Miralax Pills, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

Miralax Pills is a laxative used to cope with difficult defecate (constipation) because the stool hardens and builds up in the area of the rectum, the feces hard and large-sized (mega colon), and felt a tremendous pain in the area around the anus during straining.

Before deciding to use the drug miralax it would be better, if You first learn the indications, contraindications, dosage, side effects, and other important information below.

Miralax Pills is a class drug-free and available in pharmacies in the form of a tube of 5 ml containing sodium lauryl sulfoasetat 0,045 g, sodium citrate 0,450 g, PEG 400 0,625 g, sorbitol 4,465 g, sorbic acid 0.005 g, and pure water 6,250 g.

miralax pills

Miralax is one of the brands of laxatives laxatives which is available in pharmacies. This drug is used to relieve constipation, and disorders of defecate. In addition, it can be used also in the preparation before the examination of the large intestine.

Laxatives is a substance that can stimulate the peristaltic movement of the intestines as a direct response against the intestinal wall. Laxatives can be classified based on the pharmacological properties and chemical, ie such as the following :

1. Laxatives Contact (Substance Stimulant) Laxatives of this type are composed of materials such as sennae foliolum, bisakodil, phenolphthalein, rhei radix and oleum ricini which stimulates directly the intestinal wall resulting in increased peristalsis and dispensing the contents of the intestine quickly.

2. Laxatives Osmotic Laxative this type consists of inorganic salts of ions of divalent such as, magnesium sulfate, sorbitol, mannitol, glycerol, and lactulose which works by soften the stool and enlarge their volume as a mechanical stimulation upon the walls of the intestine.

3. Laxatives Magnifying the Volume of a Laxative which consists of substances membranes such as agar-agar, methylcellulose and CMC and and substances of vegetable psyllium, and bran.

4. Laxatives Lubricant and Emollientia Laxative consisting of sodium lauryl sulfoasetat, sodium docusenat and liquid paraffin. Substance sodium works by soften the stool by increasing the penetration of water into it, while the paraffin lubricate the forwarding stool and works as a lubricating material.

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Drug application miralax by means inserted into the rectal orifice that functions to improve DEFECATE and help empty the contents of the intestine without mengiritasinya. The drug is easy to use and in just less than 30 minutes is already at work in the body both in adults and young children.

Miralax work with three how to work at once, namely, sodium lauryl sulfoasetat that works by lowering surface tension of stool so that the stool is easily wetted, sorbitol absorbs water into the large intestine or the rectum to soften hard stool, PEG 400 that will lubricate the rectum so that the stool is easily expelled. Of 3 the mechanism is exactly miralax will facilitate a defecate.

miralax pills

Indications and Uses miralax

Based on the explanation about the mechanism it works, then these drugs can be used for:
  • Constipation of rectal and sigmoid. 
  • Constipation in pregnancy. 
  • Constipation habitual. 
  • Transitorik in children, fekaloma and skibala. 
  • Preoperative preparation (parturition, gynecological, surgery of the anus). 
  • Preparation anoscopy and rektoskopi.
Contraindications Please note! Not all people may use this drug, miralax should not be given to people with the following conditions:
  • People who have allergies or hypersensitivity to one or some of the material contained in the miralax. 
  • People with hemorrhoids acute. 
  • Patients with inflammation of the large intestine
Side effects miralax 

Although it has been proven to be safe and there has never been reports of side effects, but in some people miralax may be able to potentially cause side effects as the following: Sensation of a little pain sometimes can be felt. Some people who have an allergy to miralax may be symptoms such as redness on the skin. The use of excessive and in the long term can cause diarrhea and in severe conditions can result in lack of fluids.

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Warnings and cautions 

Before and during the use of this drug, pay attention to the following things :
  • Laxatives are only used if really needed (only for short-term use). 
  • Do not use on patients with acute hemorrhoids and someone who is suffering from inflammation in the large intestine. 
  • Avoid use if known the presence of an allergic reaction to one or some of the material contained in the Microlax. 
  • Before use please note the date of the expiry date indicated on the packaging. 
  • Before use make sure that the dosage of the drug is still wrapped up well and has never been opened.
  • miralax has been proven safe to use on young children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with advanced age. If you want to be sure You can consult with the doctor.

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