Tongue, Navel, Genitals and Nipple Piercing Infection

Nipple piercing infection - Not only in the ears, piercing the body has become a common thing today. Although piercing body relatively safe, these actions can actually cause health complications. Here the effect of piercings in several parts of the body that often arise.

Complications vary depending on the body part that is pierced, the material used, the experience of the practitioner piercing, hygiene and care after pierced.

In one study of body piercing, researchers from Northwestern University found that about 20 percent of piercings result in infection. Infection is the most common complication, followed by allergies, bleeding, scarring and impaired while undergoing medical procedures, such as x-ray and ultrasound.
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Nipple Piercing Infection

Because piercings are increasingly popular, the health care personnel should be more familiar with the way of removing the jewelry in an emergency situation, as well as understanding the complications and risk his health.

Some of the disorders that are experienced based on where the piercings are :

1. Piercings in the mouth or tongue
Piercings Can cause difficulty talking and eating, spending excessive salivation and impaired on the teeth. Piercings in the mouth and the nose can be sucked even entered into the agency so that it requires surgery to take the piercings.

2. Piercings in the nipples can tear the skin
Disorders galactorrhea or milk flowing suddenly from the breast can also be caused by piercing of the nipple.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and have a piercing or want pierced'd better be aware of rare complications that can affect himself or his son.

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3. Navel piercing
Piercing of body parts is very possible occurrence of infection because of irritation from tight clothing that is used. This is because the skin of the navel is a very sensitive.

3. Piercings in the genitals
Piercings can cause infertility because of infection, blocking the course of water of the art, to cause scarring.
In men, priapism or pain when an erection can happen as a result of piercings in the genital.

4. The eyebrow piercing
Piercing of body parts is very risky if not done in the right place. The piercing should be done at an angle of 40 degrees from the outer corner of the eye. If the place is not right then run the risk of experiencing nerve damage, because the area contains 3 nerve supra orbital large.

5. Ear piercing the upper part
Pierced part of the ear is more dangerous because there is cartilage along the edge of the ear. If there is an infection in the cartilage part will be more difficult to treat and can lead to defects in the ear.

Nipple Piercing Infection

Many studies concluded that body piercing can be used as a marker of dangerous behavior, the symptoms of psychological disorders and personality traits anti-social. To avoid complications, prevention is the key.

People who wanted his body pierced you should consider her medical history with a complete to know the conditions that can lead to complications. In addition, choosing a piercer entities that qualify also need to minimize the risk.

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The doctors recommend for people who want pierced to consider the nine terms of the following :
  1. Infections: have ever had a previous infection?
  2. Health problems: Are never experienced asthma, hives or severe allergic reactions?
  3. Lifestyle: Are often uninstall piercing when work or sport?
  4. Problems healing: Whether it has a tendency experiencing the magnification of organs or wounds that grow into new skin?
  5. Anatomy: Is the body part you want pierced already right?

  6. Professional: Does the piercer have been sufficiently trained?
  7. Health history: Does the piercer examined the medical history, including allergy history, systemic diseases, especially heart disease, diabetes mellitus or other conditions that are prone to infection?
  8. The right materials: If the piercer uses appropriate materials, such as jewelry nickel free, to minimize the risk of allergies and infections?
  9. Care instructions: Do get care instructions after pierced? For piercings in the tongue, do not take aspirin for seven days and anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal at least one day before the procedure piercing and seven days after the piercings. Aspirin and anti-inflammatory medicines non steroids can increase bleeding.

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