Pills To Lose Belly Fat and How to Lose Fat ?

Pills To Lose Belly Fat and How to Lose Fat ? By performing the correct diet and balanced also with exercise and lifestyle changes, some parts of the body which occurs the accumulation of fat will shrink by itself without the need for pills to lose belly fat. However, the accumulation of fat on some specific body parts such as thighs, buttocks and also the stomach feels very hard to do, so it requires its own special way to shrink the areas of the body.

The function of fat in the body, in addition to those mentioned above, are as the storage of excess calories that can be used as a backup energy when the body is deficient intake. Food reserves in the form of fat is stored in various places in the body.

However, in between the fat in other parts of the body, the fat in the stomach is that You need to be aware of and find out more.

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pills to lose belly fat

The fat contained in the abdominal area include :
  • Subcutaneous fat – this Fat is located just under the skin, and does not have health risks, even has uses for the body.
  • Visceral fat – this Fat wraps various organs in You and can cause health problems. Visceral fat is associated with conditions of insulin resistance triggers diabetes. In addition, a hormone called leptin which is released by the visceral fat is suspected to affect cognitive functions of the brain and increasing the risk of dementia.
The fat in the waist or abdomen is used as an indicator of the health of a person, compared to the existing fat hips or thighs is subcutaneous fat. So, if You have a waist circumference of 90-100 cm or more, then You are supposedly at higher risk for suffering from certain diseases.

How to lose Fat in the Abdomen is Safe

A person who food diets tend to lose white fat is actually required by the body. Therefore, before starting to practice how to eliminate belly fat, You need to remember that that must be removed is the fat visceral and fat under the skin.

Note the type and portion of food You consume. Subtract the total calorie intake, increase your consumption of fruit, vegetable, grains and protein sources low in fat. Replace saturated fat and trans fat with unsaturated fat.

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pills to lose belly fat

Not only that, variety of how to eliminate fat in the abdomen will remain futile if You do not add the sport to shrink the stomach into Your diet program. Exercise will reduce the more visceral fat from Your abdomen, and will also lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Perform physical activity level moderate to heavy for 30-60 minutes a day with the use of weights or doing sit ups is enough to keep the weight, tighten the abdominal muscles, and get rid of the fat in the abdomen. Do sports regularly, at least as much as five days in a week, can be started from the walk up to the intensity of exercise more weight.

Along with diet and exercise, rest and enough sleep, that is 6-8 hours a day, as well as to control stress, it can help the process of weight loss and reduce fat in the abdomen.

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