Is Lupus Fatal ? Is Lupus Cancer ? Don't panic! here's the guide

Is lupus fatal ? is lupus cancer ? define lupus : Lupus is a disease of inflammation (inflammation) chronic which is caused by the immune system or immune attack cells, tissues, and organs of the body itself. Such diseases are called autoimmune diseases.

Lupus can attack different parts and organs of the body such as the skin, joints, blood cells, kidneys, lungs, heart, brain, and spinal cord. In normal conditions, the immune system will protect the body from infection.

However, in patients with lupus, the immune system actually attack the body itself. The cause of the occurrence of lupus in a person to date is not yet known. So far, the suspected disease that is attacking women compared with men is influenced by several genetic and environmental factors.

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Is Lupus Fatal ? Is Lupus Cancer ? Don't panic! here's the guide

the immune system serves to protect the body from bacteria and viruses. However, in patients with lupus, the immune system actually attack the organ system in the body. Because of the imbalance of immunity that occurs inside the body, then the disease lupus including disease that is not contagious but potentially deadly.

The symptoms of the disease lupus that major generally in the form of a skin rash on the area of the right cheek and left as well as in the stem of the nose.

This symptom is commonly called the butterfly rash. Another symptom is fatigue which is extreme even after enough rest. The main symptoms are often found is pain in the joints of the hands and feet. Even this pain can move quickly from a joint one to the other joints.

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In addition to the main symptoms above, patients with lupus may experience the thrush continues to appear, fever up to above 38⁰C, high blood pressure, headaches, hair loss, chest pain, short breath, dry eyes, swelling in ankles, up to memory loss. Through this article, PasarPolis in addition to providing information about lupus, also provide information about the cause of lupus disease and make sure that You always protect yourself with health insurance.

What causes lupus ?

The cause of the disease lupus is associated with an autoimmune condition in which the body can't distinguish between bad bacteria and good bacteria. Should the immune system (immunity) to destroy bad bacteria (usually a virus or bacteria). However, in patients with lupus, the immune system is actually attacking the cells, tissues, and organs of the body healthy.

Although the cause of lupus is not yet known with certainty, but most health experts consider the cause of lupus disease because of three factors :

1. Genetics
Genetic mutations likely to be the trigger cause of the disease lupus. Genes that are mutated is generally associated with specific functions of the immune system. On the mutation of the genetic changes that occur in the genes of DNA and RNA. Some studies even prove that if one of the children of identical twins suffering from the disease lupus, then his twin brother has a 25% risk of affected by the disease lupus.

2. Environment
Although not yet proven widely, but the environmental factors believed to be the cause of the disease lupus. One of the environmental factors that are hormonal changes at puberty or pregnant. In addition exposure to sunlight is also an indication of the cause of the disease lupus. Why? People who are prone to sun rays can cause lesions on the skin. Lesion is a medical term that refers to a state of abnormal tissue on the body.

3. Drugs
Some types of drug consumption in excess such as anti-seizure medications, blood pressure medications, and antibiotics. But if symptoms of lupus arise because of taking these medicines, it will usually go away if stop taking the drug.

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Is Lupus Fatal ? Is Lupus Cancer ? Don't panic! here's the guide

Ways Of Handling Lupus Disease

Despite the fact that the disease lupus can not be cured, but there are several ways that can be used to relieve the cause of the disease lupus. An example of the right way that can deal with the disease lupus which are:

1. Avoid Sunlight
Because if exposed to direct sunlight exposure will aggravate the rash on the skin for lupus patients. Therefore, it would be strongly advised if patients of lupus disease to avoid contact with direct sunlight.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Medications Non-Steroidal
Examples of these drugs are naproxen, ibuprofen, piroxicam or the other. Anti-inflammatory medications can reduce pain in the joints. However, to the use of this drug alone should follow the advice of the doctor. Because anti-inflammatory drugs have various side effects. Such as result in stomach problems, kidney, liver and even the heart.

3. Corticosteroids
Corticosteroids is also an anti-inflammatory medications used to relieve pain. Corticosteroids are given when problems in patients with lupus disease is already quite severe, so given this drug. However, because the dose is high, it is advisable to follow the advice or prescription from a doctor. Because these drugs have side effects such as thinning of the bones, excess weight, diabetes, and can increase the risk of infection.

4. Drug Imonusupresan
This drug can be used to suppress the immune system. Because lupus is a disease that is caused by the immune system excess. Therefore, this drug is quite effective to suppress the damage caused by the disease lupus. This drug can also be combined with corticosteroids in accordance with the recommendation of the doctor, of course. Because this drug own classified as hard drugs, so really need to dose of the doctor.

5. Rituximab
The drug is still relatively new, which was originally developed to deal with the disease of blood cancer, for example lymphoma. However, it turns out this drug is also effective enough to deal with the disease such as lupus. Because these drugs also turn off the B cells, i.e. cells which produce antibodies that also causes the disease of lupus itself. To use must follow the advice of a doctor because including new drugs.

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