Walgreens Launches Chat The Pharmacy To Access 24/7 Online

Walgreens Pharmacy large corporate pharmacies in the United States on Tuesday, 27 January 2015 announced it will acquire its competitor Rite Aid with stock amounted to 17.2 Billion U.S. Dollars to build collaboration largest in between the two chains of the manufacturer medicines is growing rapidly in the United States.

The deal will combine great strength between the two medical supply company health, if the government gave permission for the deal then the competition between Walgreens  Pharmacy with CVS Health assessed will be increasingly fierce.

According to the results of research IBISWorld, CVS has a share of 58%, Walgreens has a share of 31% and Rite Aid have a share of 10% of the industry market pharmaceutical drugs in the United States that have an annual income amounted to 263 Billion U.S. Dollars and Profit of about 10.3 Billion U.S. Dollars .
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Walgreens Pharmacy
Walgreens Pharmacy dismissed that the deal will impact competition against some of the company ordering prescription online, online pharmacies, retailer-wholesaler such as Costco and clinics of other health. Cooperation between Walgreens and Rite Aid claimed will only be an Business to Business among the companies pharmacies with companies manufacturers of medicines.

John Boylan Senior Equity Analyst from Edward Jones Investments said "the Agreement to create the effect, not only to the company manufacturers of medicines, but also to the other competitors in the market" .

Walgreens Pharmacy

Shares of Rite Aid (RAD) soared to about 43% and closed at nominal 8.67 US Dollar reported by the Wall Street Journal in the middle of the day before the stock exchange closed. It is increasingly confirmed that a deal really has been established and assessed benefit of the Rite Aid to achieve trade value of 8 the US Dollar.

While shares of CVS Health (CVS) rose by only 2% with nominal 105.29 US Dollar, this indicates the stock is trading after-market CVS Health is relatively flat and runs normal.

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Walgreens Pharmacy

U.S. regulators close 1677 store online pharmacies

American regulators closed more than 1600 sites related to online pharmacies or drug stores online. Including the site in the name of the pharmaceutical company CVS and Walgreen are already in the lid. Nearly 8,000 other websites were given a warning. Hell sell the drug without a prescription in online store.

According to the FDA (agency for supervision of American medicine) says the site is closed most of the associated criminal network that organized. They work under the name of Canadian Pharmacy. There are at least 2 sites using the name of the CVS and Walgreens to convince buyers in America that their products have been approved by the FDA.

The FDA said the drug samples Levitra and V, carrying the name of the FDA and has been approved as a modification of the drug. But the drug contains the other materials which entered the list of the dangerous by the FDA.

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