the condition always healthy. Be sure after bathing, the skin is dried perfectly to avoid infections caused by fungi.

3. Provide nutrition and a balanced diet.
Provide food appropriate to the age and needs of the dog and cat. Note also the reaction when done turn of the feed, if there are ingredients that trigger the allergy should be discontinued for the administration.

4. Do check-up regularly to the vet.
Examination to the vet can be done once every 6 months. Dogs and cats affected by the hotspot can be solved by providing treatment and care in accordance with the advice of a veterinarian accompanied with durability the body of the dog and cat. The role of the owner is also very important to always be patient and painstaking in treating a dog or cat to speed up the healing process.

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