Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks - Panic Attack is an anxiety that is uncontrollable and sometimes assume that the plagues will come, coupled with the physical symptoms that occur suddenly, such as shortness of breath, nausea, muscle spasms, and others.

If You have ever experienced a panic attack, You can probably empathize with the frustration and despair that it is not known what the cause is.

By educating yourself to the various sense of panic, You will easily control it, so You don't have to live in fear and uncertainty again. Therefore, let's look at the variety of information that can help You cope panic attacks at the bottom of this.

Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks

Panic attacks often come in waves of tingling sensations, dizziness, shortness of breath, and the mind of a frantic, mixed up. Many people try to make this feeling stop with trying to get out of that mind. However, it may cause You overwhelmed and in the end You become powerless, so that the panic attacks continue to occur.

When You start to feel the sensation of panic, do not try to stop them directly, but visualize every feeling as the waves, until finally it becomes less intense and You feel like you're resting on the beach. Remind yourself that even though You feel like sinking under the waves, it does not mean that You can't swim.


In everyday practice, the doctor is indeed very rarely use a sedative such as Alprazolam (sold under the brand Xanax, Zypraz, Alganax etc.) to treat patients with anxiety disorders panic. Refer to the standard POM American (FDA) and some text books Psikofarmakologi the latest, more doctors often use antidepressant drugs SSRI such as Sertraline for treating anxious patients panic.

One of the things that makes the doctor rarely uses Alprazolam is because of the tendency of this drug to the hard left by the patients especially patients with a history of use of narcotic substances in the past (such as ecstasy and methamphetamine) or alcohol.

In addition it is often found on the clinical experience revealed the patient forums and social media discuss about panic disorder, most patients given alprazolam difficult off of this drug both psychologically and physiologically.

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Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks

Physiologically, the patient felt his body uncomfortable if not use the drug Alprazolam, while psychologically patients feel not confident if everywhere do not bring the drug Alprazolam. Indeed, it is actually depends from the education given by the doctor to the patient when given this drug first.

The right education can prevent the patient from a condition of "dependency" to this drug. However in practice, the use of antidepressant drugs the class of SSRI is very good to overcome the condition of anxiety panic. Indeed compared to the use of Alprazolam, the use of SSRIS for panic disorder has not been too much.

A drug that is known for the treatment of depression is less "prestige" than a sedative that has a quick effect. One drawback is that these drugs have a reaction compared to a sedative such as Alprazolam. Most new patients feel the effects of this drug is most quickly a week after use. Not to mention the side effects usually occur in first days of drug use. However, the safety and tolerability of antidepressant drugs SSRIS such as Sertraline are actually very good.

Back to the story of the patient above. This time the patient has become better. Condition improvement of patients who start a real seem at the month to two after the treatment. In addition to treatment with antidepressants, exercises small with respect to the achievement-the achievement of day-to-day also done.

At this time the patient is already able to drive your own car, although not much, have begun to dare to ride airplanes back and has never again had a panic attack since starting the treatment. To the front of the patient is advised to start training continue to trust him to be more confident in doing anything on their own.

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The core of the treatment of panic disorders is achieved when the patient already has a feeling of good self-control (self-control) and free from panic attacks since the start of treatment. Most patients can be free from panic attacks at all in week two after the treatment. The administration of drugs between 3-6 months will depend on the condition of the patient. It is that need to be emphasized in any treatment of panic disorder. Hopefully this information is useful.

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