Is An Ear Infection Contagious ? Fact or Myth ?

Is an ear infection contagious ? - Diseases of the ear infection is one type of disease that is very common. Usually diseases of the ear infections occur in children. Adults and older people can also be affected by ear infection but in lower risk.

Ear infections will initially cause pain in the ear canal (otitis externa) and middle ear. Ear infection in the medical language is often referred to by the term otitis media.

This condition initially occurs due to attack of virus or bacteria that attacks the part behind the eardrum. When the ear is already remove fluid from the ear hole, then an infection can cause pain which is very bad. Attack ear infection can happen in a short time, but can also be very severe if not get proper treatment.
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Is An Ear Infection Contagious

The cause infection contagious

The middle ear is connected to the back of the nose via a small canal called the eustachian tube. Bacteria can infiltrate into the middle ear through this channel, in which the bacteria normally pushed out through the eustachian tube. Bacteria and viruses can infect the middle ear.
  • Blockage in the canal (usually due to colds/flu), or if the canal is not functioning as right, it can lead to germs trapped in the middle ear and cause ear infections.
  • Children tend to suffer from acute otitis media, because of the anatomy and function of the ear and the eustachian tube.
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Risk Factors

Children are prone to ear infections, because the eustachian tube smaller and more horizontal. They tend to be more affected by ear infections between the ages of 6-24 months. Children are also more prone to infections of the upper respiratory tract, such as colds and flu.

The ear infection itself is not contagious, but the virus of the upper respiratory tract that causes the infection can be spread between children. Therefore, children who are in daycare, are more susceptible to ear infections. Children who use pacifiers are also at risk.

Other risk factors include factors of the immune system is not yet perfect, and the factors that can cause the eustachian tube is blocked is allergy, acid reflux or irritant the environment such as tobacco smoke.

Symptoms infection contagious
  • Young children tend to pull their ears if they are exposed to ear infections, because the pain and buildup of fluid in the inner ear.
  • They may also cry, scream or generally more finicky.
  • Children can complain of pain and hearing loss.
  • They also tend to have a fever.

Is An Ear Infection Contagious

Diagnosis infection contagious

Diagnosis of a middle ear infection can be made based on a history of symptoms and examining the ear with a otoskop. The eardrum will be red and swollen in children who suffer from a middle ear infection.

Treatment infection contagious

Ear Infections - Examination of a middle ear infection will get better by itself without antibiotics. Healthy children and older can be treated with pain medication and follow up carefully. Antibiotics can be given if symptoms are severe, do not improve, or deteriorate.

Antibiotics can also be given to the children who are younger, or at risk of experiencing complications, to help cure the infection, reduce pain and prevent complications. After antibiotics are administered, the fever and pain should improve or recover within 48 to 72 hours.

Fluid that is not painful in the middle ear may persist for several weeks or months after the acute infection. It may be necessary to remove fluid if not can be out by itself.

Antihistamines or medications that relieve nasal congestion can be given to reduce the symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection (runny nose, stuffy nose).

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Complications infection contagious

Such complications of acute mastoiditis, meningitis and brain abscess arising from middle ear infection, now rarely occurs due to the use of antibiotics.

Prevention infection contagious

It is not possible to prevent infection of the middle ear in total. Nevertheless, some measures are useful for example:
  • Trying to stop the use of pacifiers, because this will cause the children tend to be exposed to the infection of the middle ear. Also, do not let the child drink while lying down.

  • Frequent hand washing and cleaning of toys, because the virus that causes infection of the upper respiratory tract (fl u/colds) can be transmitted through touch.

  • Avoid being in small room with other children or adults who are sick, because respiratory infections can also spread through the air.

  • Breastfeeding is very beneficial in reducing the number of ear infections. Children should be breastfed throughout the first year. Breastfeeding even a few weeks can reduce the occurrence of ear infections.

  • Vaccination of children with pneumococcal vaccine and fl u, because it can help prevent ear infections.

  • Treat allergy Your child and avoid exposure to cigarette smoke.

  • Make sure that Your child gets enough sleep and good nutrition.

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