What To Do For An Earache In Children ?

What to do for an earache in children ? The body produces mucus flowing from the nose to the lungs. Its function is to keep the moisture and filter the dirt in the draws of breath. When experiencing colds, flu or allergies, mucus production becomes more and more viscous. Changes in the mucus of the lead buildup in the tube that connects the middle ear and throat (eustachian tubes). In children have eustachian tubes are shorter than adults.

That is why the mucus more easily clog the eustachian tube. The blockage is a perfect place for bacteria to breed and cause infection. This condition can cause ear infections in children. There are many types of ear infections, but acute otitis media occurs more often in children.
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What to do for an earache in children

Symptoms of ear infections
Symptoms of ear infections, among others, is to reduced hearing, pain of the ear, and discharge from the ear resembles pus. Although a mild infection in the ear can recover by itself, the symptoms that arise can be appeased with some of the following ways:
  • Taking drugs free, as a decongestant, or pain reliever.
  • Using ear drops to relieve inflammation.
  • Put a warm cloth on the infected ears.
It is recommended to check your ear to ENT specialist if the ear pain does not go subside or if there are signs of more severe infections, such as fever, headache, and dizziness. Your doctor may give you antibiotics to cure the ear infection.

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Here are some natural treatment for ear infections :

1. Wait and observe
The American Academy of Pediatrics advise to wait and monitor conditions on a mild infection rather than directly downing the antibiotics. Most doctors will wait 24-48 hours to see its development, even up to 72 hours.

2. Sliced onion
I know it sounds weird, but remember onions contain antimicrobial substances that can combat infections. Cut the onion into two parts and soak in warm water until soft. Wrap the onion with a cloth and place it in the ear of the child during which he was resistant.

3. Garlic oil
The results of the research show substances anti-inflammatories in garlic is able to relieve pain and fight infection. So description Dr. Elisa Song, pediatrician at Whole Family Wellness in Belmont, California, and the founder of Healthy Kids Happy Kids.

Squirt oil into the ear of the child 3-4 times a day. Because garlic can cause irritation, don't try to make it on their own. Besides a lot of health store that sells it.

What to do for an earache in children

4. Acupressure and essential oils
Aroma essential oil lavender to reduce inflammation if used with acupressure so that it is able to relieve an ear infection. Acupressure points laid on the face and behind the ears, between the thumb and forefinger.

5. Use the humidifier
Use a humidifier able to fight off the dry air from the outside, reduce swelling, and moisturize the membranes and thin mucus in Eustachian tube.

6. Add pillows
Add a pillow in the child's bed so that fluid flowing down.

7. Vitamin C
Give vitamin C supplements to reduce swelling in the ears. But you should ask first your doctor about the dose because if too much could cause diarrhea.

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8. Treatment homeopathic

Results of the study mention that treatment homeopathic can cure ear infections, and work faster than antibiotics.
The term homeopathy may be less familiar in the ears of Indonesian society. Whereas holistic medicine is a method of treatment of the second largest after the conventional medical and already applied in some European countries, India, and Singapore. Homeopathy is a holistic medicine that uses natural ingredients from plants, animals, and minerals.

Homeopathy comes from the Greek word homoios and pathos. Homois means similar, while panthos is suffering or disease. This treatment is based on the principle, the element that causes pain also can nourish.

Homeopathy believes that human body has a system and the most natural healer for himself. But this system should be in a balanced state. Homeopathic remedies work to balance the system a natural healer while stimulating the immune power.

Unfortunately the development of homeopathy in Indonesia, not as fast as in Europe. Limited herbs in the ground water are already known active substance and the amount assessed as the cause. Knowledge about substances natural herbs, include type and number, will facilitate the preparation of prescription medications homeopathy.

The recipe is also increasingly tested, both in terms of efficacy and scientific knowledge. Although many use natural ingredients, but homeopathy has the evidence base that has been collected for tens, even hundreds of years.

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