Pharmacy Technician Job and Employment

Pharmacy technician job - Pharmacy Technician plays an important role in pharmacy practice. First, they work under the direction of the pharmacist to enter prescriptions, answering the telephone, collecting data and also oversees the storage and the flow of drugs and money. Along with the changes and transformation of the world of health, many of the pharmacy Technician gets a significant change in their roles and responsibilities.

pharmacy Technician now has additional responsibilities, such as entering and filling the recipes are simple, answer the question about the drug, reconcile medications and teach and coach pharmacy students.

Over the years, the pharmacist really takes the role of pharmacy Technician. with the large number of patients and increasing the workload of the pharmacist, the amount of pharmacy Technician needed even more, some laboratory and some to deal with repeated requests such as pick and pack, and the dispensing of simple recipes.
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Pharmacy Technician Job

Many pharmacists feel more comfortable working with an assistant trained to complete their responsibilities. Thus, pharmacy Technician seems to have developed the realm of their work to many different settings under the supervision of the pharmacist.

The responsibility of pharmacy Technician in different places

1. Sales
pharmacy Technician can meet the needs of consumers, including the recommended therapy for the disease minor. They can also do telefarmasi and mendispensikan certain medications without the presence of pharmacists.

In addition, the pharmacy Technician also help do permesanan the goods from the warehouse and to maintain the availability of goods and storage of drugs when the pharmacist is not there.

2. Hospital
Pharmacy Technician mendispensikan medicine independently to the patient. They also do consulting how to quit smoking and reconciliation of the drug.

3. Pharmaceutical laboratory
Pharmacy Technician help in dealing with compound aseptic for total parenteral nutrition, and also prepare intravenous medications such as drugs for chemotherapy and the drug dose special like enema, suspension, fluid, fluids otis and ophthalmik.

The role of Pharmacy Technician has been changed from just 'maid' to become a partner or additional team players in providing services to the patient. Because with its existence the care of the patient becomes highly efficient, including a pharmacy technician could improve the outcome of patients. For example, with the commitment of the Pharmacy Technician in a hospital, pharmacists can have free time to visit the wards with a team of doctors.

Also, in the community, Pharmacy Technician can be trained to use the warehouse management system to avoid the situation of out-of-stock. Training telefarmasi also used to ensure that no consumer refuses therapy when a pharmacist is not there because Pharmacy Technician can replace the role of the pharmacist for dispensi drugs.

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Pharmacy Technician Job

The importance of pharmacy technicians

So the community is aware of the role of Pharmacy Technician, new Pharmacy Technician should be trained. Also, for Pharmacy Technician is already there now, training needs to be done to motivate them to advance in a career.

In Singapore, at least three polytechnics such as Singapore Polytechnic and the Polytechnic of the Republic provides the title of the diploma for the science practicum. Local institutions, such as hospitals structured also offer vacant job for students for internship program.

Under the workforce Plan to 2020, pharmacy technicians now have the opportunity to advance their job to be executive or supervisor of the Pharmacy Technician. This movement is created because of the increased need and dependence world health against Pharmacy Technician.

The role of the pharmacy technician are expanding in Singapore. Without the need of doubt, its existence is very useful for the success of the pharmacy. The pharmacist is a leader and good example for Pharmacy Technician them, thus they play an important role for the development of the world health. They hold the responsibility to educate and train Pharmacy Technician.

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