7 Ways Medications For Stress and Anxiety Relief

Medications for stress - Stress is different for each person, things that can make You stress could have been considered ordinary things by friends or relatives. Stress is also not necessarily a bad thing, because sometimes, the stress of it becomes a reminder and a trigger to re-focus in resolving the problem.

Let's find out the drug stress which suitable for You here. Not all stress is bad. Before knowing the stress that appropriate, You should identify first the type of stress being experienced.

The stress You feel when assigned to handle a project from the office can be classified into good stress and are usually temporary. Nervous feeling, nausea or sweating hands what happens is the body's way of helping You through a situation that is considered difficult. Trigger factors include external factors stress is commonly encountered day-to-day.
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Medications For Stress

Meanwhile, the stress belonging to the bad is long-term stress that can lead to depression or mental health disorders and other physical, such as sleep disorders, digestive disorders, as well as down or rising weight.

Stress triggers the long term called also internal factors of stress, among others, bullied or harassed continuously (bullying), problems in interpersonal relationships or marriage, learning difficulties or in the work, until the death of the closest person.

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Drug Stress and Anxiety that You Can Select

Whether we realize it or not, a person who is experiencing stress also tend to be easy to do actions that can harm the health and of itself, such as the abuse of illicit drugs and alcohol. This is why handling stress needs to be done to reduce the risk of onset of various types of health problems, up to suicidal tendencies. After identifying the causes and types of stress above, now is the time to know the variety of medications stress to fight the symptoms that arise.


If You decide to do psychotherapy, there are various types of psychotherapy are commonly used for patients with stress, among others, counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, ekoterapi, and a variety of complementary therapies and other alternatives. This therapy basically aims to train You to better identify your thoughts and feelings, and is usually combined also with medication if necessary.

By undergoing psychotherapy, You will be trained and guided by a psychologist or psychiatrist to establish patterns of thought and the right attitude in responding or adapting (coping) to the state, so that stress management can be better. Alternative therapies such as relaxation therapy, acupuncture therapy, massage, and meditation is also a way of coping with stress that are popular.


Some drugs which are generally used in arrangements the treatment of stress should be given under supervision of medical personnel, among others,
  • Diazepam
  • Clonazepam
  • Fluoxetine
  • Citalopram
This medicine is a medication used to treat symptoms of depression, anxiety disorder, insomnia, and seizures. In conditions of severe stress already cause complications disorders mental behavioral and physical disorders, a psychiatrist will provide medication accompanied by psychotherapy tools and in supervision. The use of such drugs without the evaluation and the advice of a doctor is a dangerous thing for health.

Medications For Stress

Keep in mind, severe stress or stress in life that has cause the symptoms of hallucinations, disturbances of thought patterns (e.g. paranoia), insomnia, ideas or attempted suicide, eating disorders, and social impact for someone is a type of severe stress that needs to be addressed by a psychiatrist.

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In addition to various types of stress already mentioned above, there are some medications that are more effective bgisa you try is :

1. Chewing gum - 10 minutes
Research in Australia and the uk found that when subjected to stress, chewing gum is able to reduce anxiety and lower levels of the hormone cortisol in saliva up to 18 percent.

2. Drink black tea - 12 minutes
People who drink black tea four cups daily for six weeks are known to cope with stress more quickly and have a level of hormone cortisol which lower when subjected to stress, based on research from University College London. Chemical compounds and antioxidants present in black tea is able to load a person feel relaxed and soothe the nerves of the brain.

3. Massage - 15 minutes
International Journal of Neuroscience reported that self-massage twice a week for 15 minutes can reduce stress and calm the nervous system. In fact, the easy way by moving the tennis ball around the fingers of the hand are also able to provide the same effect with a massage.

4. Writing - 20 minutes
Research in 2010 published in Anxiety, Stress, & Coping found that writing about the things that make a depression for 20 minutes for two days is able to reduce stress levels. Write down your feelings on paper also helps us get through the bad feelings and cope with negative emotions in the self.

5. Listen to music - 30 minutes
Music can increase positive emotions and lower levels of stress hormones. Research in the Journal of Advanced Nursing found that patients who listened to songs of their choice more calm when it will face the operation. Move according to the rhythm of the song also adds to the positive emotions and trigger the production of happiness hormones, namely endorphins.

6. Avoid technology - 45 minutes
Research at the University of California, Irvine, and a researcher of the US army found that checking e-mails at any time capable of causing stress. So when you feel stress, it helps reduce contact with technology or other handsets, for example checking email, social networking, or other.

7. House cleaning - 60 minutes
The habit of house cleaning able to lower the tension in your mind. People often easily calmed and distracted when doing the habits that are repeated such as sweeping, mopping, and other. This kind of activity is also effective to make the body calm.

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