Natural Health Sore Throat Remedies For Kids and Toddlers

What should we do if the little one is stricken with strep throat ? How sore throat remedies for kids ? In addition to pain when swallowing, signs of strep throat in children or pharyngitis can also be the throat feels dry and itchy, accompanied by headache, body feels tired, and muscle pain.

Sore throat is a symptom that most often affects children and adolescents and is caused by a virus. But sometimes, inflammation of the throat in children can also be caused by bacteria.

Sore Throat Remedies For Kids

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Well, if your Little one suffers from inflammation of tenggrokan, Mother don't worry excessive. Strep throat in children caused by virus can be cured by itself. The immune system The Small can overcome the virus within a week. Consume painkillers, drink plenty of water, and gargling with salt water is enough to help relieve the symptoms of strep throat in children.

If your little one has entered the after-school, the Mother can teach him to gargle with warm salt water to relieve throat irritation. The trick, mix about ¼ to ½ teaspoon of salt with a glass of water until dissolved, then used for gargling.

Oh yes Mother, drink a lot of water is very important so that the baby is not dehydrated. So, although the little guy feel pain or difficulty to swallow, asking him to keep drinking water. The little one needs plenty of fluids, especially if he also has a fever. The drinking water is warm like honey tea or cold water as apple juice and ice cream are also allegedly can relieve inflammation of the throat in children.

However, do not give citrus fruits, lemon, or orange juice to The Small well of the Mother. Although natural, the citrus fruits can irritate the throat. And in addition, it is also important to the many small breaks. Avoid giving food or drink that is too hot on Your child.

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However, if the fruit of the heart really do not feel comfortable, Mother can give her acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Of course, with the appropriate dosage for children and see first on the doctor of the child. It is advisable not to give aspirin to your baby because it can cause Reye's syndrome, which makes the brain swell.

The mother can also turn on a vaporizer or humidifier in the bedroom the little one to moisturize the surrounding air and relieve inflammation of the throat. Of course, check whether the filter is clean or not. Because the filter is dirty can add to the number of germs in the air.

All the above methods can also be applied on the inflammation of the throat due to bacteria, but need the addition of antibiotics as recommended by your doctor. Strep throat in children caused by a virus can indeed be healed without the treatment of serious, but if the inflammation of the sore throat does not disappear in a few days, there is fever, difficult breathing, a stiff neck or swollen immediately take the baby to the pediatrician or the plant nearest emergency room. So pieces of Your heart get treatment more quickly and accurately.

Sore Throat Remedies For Kids

Consume Honey - The honey from the first trusted as a herbal drink that can be used to relieve various types of diseases. In addition, honey has a sweet taste and also taste good and many children like it. This honey can also be a remedy for inflammation of the throat. Based on various studies, this honey has an antibacterial effect, antiviral and antifungal.

Honey can also be believed to clear the throat that was sick. As a remedy a sore throat or strep, this honey can be consumed by way of swallowing a tablespoon of honey straight or can be diluted in a glass of warm water to diminul by children.

However if Your Child is under the age of one year, it is still not recommended to consume this honey.

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Consume Lemon Or Lime Juice - Lemon and also lime from the first known as a material which can relieve throat irritation and heals inflammation of the throat. Lemons and also limes have astringent, vitamin C, and also antioxidants that can help the body fight infections, kill germs and also thins the phlegm is thick.

In addition, lemons and also lemon juice also contains nutrients that can provide nutrients for the body that is not easily tired. To use lemon and also lime as drugs such inflammation of the throat, then we can use a wide variety of ways. Of the many ways that can be used, mouthwashes and as a drink mix else the most famous of its use. To rinse, mix two tablespoons of lemon or lime into the water, and then use the water solution to gargle. Do until the pain subsided.

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