Here Supplements and Pills That Make You Lose Weight Fast

According to research, some medicines can help some people lose weight. However, it is not clear why some pills that make you lose weight . One theory is that some drugs will encourage You to eat less by reducing Your appetite.

some medicines can also change the way Your body uses and stores fat. Although research has shown that some drugs can help you lose weight, this medication is not a quick solution.

According to a long-term study, weight loss caused by some medicines tend to occur gradually over one to two years. The amount of weight that is lost also varies from person to person. In the study, the average amount of weight lost after two or more years is four to seven kilograms.
pills that make you lose weight

Taking the drug without adhering to a healthy lifestyle other may not lead to weight loss. Individuals who follow a healthy diet and exercise when taking some medicines tend to will experience weight loss a lot more.

This condition can be due to some medicines is expected to increase the number of calories You burn while exercising. If You do not exercise, chances are You will not get the advantage of consuming some of these drugs.

In addition, any weight loss that You have probably only survive as long as You drink the medicine. That means if You stop taking some medicines, there is a possibility You will go back to the original weight. And even while You are still taking this medicine, You may slowly will be heading back to the weight that has been lost.

In other words, some drugs may not diet pills magic that has been awaited some people. some of the drugs did show weight loss in some people, but there are also not affect by consuming some drugs. One of the benefits of some drugs is that although not cause weight loss, some drugs do not cause weight gain.

pills that make you lose weight

There are several kinds of drugs that You may not have realized also affect Your weight. Dr Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist & Therapist Psychoanalytical from VIMHANS, New Delhi, stated there are at least six kinds of the most popular drugs that can affect the rise and fall of a person's weight :

1. Antidepressants : Medicine for depression or antidepressant is a drug used to help patients who are experiencing depression. But the side effects, these drugs can also trigger weight gain. The influence of the consumption of antidepressant drugs against weight gain is generally different for each person.

Each types of antidepressants also have different influence related to weight gain. Types of antidepressants commonly cause weight gain are antidepressants trycyclic and monoamine oxidase inhibitors. 

2. The contraceptive pill : Many people believe that the consumption of birth control pills, can have an impact on weight gain. Although many believe it, but this claim is not supported by research evidence. Until now there is no conclusive evidence to whether birth control pills really cause weight gain. 

3. Sleep medication : the Use of sleeping pills seems to be an instant way to cope with sleep problems in some people. But the content of melatonin on these drugs can lead to weight gain. If You have sleep problems such as insomnia, try to replace Your sleeping pills with non-drug treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy. 

4. Drug migraine : Many people believe that migraine medicines can contribute to weight gain. But in some cases, migraine medicine it is precisely the greater its influence on weight loss instead of weight gain. However You should avoid use of this drug to induce weight loss which may have harmful side effects.

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5. Steroids : a Steroid is known as a powerful drug that is often used in high doses to increase body strength. This type of drug is can cause weight gain. However, the magnitude of weight gain depends on how long the drug was used and the characteristics of each individual. Even this drug may also cause the buildup of body fat in the unwanted areas.

6. Diabetes drugs : Some types of medicines for diabetes such as, diabinese, insulase (chlorpropamide) can cause weight gain and weight loss depends on its influence on each individual. Therefore, it is very important to use all of these drugs under the regular supervision of a medical professional and follow a good diet and regular exercise.

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