Target CVS Pharmacy : Largest Pharmacies After Walgreens Pharmacy

Target CVS Pharmacy is the company's second-largest chain of pharmacies in the United States ( after Walgreens Pharmacy ), with more than 7,000 stores in 41 states and Puerto Rico. As a division of retail pharmacy CVS Caremark,

CVS sells prescription drugs and a wide range of merchandise, including drugs, beauty products and cosmetics, film and settlement services, photos, seasonal items, greeting cards and convenience foods through its Pharmacy and retail store of medicines and online through

It also provides healthcare services through the Minute Clinic Healthcare as well as clinic Diabetes Care Center. Mostly located in clinics CVS. CVS get the benefits of the approach of “replication” via the function TI to repeat the innovation in one pharmacy to other pharmacies a very positive effect to the business process.In 2002 CVS decreased customer satisfaction.

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Target CVS Pharmacy hours and cvs pharmacy near me

This is due to the long waiting times and bad service at the counter taking the medication at the pharmacy. At that time there were 2 processes that occur after the customers enter recipes: the first is the processing of the prescription/compounding the drug and the second examination of the insurance status.

Both of these processes running simultaneously will take approximately 1 hour, and sometimes a lot of issue occurs, for example: error on the date of birth of the patient.

A lot of the issues who did not complete at the time of taking the drug, and this makes customer not satisfied. So the CVS decided to remove the insurance checks at the beginning of the processing recipe, so that customers will still be there to answer questions.

The process of change is incorporated into the information systems that support operations at 4,000 CVS pharmacy in the US. Increase in all pharmacies and score customer satisfaction increased from 86% to 91%.The company also implemented a business to improve the process for ordering prescription medications at one pharmacy, which can increase customer satisfaction significantly.

The manager also decided that the business process and embedded in a company's information technology systems, and then they are replicated to 4,000 other pharmacies in the 4,000 stores CVS within one year.

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Target CVS Pharmacy hours and cvs pharmacy near me

CVS uses an information system that allows customers to order medicines anywhere and anytime. This information is then directly done by the company. CVS as one of the renowned pharmaceutical company in the USA, applying the CVS around the store, and it turns out to increase customer satisfaction significantly. It turns out that the technology used CVS in the company can be used on different kinds of business.

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