Advantages of Walmart Pharmacy Hours : Strategy Execution

Walmart Pharmacy - Sam Walton began his career as a retail entrepreneur in the 1940s as a member of the management training at JCPenney Co. in Des Moines, Iowa. He was impressed by the method of Penney in the conduct of the business and eventually become a model for a chain of Walmart which is grounded in “ the Idea of a Penney “.

The company JCPenney was founded in Are – Wyoming, in 1902, the store was located on main streets of small towns and large cities across the United States.

His next in the United States armed Forces during World War II, Sam Walton get a franchise department store Ben Franklin in Newport – Arkansas. He runs this shop with her brother, James L. “ Bud “ Walton ( 1921 – 1995 ), until loss of the lease rights in the 1950s. Retail store which was originally owned by Sam Walton is located in Newport and Bentonville – Arkansas, and in other small towns in the southern states.

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Walmart Pharmacy : The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution

The store carried above the ground a relatively small sized 6000 square meters, located in the “main street”, and displaying merchandise on a table made of plain wood. Run under the name of Ben Franklin and supplied by Butler Brothers of Chicago and St. Louis, the store was given a variant of the limited, products with production cost and postage to low sales, the turn of the merchandise that often, and concentration on return on capital.

The company, run by the name of Walton 5 & 10 with 15 stores, is the largest company who was given the franchise by Ben Franklin in the country in 1962. Department stores such abolished step by step when approaching the years of 1976 to allow the company to concentrate on the growth of several shopping centers discounted Walmart.

Walmart company's strategy

The company's strategy and marketing that appears at Walmart based on one set of two main objectives which has guided the company through years of growth. In the purpose of the first prominent, namely : The consumer will be provided what they want, when they want it, all with a value of “ both are given emphasis : “ treat each other as we would want to be treated, acknowledge total dependence on our partners who are joining to support our success “ .

Approach including plans aggressive for the opening – the opening of new stores, i.e. expansion into the Country – State, upgrading, shelter, renewing, and changing the shape of the already existing store, and open several new distribution center.

Walmart is also testing a new concept called the Neighborhood Market in a number of locations in Arkansas. Identified by the company as a “small market” , the store is green and white it is filled with fruits and fresh vegetables, a pharmacy, a photo shop, and 24-hour a selection of hard goods Walmart classic.

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Walmart Pharmacy : The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution

Some of the programs launched in the Walmart store is highlighting a social problem that is popular. The Program “ Buy American “ is a program retail Walmart that was initiated in 1985. The theme “ Bring it home to the United States “and the goal is to communicate the support Walmart for the plant in America.

In the program, the company directs its influence to encourage manufacturers that produce goods in the United States than to import them from other countries.

Walmart is one of the first retail company embracing the marketing concept “ green“. The Program also provides people shopping for options to buy products that are better for the environment to appreciate these three things, namely : the manufacture of goods in factory, uses, and disposal.

The success of Walmart

The original concept of granting discounts Walmart is not a unique idea. Sam Walton became convinced in the late 1950s that the administration of price cuts will transform retail businesses. He traveled intensively in New England, the birthplace of the “discount”. After he has recently visited almost every place that gives discounted price in the United States, he tried to attract the interest of the executive of the Butler Brothers in the concept store discount.

K-mart the first is as a “ store shopping non – stop with a pleasant location where consumers can buy diverse merchandise extensive and high quality at a discount” just opened in Garden City, Michigan. The theory of Walton is running a store discounted the same in a small community and in such a place, he will offer the name branded merchandise goods with a low price and will add it with friendly service.

 Walmart stores nationwide sell merchandise branded famous which is advertised with a low price in small area is simple, less luxurious and comfortable. Management draw up ideas for the company such as “ a chain of shopping centers that discounted that offer a wide variation from general goods to the consumer”.

 The company developed a strategy aggressive expansion. The new store is located mainly in the region with a population of about 5,000 to 25,000 people. The size of the store ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 square meters, with 45,000 square meters in average. The company is also expanding by putting a location for his store in the geographic area adjacent.

When the implementation of the discount dominate a market area, the company moves to an area located in between the region. While entrepreneurs retail other build warehouses to serve the outlets that already exist, Walmart to build a distribution center first and then the store that is placed in the entire surrounding area, bringing together advertising and distribution in the future.

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Walmart Pharmacy : The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution

In the year 2000, according to DSR Marketing System, Walmart became the company retail wholesale largest in the United States, ahead of the company retail wholesale traditional such as Kroger, Boise, based in Cincinnati – Ohio, Idaho-based Albertsons, and Pleasanton, and Safeway, which is based in California.

Wholesale sales in the shopping center and Walmart are discounted in the year 2001, which included candy, toilet paper, dog food, and tobacco, is estimated to reach $30,6 billion and 22% of store sales as a whole. Food sales, in 2001, at the Sam's Club is $8.8 billion or 30% of sales.

Walmart has become the government of the distribution channels of the a lot of goods with brands. A retail company the largest in the USA and distributors that are dominant in many parts of the country, the company has influence are taken into consideration in the negotiations for the best price, delivery period, permit the promotion, and continuation of supply.

Many of these advantages can be proffered to the consumer in the form of goods are famous are available at all of the more than competitive price. One of the company policy, the management of Walmart impose to do business only with executives from the manufacturers with sales greater than accept a representative.

At the beginning of the year 2000, Walmart started a company separately on its website, with plans to go public., Inc., based in Palo Alto – California, which is owned jointly by Walmart and Accel Partners, a company capital partnership in Silicon Valley. The site is enter a a wide range of products and services, which consist of the shampoo until the product is clothing and lawn mowers, as memboking airlines, hotels, and car hire.

After its launch and then shut down the web site Sam's Club, Walmart re-open the site in mid-June 2000, with an emphasis on items such as jewelry, household items, and electronic items and ranks product which is full for small business owners. Sam's run by Walmart of the company at the headquarters of the besardi Bentonville – Arkansas.

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