8 Natural Remedies For ED : Effective Treatments For Impotence

Do not be sad and desperate, because there are some Natural Remedies For ED ( erectile dysfunction ) who trusted potent in overcoming premature ejaculation / impotence. Problems intimate relationships can indeed be an important thing for a marriage relationship.

Problems in sexual intercourse, one of them is premature ejaculation, can indeed make a man feel ashamed. Premature ejaculation is a condition in which a man ejaculate's too quickly in the intercourse.

For example, You can not hold ejaculation during sex. In addition, within a minute after penetration, You almost or always directly experienced ejaculation. The factors that cause the occurrence of premature ejaculation also vary, could be due to biological factors or psychological.

For those of You who are experiencing this problem, you should not need to be too stress. Because, this condition is actually still can be overcome. Good with a variety of techniques to a particular treatment. The key one, do not be ashamed to consult.

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Natural Remedies For ED

Here are some types of natural remedy premature ejaculation You need to know, in order to help You in overcoming ejaculation problems :

1. Cinnamon bark
The oil obtained in the skin cinnamon is believed to reduce muscle contraction. So it can be trusted to overcome premature ejaculation. Although relatively has a weak effect. If you are interested to use it, You can membalur part of the peniss with the skin cinnamon. Certainly not the cinnamon bark intact that You apply, but the skin of cinnamon in the form of a cream, with ingredients a mixture thereof, which can be purchased.

2. Clove
Cloves can be found not only in cigarettes or certain foods. Clove which are combined with other ingredients in a cream, it can help You in overcoming premature ejaculation. In addition as a natural remedy premature ejaculation, clove can also be useful to overcome the hernia, diarrhea, and breath odor.

3. Panax ginseng
Panax ginseng is ginseng that grows in northeastern China, Siberia, the far east, and Korea. Part of this type of ginseng is most often used is the root. Panax ginseng be mixed with the other ingredients in the cream products are believed to be a natural remedy premature ejaculation. If You are interested in, make panax ginseng as a medicine mainstay, You can use a cream containing panax ginseng one hour before You have intercourse.

Of course, with the cleaning cream such advance immediately prior to intercourse. So the cream is not left behind in the female organs of Your partner.

4. Dong quai
You may not be too familiar with this type of drug that one. Dong quai is a type of plant that the roots can be used to be used as medicine. Ranging from drugs to cope with cramping pain during menstruation, pain of the joints, to the problem of premature ejaculation. In its use to overcome premature ejaculation, You can smear the peniss with a cream that contains dong quai.

5. Angelica
If dong quai is only part of its roots used as medicine, Angelica can be used part seeds, fruits, to its roots to be used as the material of manufacture of the drug. Same with some natural remedy premature ejaculation, You can use Angelica in the form of a cream that has a mixture of other materials. Such as cinnamon bark, cloves, root of panax ginseng, and some other plants.

Special part Angelica root is believed to help the problem of premature ejaculation because of the content contained in them can improve the sense of taste or sensation received the peniss, and increase the threshold of the vibration on the peniss.

In the use of some type of natural remedy premature ejaculation above, remember and pay attention to good hygiene of Your penis before and after using it. Don't get the cream still left in the part of Your penis when You wish to relate with a partner.

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Natural Remedies For ED
6. Kegel Exercises
In addition to applying the penis with natural cure ejaculation, You can also do some techniques to overcome premature ejaculation, according to an expert doctor. For example by doing kegel exercises or performing the squeeze technique the base of the penis. This is done to reduce the erection. You can try it out first, to find the right point.

Then, teach Your partner to do this. If do not want to bother, You can also use a condom that has a controller climax containing benzocaine in the tip. So that it can withstand a climax or ejaculation for at least about five minutes.

However, although this is an interesting solution and potent than how to overcome premature ejaculation, the doctor gave note: the older Your age, the period of refraction or the ability to 'rise' again after the first orgasm, will tend to decrease. So, masturbation is an hour or two before sexual intercourse with Your partner.

One of the easiest ways restrain premature ejaculation is breathing exercises. Breath short and fast will increase your heart rate, until finally the cause of premature ejaculation. If You can practice breathing long and deep will help in overcoming premature ejaculation. Don't be sad or even ashamed when You experience premature ejaculation, consult it to Your doctor in order to avoid stress or depression.

As well as do some of the techniques above, or use the diverse natural remedy premature ejaculation with a precise and secure. Do not hesitate or be ashamed to consult with the doctor disorders of the premature ejaculation that You are experiencing.
7. More sexual intercourse
One way to overcome premature ejaculation is with more sexual intercourse. According to an internist named Larry P. Gassner, M. D., men who suffer from premature ejaculation requires practice, practice, and practice some more! According to the doctor, the most common cause of premature ejaculation is anxiety about sexual performance.

So by increasing familiarity with a partner, even between the couple and the various advantages and disadvantages that couples, premature ejaculation can be resolved. So, more much sex! 

8. Masturbation before sexual intercourse
According to the doctor Gassner, one powerful way to achieve climax is old of course so how to overcome premature ejaculation is to masturbate before You have sex. After stimulated for the first time with masturbation, stimulation of the second of course will be stronger than ever, and the climax doesn't happen so quickly.

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