Here's The Best Tapeworm Medicine For Dogs

Here's The Best Tapeworm Medicine For Dogs, How much dosage of Tapeworm Medicine For Dogs with the use of anthelmintic specifically for the dog or use medication worms humans are sold at the drug store ? The dosage of worm medicine is very dependent of the weight instead of age. The way his gift was different for each brand of worming.

Anthelmintic Special Dog

In the stores is a provider of pet needs such as pet shop lot once found a worm medicine that is specially formulated for dogs, one of them is Drontal Plus which is produced by Bayer, the drug companies leading in the world.

On the packaging written content of Drontal Plus is 50 mg of Praziquantel (Ph. EUR.), 144 mg Pyrantel Embonate and 150 mg Febantel. 1 tablet of Drontal Plus for every 10 kg of body weight. For example dog Miniature Dachsund who has an average body weight of 5-8 kg then simply given 1 tablet.If the dog's weight between 1-5 kg then simply given 1/2 tablet only.So, we recommend administering a dose of worming brand Drontal Plus is 1/2 tablet/5 kg body weight. If the dog has a weight of 25 kg then simply given 2,5 tablet.

What if the dog that has a weight above 40 kg such as dog breeds Saint Bernard whose weight can reach 90 kg?. Maximum giving worm medicine this is 4 tablets so for a dog that has a weight above 40 kg fixed using 4 tablets worming brand Drontal Plus.

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Tapeworm Medicine For Dogs

Drontal Plus can be given in dogs since the age of 3 weeks. Give every week until the puppies aged 3 months and can then be given 3 months. Administering worm medicine Drontal Plus can be given directly on the dog because the form of chewable tablets with taste or can be mixed in food.

Administering worm medicine Drontal Plus is recommended on an empty stomach and if given by way of mixed with the food then the amount of food preferably only 1/4 portion of the meal is usually so that the drug can work well.

Administration of worming brand Drontal Plus is not recommended to be given in dogs with a body weight below 1 kg and to dogs that are pregnant except with the instructions of the veterinarian.

For dose and mode of administration of the drug worms special dog other brands, can be read on the packaging or ask the description of how to use of the seller because each brand has difference formula and the type of cure.

Administering Worm Medicine Human For Dogs

Most commonly used is an anthelmintic for humans brand Combantrin-made Pfizer. Combantrin has 2 types of forms, namely in the form of syrup and tablets. The dose of administration is 125 mg for every 10 kg of body weight.

Combantrin contains Pyrantel Pamoate, to form a tablet the amount of the content of Pyrantel Pamoate depending of the numbers listed after his name. For example Combantrin 125 mg means containing 125 mg of Pyrantel Pamoate, available in the market Combantrin 125mg, 250mg, and 500mg. As for the form of a syrup, there are only 2 types, namely 125 mg with citrus flavors and 250 mg with the taste of vanilla.

Puppies can be given Combantrin since the age of 3 weeks with a dose of 1 ml Combantrin orange flavor for every 1 kg of body weight. If using Combantrin vanilla then the recommended dose is 1/2 ml every 1 kg of body weight.

Give each Sunday until the age of 3 months and can then be given every 3 months. For puppies above 3 months of age can be given Combantrin tablets with the recommended dose and the maximum provision is 500 mg.

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In addition to giving worm medicine orally such as the above, Pfizer Indonesia provides product Revolution ® for the treatment of worms with how to shed the liquid of the drug on the skin of the dog. Products by the brand Revolution® is effective to eradicate a wide variety of external parasites such as lice or ticks and internal parasites such as hook worms, worms gilig, the heart worm.

Six kinds of packaging designed based on the weight of the dog or the cat (mauve, blue, purple, brown, red and teal). Safe for pregnant animals and can be bathed after 2 (two) hours usage.

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