15 Best Treatment and Natural Remedies For Tinnitus

Natural remedies for tinnitus - ear is one of the senses which is very important for life. If there are no ears, life will be lonely because You can't hear anything. That's why it is very important to maintain the health of the ear. Do not let You regret after being exposed to tinnitus. Disease tinnitus is a common disease that quite often affects the ears and there is no medical drug specifically to cure tinnitus.

Maybe You will be given advice by a doctor and take medication that are commonly used for mild disease. The cause of the tinnitus is mostly because of listening to loud sounds for a long time.

This can happen because You use the earphones too often, long and loud volume. It can also occur due to injury to the nerve endings and ear infections, a buildup of earwax, and so forth.
Natural Remedies For Tinnitus

To cope with tinnitus, You can use a natural way here :

1. Garlic
Tinnitus occurs because the air is very cold can try be overcome with the use of garlic where the garlic can be fried first as much as 2 cloves by eating a spoonful of sesame oil. After being filtered and allowed to cool, You can put a few drops of the oil into the ear canals are performed each before going to bed for 1 full week.

2. Red Onion
Indeed side effects of onion need to be aware, but You also do not forget that the benefit of herbs for the kitchen is very large also. With the content of antibacterial, then the onion can be relied upon as a natural remedy for sufferers of ear infections that cause tinnitus.

To use, simply chopped sesiung small red onion up small and put it in the microwave to be heated for 1-2 minutes. Once cool, You can later take the juice by filtering it. Squirt a couple of times to the part of the ear that is experiencing tinnitus and leave 5 minutes until the juice dries up; do the routine a few times a week.

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3. Apple Cider Vinegar
Besides being able to be a solution for the people with high blood pressure, apple cider vinegar is a natural material that can be used as a drug tinnitus. Anti-inflammatory and antijamurnya quite high and that is why apple cider vinegar can be relied upon when we experience the tinnitus aka ringing in the ears.

Its use is very easy because simply by mixing 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a little honey in a glass of water. Drug here's what You need to drink a day 2-3 times until the sensation of the buzzing in the ears is reduced and then stopped. Do this treatment method regularly so that the result was for Your ears is also a maximum.

4. Ginkgo Biloba
To treat tinnitus naturally, ginkgo biloba not to miss to be considered. Ginkgo biloba is very able to promote blood circulation and improve the function of hearing. With this material, too, the sensation of the buzzing in the ears will also be reduced due to antifungal and antibacterial properties that work optimally.

Its use is relatively easy because You only need ginkgo biloba in the form of extract that can be bought in the store of herbal medicine nearby. Consume 120 to 240 mg where in it is known to contain 24 to 32 percent flavonoids as well as terpenoids of 6-12 percent. Consumption every day with the right dose; consult with a doctor before you start.

5. Basil Leaves
If you usually basil leaves eaten as vegetables and very useful in overcoming bad breath, this time of basil leaves can help You are experiencing tinnitus. The content of antibacterial in it will work optimally as a killer of bacteria that cause ear is often buzzing. If the hum accompanied by pain, then this leaf is also able to relieve the pain.

Take a handful of basil leaves which could then be put into a blender and blended to form a dough paste. The paste then can be screened for taken extract the juice, then warm it up first. After warm, use the tool drops and squirt several times into the part of the ear in which buzzing; do 2 times a day up to 4 days to feel the results.

6. Skin Mangosteen
Different types of the disease able to be cured with mangosteen skin this and no exception for conditions of ringing in the ears. To use, simply boil with soursop leaf to taste. Water decoction of it can You consume up to ear recover the total. As long as a regular basis, this natural remedy is completely safe and will give effective results.

7. Ginger
People who are sick cough will usually find ginger to be used as natural cough remedies. But actually, ginger can also be used to treat tinnitus is to chop it first, then boil it. Once removed, You can strain and drink it regularly; or, just eat it directly but beware it will also side effects of ginger.

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Natural Remedies For Tinnitus

8. Mustard Oil
It is true that the type of oil this includes rarely used as a medicine, but You can cure the tinnitus with this. Heat it up first mustard oil and then can be dripped into the part of the ear is often buzzing. This way including easy and anyone is able to make use of it.

9. Pumpkin
Pumpkin can be also used as a drug tinnitus natural of the most effectual where You can eat them directly without having to bother remix. Consume regularly, i.e. every day, until Your ear feels better. Pumpkin siem is the most You can spend and all used as vegetables.

10. Pineapple
The fruit is often used as a salad ingredient fun to be enjoyed when in the daytime. The fruit is apparently also bring benefits for sufferers of tinnitus, where the sufferer can eat them directly or made juice drinks. However, note also the proportion and not too much because it is also not good for the body if excessive consumption.

11. Leaves Chicken Claw
Ringing in the ears can also be overcome with the leaves of the claws of the chicken where the leaves can be boiled to taste and drink boiled water every day. The healing process is guaranteed more quickly when You eat them routinely and the problem of ears buzzing will be reduced quite drastically.

12. Leaves Of The Gods
In addition to leaf chicken claw, leaves of the gods can You count on in which in the same way as-how had been, You can boil the leaves of the gods. Just add also bitter, gotu kola and lotus seed. Boiled water then You can mix and regular consumption so that the ears will stop ringing.

13. Gotu Kola Leaves
This natural remedy You can use as the mixture of leaves of the gods was with also with the bitter and the seeds of the lotus, or also used on its own. Boil as usual and the water can be consumed regularly after filtered. As a result, the ears buzzing would be reduced and long-long gone if You eat them every day.

14. Leaves Slobber
These leaves are also very rich in benefits and You can remix it together with the bitter and galangal pink. Puree all the ingredients and peraslah to get the extract, then the extract is then added dropwise to the inside of the ear. Do it carefully and regularly until the ears are completely recovered.

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15. Mahogany Seed
For any other natural medicine, You can try the mahogany seed in which You need to collide them together with leaves slobber and also turmeric to taste, new added to sesame oil as needed. Warm up first and then wear with a dripping potion to the ears buzzing. Tinnitus guaranteed recover quickly when its use is done as regularly as possible.

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