Here's Medications For Depression And Anxiety

Medications for depression and anxiety - Almost everyone has experienced stress. Whether it's because work office tight deadlines, conflicts with family or partner, up to a trivial thing such as the stress of facing traffic jam the streets of the capital. Fear, dread, and anxiety that are suffocating due to this stress can be devastating and feels like it never ends. This is where You should start to be careful.

Stress weight be and not treated immediately can lead to a number of psychiatric disorders are chronic, such as depression and anxiety disorders. And if a chronic disorder is not handled properly, both can be very damaging to the quality of Your life. It is important for You to be able to recognize the difference between stress, anxiety disorders, and depression so you can get the proper help before it's too late.
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Medications For Depression And Anxiety

What is stress?

Stress is a form of reaction of self-defense when You are in a situation full of pressure. Although not preferred, stress is actually a part of the primitive instinct of man to keep us safe and alive.

So You are faced with a situation trigger stress, for example, the presentation of the project work next week, the body perceives it as a danger or threat. To protect You, the brain will start producing a number of hormones and chemical compounds like adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine which trigger the reaction of “fight or flight” in the body.

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Sometimes, stress can give a boost of energy and increased concentration so that You can respond to the pressure source effectively. But more often, stress makes the brain to flood the body with a third of hormone so You constantly feel agitated, anxious, and restless. At the same time, the blood will be focused to flow to those parts of the body that are useful to respond physically such as feet and hands so that the function of the brain decreased. This is why many people find it hard to think clearly while haunted by stress.

What is it anxiety disorder?

Each person must have experienced stress and anxiety at least once in a lifetime. The difference, stress is the body's response to threats in a random situation that could harm You. Anxiety is Your reaction to stress.

Familiar with the sensation of stomach churning, head of the reel, the heart excited, breath hurry, and the cold sweat when You are clouded with concern before speaking in public, for example, or wait for the called job interview? These are some of the signs that You are stressed and/or anxious.

Usually a barrage of these symptoms will immediately subside as soon as You feel relief or complete Your task. That is the level of psychological pressure that You receive is still pretty “healthy”so You are still able to handle the situation appropriately.

Anxiety becomes chronic psychological disorders when You are constantly stricken by the fear makes no sense or fear of all sorts of things that You deem as a big threat, but poses no real danger. Anxiety is a psychiatric disorder recognized by the medical world. Anxiety disorder is a condition that can be diagnosed by the doctor based on the collection of symptoms You feel in a sustainable manner.

Living with anxiety disorders keep You continue to experience stress even after the events of threaten it's been a long You skip. And even when You do not reconcilable with the stress triggers of any kind, the anxiety was still always there under the nature — conscious to haunt You with the nervousness endlessly throughout the day.

Anxiety disorders can be Your natural every day with the sighting of the symptoms are very obvious, such as social phobia, or come on suddenly for no reason such as panic attacks or anxiety attacks. This means that anxiety disorder should not appear to the surface as feedback from the experience/situation specific.

What is depression?

Depression is a mental illness characterized by worsening of mood, feeling, stamina, appetite, sleep patterns, and concentration level of the sufferer. Depression is not a sign of weakness or a character flaw. Depression also can not be equated with feeling sad or grieving, which usually will improve over time — although in some cases, depression can be triggered by a sense of grieving or severe stress ongoing.

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Medications For Depression And Anxiety

Stress and depression affect You the same way, but the symptoms of depression much more intense and mewalahkan, and at least lasts for two weeks or more. Depression causes drastic changes of mood are so great cause a sense of despair, miserable, and even unwillingness to continue living. Depression is one mental illness that most commonly occurs in today's society, and it is estimated that one in five people in the world can experience depression at some stage in their lives.

Different stress, depression, and anxiety disorders

Although there are some characteristics that overlap between stress, depression, and anxiety disorders, but the third emotional turmoil is coming from a very different place. The stress we experience in everyday life is associated with a sense of frustration and being overwhelmed, while anxiety disorders and depression can be rooted from the worries, fear, and despair do not have the exact cause — although it may be triggered by many factors, including genetics, biology and brain chemistry, traumatic life, up to the chronic stress that is sustainable. The main difference between them is the sense of helplessness.

When beset by stress and anxiety, You know exactly what You are dealing with, namely the life challenges that You encounter day-to-day (although it occurs randomly) — deadline for work, financial bills, household affairs, etc.

But sometimes, what makes You stress can also come from within the self, triggered by an overactive imagination or are not thinking clearly. Stress and anxiety will disappear when You make it a priority and handle it one by one. In the end, You'll find a way out of every problem and back up through the day.

Meanwhile, living with anxiety disorders or depression make You helpless to know what to be Your concern, so reaksinyalah be a problem. Both this psychological disorder occurs continuously without having to respond to the experience or situation specific, and tend to last a long time (often up to monthly to even yearly).

Medications For Depression And Anxiety 

Both of them can severely limit Your function as a human being. You may feel tired constantly and lost motivation/passion for the day such as work, eat, socialize, study, or drive like anyone else.

All three are psychological disorders that need to be addressed. Not only affects mental health, but can also affect Your physical health in the long term. However, depression and anxiety disorder is not something that You can heal yourself, so it's important to get medical help as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatment options available to manage the symptoms of each.

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 Treat with appropriate drugs 

The Selection of drugs has become one of the therapeutic techniques that are crucial and unique. The patient is a psychiatric disorder although it may have the same symptoms but the response to treatment is very different.

There is the problem of drug side effects that often occur in the use of drugs that may not occur in all people. The effect of therapy for each drug are also not the same. There is a matching with drugs that one are not suitable with other medicine.

This election is very important to remain guided by the instructions laksana or guideline that is agreed upon based on evidence-based research. Drugs are administered based on the symptoms and diagnosis of the patient should understand also the principles of appropriate treatment including drug interactions with other drugs, especially if patients also take other drugs before treatment to a psychiatrist.

Recording what medicines are used is very important as a source of information appropriate to provide the right medication and minimal interaction with other drugs. Antidepressants are currently the most widely used in clinical indeed most of the class of Serotonin and Serotonin-Norepinephrine. The content of drugs such as Sertraline, Fluoxetine, Escitalopram, Duloxetine and Venlafaxine are some that are often used.

Every drug has its own characteristic although none of the research that is able to provide recommendations on the most good among these drugs. The doctor needs to give the medication with consideration of clinical and based on research-based evidence. Some other drugs such as Agomelatine is also given to patients with conditions that are usually associated with the problem of trouble sleeping either alone or together with antidepressant drugs.

How long is the time? 

One thing that is most often asked the patient is how long he should eat the drug. Many patients feel uncomfortable with the fact of having to eat medicine every day which makes it feel such as people in poor health or disabilities. In fact, according to most of their psychiatric condition is not a disease. This needs to be explained again. However, in the case encountered in the clinic, this condition is achieved by a treatment technique that enough time and the right medicine.

Time frames of treatment between 6-12 months since the symptoms improved (missing) is suggested. So instead of since the beginning of taking the medication however since the symptoms improve. In some cases such as a recurring condition or a problem of a psychotic disorder then the treatment of the patient can last longer. The treatment appropriate and precise aiming to get good results and not to make as if dependent patients with a given drug.

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