Runny or Stuffy Nose Medicine Natural Home Remedies

Runny or Stuffy Nose Medicine Natural Home Remedies, Before resorting to medications, try to overcome Stuffy Nose Medicine with natural ways. In addition can relieve the symptoms, natural ways can also give side effects that are more healthful. Treatment can be done at home is also easier and does not require ingredients that are hard to come by. Nasal congestion is a complaint that we are natural. Usually the trigger is weather conditions and allergies.

Although not a serious disease but nasal congestion can interfere with daily activities. How not, when the nose feels clogged, You are so out of focus and not excited. In addition, the nasal congestion/ flu can also cause the effects of fatigue for the body of the sufferer.

If it's like this, usually we'll consume the drugs that are sold freely on the market to relieve the symptoms.

Stuffy Nose Medicine

The cause of Nasal Congestion
Mild Disease is the cause of nasal congestion is most often. That meant the disease is mild here. for example, the common cold, flu, and sinus infections. These diseases can cause a stuffy nose due to cause inflammation in the lining of the nasal cavity and sinuses which is a tissue rich in blood vessels. Inflammation will cause the blood vessels dilate and cause swelling so the nose becomes clogged.

According to the National Institutes of Health nasal congestion due to mild illness can be cured or disappear by itself within one week. For a stuffy nose that lasts a long time, then it is likely the cause, among other things :
  • Rhinitis Allergic 
  • Allergy pollen 
  • Nasal Polyps (nasal congestion is just next door and not moving) 
  • Exposure to a chemical 
  • Irritation of the nose due to environmental factors for example smoke or dust. 
  • Chronic Sinusitis (a sinus infection that lasts a long time) 
  • Tumor (usually benign, not cancer or, the mass of which can cause congestion if they grow in the nasal passages) is deviated 
  • Septum (the septum of the nose which is the limit between the right-left that should be right in the middle of, instead to deviate alias mengot to the right or to the left). 
  • Cluster headaches 
  • Foreign Object (most often in children) with the characteristics the nose is constantly runny (snot) smell, usually only one nose.

The cause of Nasal congestion that other rare that is pregnancy, most often begins at the end of the first trimester. Nasal congestion this may be caused by hormonal fluctuations and increased blood supply that occurs during pregnancy. These changes can affect the membranes of the nose, become inflamed, dry, or bleeding.

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Stuffy Nose Medicine

How To Cope With Nasal Congestion

Here are some tips Stuffy Nose Medicine that You can practice to cope with nasal congestion :

1. Drink lots of water white
Drinking water, especially warm water, will keep the body to avoid dehydration. When the body is not in fit condition, a lot of drinking water will help thin phlegm and mucus accumulate in the nose. The effect of warm water or even hot water is also proven to help provide relief in patients with nasal congestion.

The temperature of the heat helps stimulate the flow of saliva and lenders so that helps in relieving breathing and rinsing the bacteria as well as viruses. In addition to hot water, drinking hot tea such as chamomile tea or green tea, or consume a hearty chicken soup can also help.

2. Consume lots of vitamin C

Vitamins, especially vitamin C, can help the healing process of the flu and relieve nasal congestion. Properties of vitamin C just to accelerate the healing and not to cope with nasal congestion only.However, for allergic conditions that cause nasal congestion, vitamin C will not help anything. Apply the balm on the nose or breathe in the scent of menthol or oil of eucalyptus to stimulate the nerve receptors in the nose so that it appears the feeling of fresh air that enters the nose.

3. Compress with hot towel or cold on the nose
How this can be done to relieve nasal congestion although it does not last long and does not have any effect on the swelling of blood vessels are a major source of blockage of the breathing.

4. Change the habit of sleep at night
Relieve stuffy nose by adding a pillow to lay your head. The goal is to dry the sinuses. In addition, make sure the air in the room the bed is quite moist so breathing can feel more relieved.

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