Medications For Gout And How To Reduce Uric Acid ?

Medications for gout - There are many symptoms caused by high uric acid levels, one of the most frequent is inflammation of the joints of uric acid or known as gouty arthritis. In conditions like this then someone needs medication uric acid reliable.

A person who is experiencing the disease of gout will feel the excruciating pain in the joints, often accompanied by swelling, and the joints turned into a redness because the process of inflammation that is going on.

On the condition of inflammation of the joints of the uric acid like it then not to do the massage, then that is needed is a medicine of uric acid, and if you can choose a natural so the side effects could be minimal.
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Medications For Gout

In addition to avoiding the dietary restrictions gout, there are many options gout drug available in the market, either in the form of tablets or in the form of powdered herbs, but do not indiscriminate use of drugs that, because of the one-one instead cause adverse health effects. Therefore always consult your doctor for any medication that You will drink. As an alternative that is free and safe to treat gout is a folk remedy gout that we will describe here.

Cure gout naturally could be the choice for You who every day fight against joint pain. Gout or what is often known as gout is the inflammation that occurs in the joints of the body, such as joints in the knees legs, ankles and hands, soles of the feet, elbows, even the spine. Usually people who experience gout will feel the pain and pain in the joints accompanied by tada redness and swelling on the affected part.

Now this is a lot of drugs gout natural appear and can be trusted to reduce the pain as well as cope with the symptoms of gout.

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What course of drugs gout natural ?

1. Cherries

Probably most of You do not know that it turns out that cherries are very good for patients who are experiencing inflammation, including gout. Gout occurs because uric acid levels in the blood are too high. In normal circumstances, uric acid overload will be excreted through urine and feces. But the process of uric acid did not occur in the narrator of uric acid.

Cherry fruit contains various types of antioxidants are able to prevent the production of uric acid overload in the body. The benefits of cherries as a remedy uric acid has even been proven in a study conducted in the year 2012. In these studies it is known that patients with gout who consumed cherries with regular experience pain fewer and rarely compared with patients who did not consume cherries. For gout patients, it is recommended to eat cherry fruit as 15-20 pieces a day.

2. Ginger

Ginger is a type of rhizome that is most widely used to add the aroma and taste of the food as well as believed to have many health benefits. One benefit is as a remedy gout. In a journal i.e. Annals of Biological Research mentioned that ginger has anti-inflammation that is very effectively used to reduce the symptoms of gout patients.

Anti-inflammation contained in ginger, and is considered the drug of gout is the levels of gingerol and shogaol. For those of You who are experiencing gout, You can add ginger to food or drink You every day.

3. Bananas

Patients with gout should avoid foods that contain high purine because of the purines the uric acid in the blood will be formed. Therefore, what is needed the sufferers of gout is foods low in purines, one of which is bananas. Not only low in purines, bananas also contain potassium and vitamin C which is quite high.

Potassium has the ability to convert uric acid crystals into liquid so it can be excreted by the body easily via urine. While the high vitamin C content in the banana is considered to reduce the level of inflammation that occurs in patients with gout. A person suffering from gout are advised to eat bananas as much as one or two fruits in a day.

4. Apples

We mentioned earlier that patients with gout should eat food sources that contain low purine. Apples are one of the types of fruits that contain low purine, because it contains less than 50 mg of purine in every 100 grams of apple.

According to the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism published in 2005, vitamin C in the apple can be a remedy for gout natural reduce pain, and also able to prevent the disease of gout occurs. Experts from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center recommends that you should patients with gout consume 2 to 4 apples in a day.

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Medications For Gout
Diagnosis For Gout

The process of diagnosis of gout (gout) done through collecting information about the complaints felt by the sufferer. The next can be done examination by looking at the fluid around the joints (synovial fluid).

The purpose of this examination is to find the presence of crystal-krital uric acid. Other tests that can be done is the examination of blood and urine. Through the examination it can be ascertained if there was an increase of uric acid and the uric acid crystals.

The criteria for suspecting the presence of gout is the appearance of pain which progresses rapidly and inflammation of the joints. This inflammation can move from one joint to other joints, especially in the big toe joint. Complaints of pain will usually disappear after the attack.

Symptoms of Gout

Early symptoms of uric acid (gout) which is generally perceived by the sufferer, heat, redness and swelling in the joints that occur suddenly. The joints are often subjected to attack is the small joints such as the thumb of the foot.

Some of the other joints that can be affected are ankles, knees, wrists, fingers, and elbows. In an acute attack patients gout can arise fever and severe pain in the joints that usually last hours to a day. As time goes by, an attack of gout will arise more often and longer.

Uric acid crystals can form tophi (hard lumps but no pain around the joints) outside the joints. Tophi are often found around the fingers of the hand as well as in the tip of the elbow and around the big toe. Moreover, it can be found also on the leaves of ear, tendon achiles (the area behind the ankle), and vocal cords (very rare).

Treatment For Gout

Uric acid/ gout can not be cured. Nevertheless, this condition can be controlled through treatment. Complaints of perceived sufferers of gout will usually disappear within 24 hours after treatment begins. Gout is generally treated with antiinflammatory drugs class NSAIDs –such as ibuprofen or naproxen. These drugs are commonly given to treat severe attacks and sudden to reduce inflammation and pain.

For patients with uric acid/ gout who cannot use NSAIDs will be given corticosteroids, a steroid that reduce inflammation. Steroids can be injected (injection) directly on the affected joint or taken in pill form. This drug is not used at the time of an acute attack but are used to control the levels of uric acid.

Prevention For Gout

How can You do to prevent gout/ gout is to do change the style of life become more healthy. You can increase the consumption of food with balanced nutrition and high in fiber. Remember to consume enough water as well as diligent exercise.

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The causes Of Gout

Uric acid/ gout is a substance remains which is formed by the body when the body metabolizes a substance called purine. Purines can be found in several types of food and drink –as in alcohol, liver, meat, and seafood.

The disease of gout arise when uric acid in the body accumulate and is difficult to excreted by the body. When Your body produces too much uric acid, then the next will occur is the buildup of that form uric acid crystals. Buildup can occur around the joints and kidneys.

Some risk factors for the onset of gout are:
  • Obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes
  • Have a history of gout sufferers (gout) in the family
  • Renal impairment
  • Eating foods high in uric acid such as red meat and seafood
  • Consuming too much alcohol

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