Joint Pain Medications : 5 natural home remedies that work !

Natural medicine to Joint pain medications which is excruciating in fact it is not difficult to get. You can use how to natural treatment using ingredients that are often You meet. Previously we need to discuss first what is the cause of the occurrence of joint pain can appear suddenly? Some people even experience them with a frequency that often.

The joint pain actually arises because of some trigger factors, among which such as aging, the occurrence of injury to the joints, the occurrence of inflammation of the joints, or it could be caused due to the presence of calcification in the joints.

All this could happen so that the joint pain will attack You suddenly. Pain is also usually different in each person. In some people the pain can appear only in the time not long, but in another person could be just joint pain appeared constantly-constantly.

Joint Pain Medications

This is what in worried that will interfere with the activity and convenience of your day-to-day. Therefore joint pain must be dealt with immediately. On this occasion we will give some how to treat joint pain by using natural medicines made from herbal ingredients.

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Here are 5 natural ingredients to eliminate joint pain:

1. Ginger
Perhaps You are already familiar with the natural ingredients that has spicy taste. Ginger is the one herbal ingredient that is effective to treat joint pain. This is because in ginger are compounds called gingerols that can treat joint pain that you suffered.

Gingerol is a compound that can serve as anti-inflammatory drugs that can relieve pain in Your joints. To get the efficacy, You simply need to cultivate ginger into a medicinal drink by boiling few fingers of ginger in 4 cups of water.

Add a little brown sugar. Stew until the remaining 3 cups. Drink this natural remedy is a glass every day. Repeat until the pain in Your joints disappear.

2. cayenne pepper
Cayenne pepper is only known as a material for cooking. Chili that has a smaller size does have a spicy flavor that is stronger. But did You know it turns out in the cayenne pepper contained properties that are effective to treat joint pain naturally?

In the cayenne pepper contains compounds called capcaisin. Compound that plays a role in the cause of the spicy taste of cayenne pepper. Capcaisin is a compound that is an irritant on the skin, meaning that capcaisin can make the skin become red and irritation (feels hot) if in apply.

Well by utilizing the compounds of capcaisin in cayenne pepper, You can treat the joint pain that you are experiencing. The trick is to cultivate cayenne pepper to get the extract. Next apply the extract of cayenne pepper on the part of the pain.

3. Turmeric
Medicine joint pain traditional the next is turmeric. In addition to ginger, turmeric also has properties that are potent enough to cope with joint pain. Turmeric has been known in the world of medicine and beauty. In in turmeric are the content of diverse compounds that are goo
d for health and medicine.

In which the content of substances anagelsik and anti-inflammatory properties which can be utilized to treat joint pain. A variety of diseases joint pain such as pain on the waist, wrist, knees, and other body parts can be treated with turmeric.
Joint Pain Medications

How to use it is also quite easy to mix the turmeric into the stew:
  • Take some segment of turmeric then peel and wash clean.
  • Boil in 5 cups of water, add a little brown sugar so it tastes better to drink.
  • After the water is reduced to the remaining 3 or 4 cups turn off the stove and let cool.
  • After a cold drink turmeric medicinal regularly 1 glass every day until the pain that you suffer is reduced.
4. Willow Bark
Cure joint pain naturally the last one is willow bark (willowbark). Among all the drug joint pain natural that we've discussed earlier may be the bark of willow trees is the most foreign in Your ear. Willow bark is the skin in the can from a tree named the tree of willowbark.

Already since a long time the bark of willow trees known properties as a material for making various kinds of drugs. It turns out he can also be utilized to treat joint pain naturally. In the bark of the willow tree are compound natural aspirin which helps to relieve pain in the back, also to relaxes the muscles around your back and chest tense as in the bark of the willow tree also contained compounds anagelsik.

To process the willow bark as a cure joint pain naturally, You can make it into a stew. Boil a few sheets of the bark of willow trees by the water, after that refrigerate. Drink regularly 1 glass each day until the joint pain that You suffer is reduced.

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