Natural Remedies For Fleas On Dogs and Cats Permanently

Natural Remedies For Fleas On Dogs and Cats - The same as furry animals other, dogs and Cats is prone to fleas. This bug is homework for the owner to eliminate it. Why the hell did we have to flea remedies for dogs ?

Because dog and Cats fleas are animals that are very detrimental, the bite will result in bumps or sores that could make your dogs and Cats stress, fleas can also make a dog and Cats scratching their own body, which if too long will result in loss amazing on their fur.

In addition head lice that are left inside the body of the dog and Cats most likely will carry the larvae of tapeworms which develop inside body of the dog, and this animal can also spread to human hair.

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natural remedies for fleas on dogs effective and permanently

After knowing the adverse effects lice for dogs and even for humans, then what the hell do we need to do after the know if our dogs are infected ticks?

Of course we are obligated to treat, can wear a variety of drugs lice that are found on the market, but in addition to chemical drugs that you can you eradicate dog fleas using natural ingredients and natural flea remedies for cats.

You only need to prepare the materials and tools used for this method, don't worry all that is required is easy obtained

1. vinegar or apple cider vinegar
Materials needed:
  • White vinegar (apple cider vinegar)
  • 1 Liter of water
White vinegar is used to kill lice and its eggs, the vinegar will clean the ticks that attached in the layer of the skin, and will make the skin or fur of the dog is healthy and clean. For dogs with a weight of about 45kg you simply pour one tablespoon of vinegar in a container standard that contains one liter of water.

Then do massage the delicate area that indicated there dog fleas. Massage using a mixture of water and vinegar last.

2. decoction of lemon juice
Materials needed:
  • 1 Fruit orange lemon
  • Comb, brush and sponge
  • Pan
The same as vinegar water above, lemon juice also has acidic substances, but the special lemon contains a substance called limonene. This substance functions to kill and make the lice uncomfortable to be in the body of the dog.

First boil a pot that contains water after the visible hot then put slices of lemon into the pan, wait for 10 minutes, then turn off the heat, cover the pan and leave for overnight.

The next day, bathe the dog wear a water decoction of the fruit of the lemon, use a brush if your dog is a shaggy dog short like a pitbull, and wear a comb and a sponge for the dog that has a long body like a siberian husky, german shepherd, and golden retriever.

Wash the dog body wear sponge do not use a dipper. Moisten the body with a decoction of lemon juice, let stand a few moments, then rinse wear clean water. Pat dry using a dry towel and clean.

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natural remedies for fleas on dogs effective and permanently

3. Spray the vinegar and lavender oil
Materials needed:
  • 1 Bowl of vinegar
  • 3 Drops lavender oil
  • 1 Liter of water
  • Spray bottle / Sprayer standard size
As already described above, the vinegar functions to kill dog fleas while the smell of lavender is useful repel fleas and makes the dog body more fragrant. Mix 3 drops of lavender oil into a bowl that contains the vinegar then stir evenly, then add the mixture of vinegar and lavender oil in a bucket of water, stir evenly then pour the mixture into a sprayer or spray.

Spray to the part that there are indications of lice, use a comb to make sure every area is wet with water the mixture. But it must be observed do not spray to the area of the face of the considerable area loss alone, avoid areas of the face, nose and ears because there are some dogs that are allergic to lavender oil.

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