How Long Is A Dog Pregnant and Gestation ? You Should Know !

How long is a dog pregnant and Gestation ? Pregnancy in animals, especially dogs can be a little hard to say detect it. But there are some things that You can learn if your pet dog is pregnant. The most effective and accurate is to check it to the vet if it has been find the signal the signal the signal that your dog is pregnant.

How Long is a Dog Pregnant and give Birth? this often becomes a question of if we are a beginner in terms of keeping a dog. Normally pregnant dogs between 55 to 65 days.How Long is a Dog Pregnant and give Birth.
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How Long Is A Dog Pregnant

But ideally sich a dog pregnant for plus minus 60 days, if it is too quick it is feared the puppies are not yet perfect can be said to be premature. So also on the contrary, If too long the placenta and amniotic fluid has gone bad for the growth of puppies. Caring for a dog that is pregnant is also very necessary, as we are only humans, Dogs also should not be too tired an if are in a period of pregnant.

And you should also keep away from activities that are too extreme for example to invite play like a jump skip in order to minimize the occurrence of this traumatic physical such as a slip or fall that may harm her pregnancy.

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It is highly recommended to go for a leisurely walk, this is a little a lot of help to prepare for the birthing process of puppies. So not too long in the womb of the parent. In terms of intake are also highly considered, especially the nutrients and nutrition so her body is healthy and optimal.

Pregnancy in dogs usually within 2 months counted after the day pemacakan. In terms of physical at the beginning of the beginning of pregnancy does not seem to show change, but his behavior will be little changed from the on usually. Well this is what can make the instructions for the maintainer to know whether Dogs are pregnant or not. To check can check to the vet to know for sure. The physical changes will appear on the gestational age of 4-5 9 weeks pregnant.

Dog mated at the age of over 1 year. Large breed over 1.5 years. The dog will start to experience the loop (mens) in the age of 8 months.

If the dog is planning to be mated then the preparation must be done before mated is:
  • Clean the lice from the body of the dog, make sure there is no skin pain. The most effective way is with a syringe of parasites that can clean up external parasites like fleas and also internal parasites such as demodek and scabies

  • Giving worm medicine. This is very important to keep free of worms so that the nutrient absorption of food can take place in a maximum

  • Give foods that contain a lot of vitamin E to enhance fertility and successful conception

  • Start looking for a potential stud for your dog. Make sure a prospective stud has good health. administration of vitamin E on the stud is also important to increase the fertility of the sperm
Note the time of the first menstruation. Usually the loop is characterized by the ballooning of the vagina and a discharge of blood. But in some dogs there that do not bleed at all. The nipple will be colored reddish at the time of the loop. If you have a male dog, then the male dog will continue to approach the females of the loop because they are attracted by the aroma that issued from the vagina a female dog.

How Long Is A Dog Pregnant

Dog mated on days 11 and 13 after the loop, it is the best day where a female dog is to wait the most fertile period. If you are not sure can consult the Vet to determine the fertile period.

After pekawinan finished wait about 3 weeks, if the marriage is successful it will appear the signs of pregnancy such as a dog experiencing nausea, decreased appetite, enlarged nipples and reddish, and the abdomen enlarged. Provision of food must be considered, give the best food for your dog to give birth to puppies that are healthy. Contact the Vet closest to inform your date how your dog will give birth to case likely needed a caesarean section.

The dog will give birth in the age of the content of 58-64 days, stables to give birth should be prepared in advance. Give me the pedestal in the cage as a place of birth. do not forget also to prepare the lamps 20 watts to keep the warmth inside the cage.

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The traits of the dog will give birth :
  • don't want to eat
  • getting restless, the breath is irregular
  • scratching their pedestal bed

If there began to be symptoms as above, then the process of childbirth will not be long again. Your role is very necessary here to pay attention to whether the dog needs to disesar or not. If in 1 hour after the traits above and it turns out the child did not exit then immediately take it to the doctor.

After all the saplings out, clean the cage place of birth and parent. Lap sires with a chamois or tissue, prepare the pedestal enclosure that is new to the place parent the nursing. Start near the tiller to the nipple broodstock one by one.

Puppies are healthy will soon suckle to its mother. The parent will immediately react with mejilati reduce the number. Calm the mother while keeping the tiller in order not to loose the nipple of its mother. About 15-20 minutes then the parent will calm down while nursing. Immediately give water to drink and food to breeders.

Told in the is childbirth normal, there are some obstacles that may occur such as:

1. Parent does not want to breastfeed puppies
solution : let the parent calm down first, hold broodstock for the child to suckle. finished feeding during the 20 - lap part of the abdomen and genital saplings to stimulate the puppies to urinate and large and then move the puppies into a box that is given a light. do this every 3 hours until the parent out of instinct her maternal and want to take care of his own son.
Water dairy sires do not get out

2. Food that is not balanced gizinyabisa make water dairy sires late out or not out at all. Then the required formula special dog that is now sold in the petshop. Give every 3 hours while waiting for the sires out of the water the milk.
Tiller out the already dead

3. This can happen because the parent malnutrition when the containing or parent has a problem in the uterus. When the saplings had died in it will come out liquid is colored blackish green of her womb. That's a sign of dead saplings in the womb. Please consult the parent to the Vet after the birth process is completed. Most breeders are experiencing the problem of uterus so as to make the saplings die in the womb. Ignoring the problem is very harmful to breeders because it can make the infection of the uterus endanger his life.

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