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As it is known that there are many natural ways and some Pills For Hair Loss that can be used . Natural materials that can be used include olive oil, lavender oil, aloe vera, green tea, celery, pecans and so forth.

Unfortunately, using natural means usually takes a long time to be able to see the result. Usually the hair loss experienced by men and women at the age of 30-40s.

A variety of factors can cause hair loss, such as lack of protein intake due to diet, hormonal changes, emotional trauma, or certain medical conditions.

Pills For Hair Loss

Steps to Cope with Hair Loss with Medicine

If You are experiencing hair loss as much as 50-100 strands every day, it is still within normal limits. It will not cause hair thinning, because it will grow new hair simultaneously. However, if You feel hair loss is more of it every day or when it starts to look the area that is bald or experience thinning is significant, you should immediately visit a doctor to find out how to cope with hair loss.

How to cope with hair loss should be done as soon as possible in order to prevent more hair loss. Here are some drugs that are utilized as a way to cope with hair loss :

Minoksidil include the-counter medicine that is used topically to the scalp. How to work minoksidil is to prevent the increasing number of hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Can be used by both men and women.

Finasteride is generally reserved tackling hair loss in men. How to work finasteride is to stop the production of one type of male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) so that the hair can experience growth.

Corticosteroids mainly used if you are experiencing hair loss due to inflammation in the body. A dermatologist can inject corticosteroids directly into the scalp to stop the inflammation.

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Pills For Hair Loss

Type of Other Hair Loss Treatments

In addition to utilizing the drug, an alternative way to cope with hair loss that can be taken, among others:
  • The powder hair fiber (hair-fiber powders) : Free sale with a variety of colors. Powder of this type can be attached to the hair so that it covered the area of the head that is experiencing baldness. The use of the powder hair fiber is relatively safe with minimal risk and often times used as an adjunct of the medical treatment.

  • Additional hair or fake hair (wigs) : False hair is used with a affixed on the hair on the scalp or spliced to the existing hair, then shaped as desired. The quality and price that are available are very diverse.

  • Laser equipment : Is expected to stimulate the growth of hair using a comb, comb brush, or other tool that emits the sting of the laser. Although it can make your hair looked better, however the safety of long-term use of this tool is still unknown.

  • Hair transplant:  Hair transplantation can be performed by a plastic surgeon. There are several methods of hair transplant, among others, take hair from one section and move to the section that is experiencing hair loss or lifting part of the scalp that are experiencing baldness and sew the rest. Now there is also a hair transplant method micrograft, such as planting the hair follicles. Generally required the planting of up to about 500 hair or more from every session of transplantation. Up no wonder the cost of hair transplant is quite high.
Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Some habits can prevent and help cope with the hair loss You are experiencing, among others :
  • You should avoid hairdos that make the hair fastened with taut, like a ponytail or braided.
  • Stop the habit of pulling or twisting hair.
  • Comb the hair gently. Use a wide-toothed comb.
  • When washing hair, avoid movement of the pull hair too hard.
  • Avoid the use of heat or electronic equipment excessive on the hair, such as treatments with hot oil, curlers, or hair straighteners.
  • Familiarize yourself with balanced nutritious diet.
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Hair loss can trigger stress for people who experience it. See your doctor immediately if while washing the hair or comb, the hair loss more than usual or seeming baldness in a particular place. You should also be wary of the hair loss is sudden because there is a possibility that it was triggered by medical conditions that need to be addressed.

If You are experiencing hair loss or disorders of the hair, a consultation with a doctor to get information about how to cope with hair loss that reflects Your condition.

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