Pharmacy Technician Salary : $ 17 Per Hour or $ 35.400 Per Year

Pharmacy Technician Salary - About 16 percent pharmacy technicians employed hospitals 2008, notes Bureau Labor Statistics u. S.. Like pharmacies in the retail stores, those who work in hospital filling prescriptions and updating patient records on the computer.

Pharmacy technician hospital have the task of more extensive and complex than most of pharmacy retail stores, which is reflected on the level of pharmacy tech salary is higher. Pharmacy technician the hospital should be set up not only the basic recipe of pills and liquids, but also sterile solution for intravenous use and chemotherapy medications.

In addition, they help in buying, store and distribute drugs for clinical studies. Pharmacy technician hospital go round the unit and send medication labeled to the nurse's station and fill orders replacement drug to the department in the whole hospital.

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Pharmacy Technician Salary

When the patient is discharged, the issue of pharmaceutical technology give credit to all the drugs back. Because many hospital pharmacies are open 24 hours a day, many pharmacy technician hospital work nights, weekends and holidays, sometimes in turns.

Pharmacy technicians are employed in general hospitals have the level of the average salary is around $ 15,70 per hour or $ 32.700 per year in 2009 as determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics u. S.. Those who work in special hospitals, such as hospital acute care long term, earn approximately $ 17 per hour on average or $ 35.400 per year.

The level of wages is significantly higher than the average in store health care and personal care, entrepreneurs pharmaceutical largest pharmaceutical, who earn about $ to 13.30 per hour on average or $ 27.600 per year. Pharmacy technicians working in grocery stores generate an average of about $ 13,80 per hour, in the store general merchandise $ to 12.70, and in department store $ 12.30.

Job search websites lists about 3,000 job openings across the country in February 2011 that a pharmacy technician working in a hospital environment. Posted pay the price have a wide range, from about $ 11.30 to $ 21,50 per hour. The position with Veterans Affairs pay up to $ 46.203 per year or about $ 22 per hour, depending on experience.

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Pharmacy Technician Salary

The list of jobs shows that technicians a pharmacy of the hospital receive a full benefits package. Benefits include medical, dental, vision, prescription and life insurance; free time for vacations, holidays, day-to-day personal and disease; a retirement plan or savings program deferred taxes; and flexible spending account medical.

Some organizations providing leaves without pay, spending account care dependent, the plan of savings of college, legal services, tuition reimbursement, opportunities for continuing education, registration fees professional certification, employee assistance program and a referral bonus employee.

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