7 Cream and Natural Remedy For Itchy Skin

Remedy for itchy skin - Itching or pruritus is a very common condition occurs. This can lead to discomfort, resulting in sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression. You have to be careful if the itching happened in a long time and accompanied by other symptoms, because it can be an indication of more serious diseases such as kidney disorders.

Itching can be felt in certain areas or all over the body. Skin redness or a rash is a symptom that often accompanies the itching. In general, this condition may subside by itself, or disappear after be treated with medicines are free.

However, there are times when the itching does not go away and may be an early symptoms of a more serious condition.

Remedy For Itchy Skin

The cause of itchy skin

The type of cream You choose will be in accordance with what is causing itchy skin. A lot of things that can make Your skin to become itchy. Ranging from dry skin, eczema, or contact dermatitis. This usually happens after Your skin comes into contact with a trigger itching, such as soap or lotion that is not suitable for Your skin type.

When You just feel itchy on certain parts of the body, this could be caused by insect bites, infections like ringworm, and allergic to a plant or a metal imitation jewelry. This often happens in the summer time which also makes the skin burning rays of the sun. As with the itching due to dry skin which occurs more often in cold weather.

Most of the causes of itchy skin have special treatment so You need to pay attention to the fine selection of drugs and the right cream to overcome the skin itching. If You are not sure with the causes of itching on Your skin, You should immediately discuss them with your doctor.

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Before buying a cream to treat itchy skin You, look at the label and make sure the cream You choose contains the following ingredients. But, before You remain obligated to consult with the doctor in order not to choose the wrong cream for Your itching.

1. Hydrocortisone
Hydrocortisone is a steroid cream non-fluorinated, which can reduce the inflammation on the skin. According to dr. Ethan Lerner, Ph. D., a professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School, a cream containing one percent hydrocortisone is great for treating rashes and itching caused by metal jewelry, buckles, and irritants from laundry products.

In addition, the cream is also suitable for use to help disguise the itching caused by skin conditions due to allergies on the skin area that is not too spread out. However, You are not recommended to use hydrocortisone for more than two weeks. This is because, the use of hydrocortisone is too long can thin the skin and can make it more itchy.

Avoid the use of hydrocortisone around the toes, vagina, and groin are usually caused by a fungal infection. Therefore, this can make the yeast infection becomes more severe and reduces Your immune system so as to make the fungus thrives.

2. Calamine
Calamine which is usually available in lotion form is indeed not as popular as hydrocortisone. However, the content of the calamine it contains a mixture of zinc oxide and iron oxide which is very effective for relieving itching and dry the rash that blistered. In addition, itching of the skin caused by insect bites and stings proven resolved with calamine.

3. Dipenhydramine
Dipenhydramine is an antihistamine that is found in many cream, gel, or spray to treat itchy skin. Dipenhydramine works by blocking the effects of itching from histamine, a compound produced in the skin during an allergic reaction.

The content of dipenhydramine is recommended for skin itching caused due to insect bites or stings of animals. However, You need to be careful because the use of these creams can irritate the skin and cause allergies in some people.

4. Pramoxine
Pramoxine is anesthetic mild which is often added to products anti-itch also contains hydrocortisone or other active ingredients. The content is effective for relieving pain and itching caused by insect bites.

5. Menthol
The content of menthol in cream itch drug serves to transmit the sensation of cold to the skin and brain by diverting Your attention on the itch is felt. Menthol is very effective to cope with itchy skin, but unfortunately not for everyone. Therefore, You need to discuss it with your doctor first before using it.

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Remedy For Itchy Skin


Itching can be relieved with a touch of winter flavor. How to do it easily. Simply dip the cloth into cold water or wrap ice cubes with a cloth then stick it on the area of skin that is itchy. Cold compresses help relieve the irritation at once raised the dead skin cells.

Those two things will reduce the itching in your skin. When possible, a stream of cold water can also relieve itching. You can wash the areas that itch, take a shower, or soak in cold water. If you can take a dip, try to mix natural oils to the tub.

Some of the natural oils that can be selected is the oil of lavender flowers or chamomile. Where, in addition to relieve the itching, the second oil is also soothing

1. The Use Of Aloe Vera
The benefits of aloe vera itself very much. The gel of the plant aloe vera or aloe vera has anti inflammatory, anti fungal also anti bacterial. Such properties can help relieve itching, especially when the cause is a mosquito bite or burns.

How to use it easily, simply cut a piece of aloe and apply the gel to the area that feels itchy. If you're difficult to find these herbs, aloe vera gel in the packaging can be purchased at the pharmacy. But, keep in mind, that aloe vera gel is not to be smeared on the skin irritation or open wounds.

2. Baking Soda
Baking soda is known to have properties  anti-itching. This powder can be used to cope with any kind of itchy but it is more effective when the condition is caused by the bite or sting of an insect. To use it, you can soak it in water mixed with baking soda for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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