Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes, Symptoms Of Menopause

Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes - A lot of people say that age-the age of the 50's are the most independent for the women, especially after their children are already big and they can have more time to focus on yourself.

Unfortunately You may have to pass through the symptoms of menopause are annoying during times of freedoo. One of the symptoms that make you uncomfortable are hot flashes or heat stroke.

The exact cause of the symptoms of hot flashes is still unknown, but some studies suspect the cause is the change in the hormones produced by the hypothalamus. Heatstroke this can happen anywhere along the area of the face and upper body, and can range from a warm—heat sweat until the chills. Hot flashes can affect mood, concentration, and comfort of Your sleep.

Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes

In the medical world, one method that is often used to relieve menopause symptoms is to use hormone therapy. hormone therapy has been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, so many people are compelled to search for natural alternatives such as herbs to relieve the symptoms of hot flashes.

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Although the researchers examined hot flashes focused search for the best treatment to overcome it, but the research they do are still few and limited. But You need not worry because there are already a lot of herbs that are empirical (user experience) proven to relieve symptoms of hot flashes, here are 10 of them :

1. Red Clover
The Austrian researchers from the Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology examines the effects of the supplement of isoflavones from red clover against the 109 participants who are women in menopause, he gave a portion among them 2 capsules supplements every day for 3 months while some are just given placebo capsules.

They found that compared with that given placebo, women given supplements recognize the symptoms of menopause they experienced reduced without experiencing the side effects from the supplement. This research shows that the supplement that is enriched isoflavones are able to reduce the severity and recurrence of hot flashes.

2. Sage
A study involving 71 participants, giving them 1 tablet containing fresh sage leaves every day in 2 months to see how effect against hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. It turned out found the leaves of sage is able to significantly decrease the severity of hot flashes by up to 50% after 4 weeks consumed, even up to 64% after 8 weeks of consumption. The recurrence of hot flashes is also able to be reduced gradually from week to week.

3. Soy
Like red clover, soy contains isoflavones that meal. Isoflavin known able to fix the problem hormonal imbalance. If You want to get isoflavin soy, experts encourage You to get it from soy milk original or know. Because some supplements isoflavin soy is doubtful safety as well as efficacy.

4. Black Cohosh
This herb is one of the most popular to overcome the symptoms of menopause. Although experts still have not been able to reveal the mechanism behind its efficacy, but an expert mentions that the herb black cohosh works by stimulating the activity of the hypothalamus—the part of the brain that trigger hot flashes.

While other studies connect the black cohosh with hormone estrogen, which alleviates hot flashes, while the research of other states that this herb works by preventing excessive sweating.

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Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes

5. Flaxseed
Despite the ability of flaxseed in relieving the symptoms of hot flashes is still debated by experts, but a number of clinical trials have proved that flaxseed oil contains lignans which are able to stabilize the hormone estrogen and have antioxidant properties. In fact, according to Wikipedia, a study in France found that regular consumption of flaxseed can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Although there are still debates about the treatment for hot flashes, because some of the findings seems to be based on subjective opinions, but experts keep making progress by successfully separating the active compounds that could potentially produce the treatment of hot flashes effective.

6. Ginseng
Unfortunately, hot flashes are just one of the many annoying things that You have to face during menopause. Lucky there are herbs that are practically used to reduce the symptoms of these symptoms, namely ginseng.

The researchers concluded that supplements of ginseng can be very beneficial to stimulate the activity of the ovaries (ovaries), which in turn encourages production of the hormone estrogen. Keep in mind that the woman body just a little has estrogen ranges stricken with hot flashes.

7. The Roots Of The Sweet
Based on information from the a study in England found that regular consumption of licorice root helps reduce hot flashes even up to almost 80%. As mentioned earlier, the low estrogen levels in the body usually responsible for the occurrence of all the symptoms of hot flashes.

Scientific research showed that the licorice root is a source of phytoestrogen isoflavonoid which is considered as a source of vegetable etrogen. This compound is able to help balance the female hormones.

8. Dong Quai
This herb is traditionally used as a medicine, a tonic, and spices in Japan, China, and Korea. In addition dong quai is also found is one of the drug hot flashes the best. Even these herbs are often referred to as the ginseng for women because it has the ability to encourage the production of estrogen in the body.

Thus mentioned by the source In a scientific study conducted in Israel, found that almost half of all the participants recognize the symptoms of hot flashes that they experience already disappeared after the routine of consuming dong quai.

9. Motherwort
Hot flashes are usually accompanied with the symptoms of menopause other symptoms such as dizziness and lightheaded. Herbs motherwort You can use to help cope with the symptoms. Mentioned by, this herb really helps to reduce recurrence, duration, and severity of hot flashes.

Since the 1600s, motherwort has been used in the European culture because it has a calming effect which makes it an excellent natural solution to cope with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and of course hot flashes.

10. Damiana
Over the last few decades, experts in alternative medicine and herbs have been utilize damiana in helping people who are experiencing the symptoms of menopause, especially hot flashes. In addition to a deficiency of the hormone estrogen, levels of the hormone progesterone which is insufficient also accused as the cause of hot flashes.

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Because then if the levels of the two types of hormones the start insufficient, usually this will trigger the hypothalamus begins the confusion to determine which signal will be rendered—hot or cold. Damiana herb can help overcome the problem of the imbalance of the hormones so the symptoms of hot flashes can be eased.

As already mentioned several times, the most often blamed when the symptoms of hot flashes attack is the problem of the imbalance of hormones in Your body. In particular the hormone that is blamed is the hormone estrogen.

The hormone estrogen is a female sex hormone continues to be produced starting from the age of teens until the menopause. These hormones affect a woman's fertility rate. Based on the information on the Mayoclinic, menopause is the cessation of the menstrual period and the period of female fertility which in total occurs 12 months after the cessation of the last menstrual period.

Usually You start to experience the symptoms of menopause, one of which is hot flashes, after entering the age of the 50s, because in the age-this age the ovaries begin to stop producing egg cells so that the body no longer requires the menstrual. By utilizing one of the options above herbs, You can be helped through a period of menopause more comfortably without being too disturbed symptoms.

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