Rite Aid Pharmacy : Third Largest After Walgreens / CVS Pharmacy

Rite Aid Pharmacy - On June 4, 2007, Rite Aid bought the pharmacy network of Brooks and Eckerd, creating the largest networks of pharmacies in the East Coast. AS at once to strengthen its position as the pharmacy network third largest in the U.S. after Walgreens pharmacy and CVS pharmacy with 5000 pharmacies in 31 states with annual revenues reaching US$ 27 billion.

More than 1800 pharmacies newly acquired will be renamed Rite Aid which it is estimated will require approximately 16 months.

Rite Aid was first established in September 1962 with the name of Thrif D Discount Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA.  The name was changed to Rite Aid Corporation in 1968 when the company was doing an ipo in the American Stock Exchange.

In 1970, Rite Aid moved to the New York stock exchange. In January 1999, Rite Aid do a strategic alliance with General Nutrition Company, Inc. (GNC), store the largest retailer in terms of vitamins, food additives, sports nutrition and herbal products.

Rite Aid Pharmacy

This cooperation makes the GNC into a “ shop in shop” for pharmacy and Rite Aid in all corners of the land of Uncle Sam. Rite Aids and GNC also sells vitamins and other minerals that are labeled PharmAssure sold stores pharmacies Rite Aid and GNC.
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In order to Confirmed its presence in the virtual world , Rite Aid since June 1999 in collaboration with the players of pharmacy business via the internet drugstore.com selling a product online health, beauty and pharmaceutical industries. Through the alliance, customers of Rite Aids can order prescriptions via the Internet through drugstore.com with the airport on the same day through pharmacy Rite Aid.

In 2003, Rite Aid opened a store “Customer World” first designed in 2004. The company plans to open 1000 new stores and relocate other stores within five years. The new design, created based on feedback from customers, positioning the pharmacy as a “star” and display the updated product as well as navigation shop which looks more professional with an additional consulting room pharmacy. In that space the patient to obtain the direct guidance of a pharmacist.

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Rite Aid Pharmacy

The initiative the growth of Rite Aid, among others, focused on the patient's health and fitness programs such as heart health and skin, education about vitamins and allergies, weight management and diabetes, including the product launches-private label products (products made in their own pharmacies) as well as promotion programs, seasonal effective.

One of the successful Rite Aid is to attract the elderly. The number of elderly who have registered through the program, Rite Aid reached 2.6 million people.

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