Medications For Borderline Personality Disorder

Medications for borderline personality disorder - Personality disorder threshold or a known Borderline Personality Disorder is a personality disorder but not only limited to the symptoms of mental illness. This disorder is also related to emotional disturbances of a person which causes emotional instability, resulting in stress to other problems.

A person who has the personality of this threshold feel if his feelings ride so as to make them think for themselves if itself flawed and worthless.

Personality disorder this threshold can also cause impaired function of a person in running their daily life and interpersonal relationships with other people in the vicinity. This disorder usually appears in the period of adulthood and can attack anyone, but also can improve as we age. Well here is a more detailed explanation of personality disorders threshold or Boderline.
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medications for borderline personality disorder

The Traits Of Personality Disorder Threshold (Borderline)
The following traits of personality disorder threshold that you need to know:
  • The fear that is so intense ignored so that sometimes makes it do the steps that are so extreme to avoid the separation on a real or imagined or rejection.

  • The pattern of the intense relationship that is experiencing instability, for example, the idealization of the individual that then suddenly believe if the person is cruel and does not care.

  •  Sometimes patients with personality disorder threshold will consider if he is the figure of the antagonist in the film.

  • Change the image and identity of self so fast that it can affect the value as well as the purpose that he knows.

  • Experiencing periods of stress can trigger paranoid and lose relation with the fact that can last for hours. (also read: How to find out the Talent Yourself)

  • Experience the change of mood that can last up to many days.

  •  Notice his impulsivity which can be risky and sometimes dangerous for other people in the surrounding areas such as gambling, reckless driving, unsafe sex, and other. Even a person with BPD can retreat from his job for no apparent reason that supports even end the relationship that is established although in good condition.

  • Easy to lose patience so make it fast furious, which can trigger conflict with other people.

  •  At a time can you love and respect someone so much, but a few moments can change and consider if the person is a bad figure.

  • Feel the emptiness in the form of psychological, which occur continuously.

  • Often behave hurt yourself even can cause suicidal ideation as a response from channeling anger, punish themselves, fears of abandonment, and rejection.
Patients with personality disorder threshold often have impulsive behavior when he felt hurt but after that feel relief after doing so. Over time the patient will be increasingly encouraged to do impulsive continuous time feel hurt.

The cycle that is not healthy this will be started as well as ongoing in patients with this disorder when the feeling of shame and guilt with actions that are done, and then going back to do impulsive actions to make himself feel better than ever. This action can later be developed into a habit so can avoid the pain he suffered emotionally.

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medications for borderline personality disorder

The causes of BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)

Experts believe that BPD is genetic and some situations trigger the emergence of BPD. Through the study of the human brain, disimplkan that emotional instability and impulsive behavior is caused by chemical activity that is increased or reduced in the brain. Daniel Amen is one of the doctors in the United States that conduct research on the results of the scan of the 10000 human brain.

Cure BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)

Different with the treatment of various psychiatric diseases other that rely on drugs , the treatment of BPD rely on behavioral therapy . This type of therapy is commonly used to cure BPD is Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). Therapy helps the sufferer understand the emotions that trigger their behavior, and encourage patients to take responsibility for himself by choosing appropriate behavior when their emotions rise.

In addition, nutrition plays an important role in curing mental disorders / psychiatric illness. Drugs are only used as necessary for some of the symptoms of BPD (such as anti-depressants, valium to cope with excessive anxiety).

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