How Do You Get Lupus ? Is Lupus Contagious ?

How do you get lupus ? Is lupus contagious ? Lupus is a disease that is dangerous because it will damage the immune system. In addition, lupus is very difficult to identify because the symptoms of lupus resemble the diseases of the organs afflicted by lupus. Despite this lupus in the sense that the wolves, this is because lupus patients will experience red spots on face lupus patients.

In the 12th century Ad found wounds on the feet that can not be cured which is known by lupula then further developed so that it found some part of the disease lupus.

Lupus is not a skin disease but rather disease associated with the immune system of the body that is experiencing abnormalities. The immune system normally, the immune system will help in protecting the body from viruses, bacteria, germs that come from outside the body.

While in lupus patients will experience excess immune that causes the attack on the body itself or known by health disorders autoimmune.
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how do you get lupus is lupus contagious

Lupus disease will cause inflammation in the body organs in addition cause health problems in patient's body, which is a disease of the lungs, heart, joints, brain, blood even to other parts of the body that may be attacked by the immune system that attack the body.

On the condition of the body stricken with the disease lupus can cause inflammation so that not only can be seen from the symptoms the rash on the face skin shaped butterfly but other organs called disease systematic. While lupus on skin course called lupus of the skin and not too dangerous than lupus systematic.

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Lupus can affect men and women but more often strikes women more Comparison of lupus between men and women is 1 : 9. So disease lupus mostly affects women than men. Lupus patients a new found when the lupus disease is already chronic so that healing is difficult even already found the inflammation that harm the health.

At this time, we through this article will give you information about how to detect lupus disease early on. So it will help in giving anticipation on factors highest risk from the disease lupus. Here are ways Here are ways that can be done to recognize the symptoms of diseases lupus :

Early Symptoms Of Lupus Disease

Patients stricken with the disease lupus symptoms were not initially known.Generally the patient comes to the doctor and tell your symptoms. The symptoms appear to be different although have a history of the same disease lupus.

Some examples of cases of the disease lupus if observed from the initial symptoms can occur changes in body temperature that high. Then there are also patients who have lupus complain of joint pain , even experiencing thrush that prolonged so difficult to heal. Those that have symptoms of the beginning of the visible color change of the skin which becomes flushed.

Skin that is red when exposed to the sun and the cheeks are experiencing blotches. Even in the early symptoms suffered by people with lupus can also be triggered because of drugs used the treatment. In women the signs of lupus is unknown during pregnancy or even when entering the beginning of the pregnancy. However there is also the patients affected by lupus can't remember the specific factors that cause the disease lupus.

The disease lupus will attack the organ so that it can not be known is the symptoms of the disease of a particular organ or disease symptoms of lupus. Sometimes the symptoms of cryptic can come or disappear. Diagnosis should be done gradually to know the work history of the patient so that it can be combined with laboratory examination was then performed tests to determine the immunity of the body.
how do you get lupus is lupus contagious

On the symptoms of people affected by lupus can dipersentasikan 95% experienced pain in the joints. While 90% experienced high fever up to 38 degrees celsius and experiencing swelling in the joints. Furthermore, 81% mengalamli fatigue berkepanjang followed by a skin rash by 74%. Even symptoms of lupus patients will experience anemia with a percentage of 71%.

The next symptom of other kidney disorders (50%), pain in the chest deep (45%), experienced a rash of butterfly on the face (42%), having sun sensitive (30%), hair loss (27%) and then subjected to disruption of abnormal blood (20%), experienced fingers whitened and blue (17%), stroke (15%), thrush (12%) and often experience loss of appetite (60%).

Detect The Disease Lupus

After knowing the symptoms associated with lupus disease, you should consult with your doctor to get early treatment so that it is not getting worse. If you have a family history of having the disease lupus. The doctor will advise to do the examination with diagnosing diseases with lab tests among others :
  • Perform inspection of anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA). Examination of the anti-nucler antobodi aims to determine the auto antibodies contained in the blood.

  • Examination of anti-double stranded DNA (Examination of anti-ds DNA). This examination aims to determine the patients who have antibodies to the genetic material contained in cells.

  • Examination of anti-Sm Antibodies. The purpose of examination of anti-Sm antibodies to determine the antibody contained in the Sm which are contained in the cells of the protein core.

  • Examination keberadaab immune complexes (immune) in the body of the sufferer

  •  The examination in the test the total of serum complement. The purpose of this examination is to increase the value of the level of specific C3 and C4 are two types of protein.

  • Examination of the cell LE (LE cell prep). Examination to determine the presence of a particular cell type that is affected antibodies in the lining of the cell nucleus although this examination rarely carried out compared with the examination of anti-nuclear antibodies.

  • Examination Support. Further examination of the complete form of platelet, leukocytes furthermore, urine routine, antibodies, biopsy of the kidneys, and biopsy of the skin.
Diagnosis Of Lupus Disease

Lupus is a difficult to diagnosed is a disease of systemic lupus. Disease systemic lupus is a disease that are multi system so that it is difficult being diagnosed. In addition lupus disease does not develop quickly so the symptoms will appear to arise and develop on sufferers. Even lupus systemic will mimic the various types of diseases. Even lupus disease a systematic way although it has been doing lab test ANA positive is not necessarily stricken with the disease lupus.

While to determine the disease lupus systematic medical experts have to collect data, most not found 4 symptoms of lupus and supported laboratory examination. So it can be found whether the patient is experiencing lupus disease or not having disease lupus.

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