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Testosterone is a steroid hormone the men which you can get by prescription in the form of Testosterone pills, Tablets, capsules, injections or gel. Not only plays a role in regulating sexual arousal, this hormone also plays a role in regulating many other things in the body.

This hormone is effect on some of the factors that determine the health of You, like body fat, muscle mass, bone density, red blood cell count, and mood.

Normal testosterone levels are around 300 to 1000 ng/dL. If Your results are below normal, then Your doctor will likely recommend hormone replacement therapy as injectable hormone testosterone alias testosterone injection.

Testosterone levels in men usually start down at the age of 30 to 40s. Some of the symptoms of testosterone deficiency, among others:
  • erectile dysfunction
  • changes in sexual arousal
  • decrease in the number of sperm
  • depression or anxiety
  • the increase in weight
  • a sense of heat radiating on the body
  • change the size of the penis and testes in some men
  • swelling of the breasts in some men
Testosterone Pills Tablets capsules injection gel

If You consult your doctor about Your condition, the doctor probably will ask Your medical history and perform a physical examination that is required. The doctor will also advise You to do a blood test to determine levels of the testosterone hormone.

In addition, You may be advised to check the levels of red blood cells You also since testosterone injections can increase the levels of red blood cells in the body. This action is done to prevent unwanted risks from the increase in red blood cells that are too significant.

Testosterone is a sexual hormone in men that is produced by the testes naturally. This hormone has several functions in the body of a man, such as:
  • Encourage the growth of hair on face and body.
  • Make the sound more heavy.
  • Help the development of the genital organs
  • Helps the production of red blood cells.
  • Helps the production of sperm.
  • Maintain the bone density.
  • Maintain sexual arousal.
  • To maintain fertility.

In addition to a few of the advantages that have been mentioned above, testosterone injection can also improve the composition of Your muscles. In general, men have less body fat than women. It is influenced by testosterone that regulate the distribution of fat and keep the muscles in Your body.

When Your testosterone levels is reduced, You will probably realize that Your body fat increased, while the size of Your muscles is reduced or weakened. Injectable testosterone can help overcome this, just hormone therapy may not provide significant results.

So, don't just expect from hormone therapy if You want a body more muscular. Testosterone therapy can increase muscle mass but does not increase muscle strength.

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Testosterone Pills Tablets capsules injection gel

The risks and side effects

Testosterone injections can help many patients with testosterone deficiency. But that does not mean this injection is safe for all men. It is important for You to tell the condition of Your health before starting testosterone therapy.

You may need more stringent supervision if you have heart disease, sleep apnea, or number of red blood cells. You also should not receive testosterone injections if you suffer from breast cancer or prostate cancer.

Testosterone injections can also increase Your risk of developing some health problems, such as:
  • disorders of the liver
  • heart disease such as heart attack and stroke
  • blockage of blood vessels
  • worsening of pembersaran prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
In addition to health problems, also keep in mind that this therapy will require no small cost. Testosterone therapy is not akand can cure the cause of the testosterone deficiency, but only increase the levels of this hormone to the normal state. Therefore, You should do it regularly if you take treatment options.

Warning :

1. Testosterone is an illegal drug the Hormone testosterone is included in the drugs that are legal, especially of this hormone is very important for men. What's illegal is when this hormone is used without a doctor's prescription.

Even so, many sports organizations have strict rules about the use of drugs or supplements containing testosterone because it can affect the performance of the athletes. Athletes who violate may be subject to sanctions. 

2. Testosterone is the steorid, and steorid dangerous. Yes, testosterone is indeed steorid, but not dangerous. Anyway we naturally met by a variety of steorid. According to Morgentaler, the word "steroids" is actually related to the molecules which is supported by four carbon, such as estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, also cholesterol.

Meanwhile, in the world of sports, steroids stands for anabolic steroid hormone which means in particular working to build muscle and bone, like testosterone. 

3. Testosterone lead to abusive behavior and can't be controlled Yet there are facts that prove testosterone leads to aggressive acts, violence, or the behavior of the uncontrollable other. On the contrary, men with the hormone testosterone that low is precisely the irritable, and this condition will improve after the levels of quality of evidence up. 

4. Testosterone cause prostate cancer the latest Research shows that men with high testosterone levels precisely the risk is smaller for prostate cancer. 

5. High Testosterone levels cause baldness In general, men who experience baldness have testosterone levels equal to men whose hair is still bushy. Baldness, according to Morgentaler, usually passed down genetically.

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Testerone Pills Tablets capsules injection gel

  • Please be careful in using this drug for patients with kidney disorders, heart disorders, high blood pressure, liver disorder, diabetes, epilepsy, migraine, and cancer.
  • If You are too often experience an erection, tell your doctor. Stop treatment in order to avoid injury.
  • Inform your doctor if You are currently using other medicines, including supplements or herbal remedies.
  • Tell your doctor if You will undergo certain medical examinations because of the use of these drugs may affect test results (for example in a test antidoping).
  •  If an allergic reaction or an overdose, consult your doctor immediately.
Testosterone can be useful if You are indeed actually experiencing a shortage of testosterone. Consult the doctor to know that the hormone injection is the right solution for Your health problems. If You do indeed suffer from testosterone deficiency, Your doctor can help you decide if this injection is safe for Your health condition.

If Your results do not indicate low testosterone levels, but You still feel that You are experiencing the symptoms of testosterone deficiency, remember that adequate nutrition, regular exercise, and avoiding smoking may make You feel better. If this still can help You, talk back at the doctor.

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