What Is The Best Migraine Preventive Medications ?

Migraine preventive medications - Migraines is a fairly common disorder found in most individuals who experience headaches. It is characterized by headache that is throbbing, just on one side of the head with a certain time span.

This disease can attack a variety of ages, ranging from children, teens, and adults. This disease is one the most common complaint in the medical world, relatively complex, and occurs repeatedly.

First, the disease is considered as a disorder resulting from narrowing of the blood vessels, but when this has been classed as a disease associated with the nervous system. There are various factors that can trigger the occurrence of migraine, such as the environment and one's behavior in daily life.
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Migraine Preventive Medications

What Causes Migraines ?

Until now, the cause of migraine has not been established. Experts still do clinical observation and investigation of the various factors of the possible causes of this disease. The atmosphere is tense and emotional conditions often appear before the disease occurs. In addition, genetic factors are also thought to play a role as powerful as one of the causes.

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A lot of factors that play a role as a trigger the occurrence of this disease. Here are some of the possibilities that could be the cause:
  • Hormonal changes in men and women who have a history of migraine disease. The women in this group generally causes the headaches before or during a menstrual period

  • Drug-obatanTerapi hormonal disorders, such as hormonal replacement drugs can aggravate the disease migraines that are already pre-existing condition. Some of the cases reported occur in women who was running the hormonal treatment.

  • Salty foods and processed. Foods such as cheese, ready meals, and processed foods can trigger the occurrence of this disease.

  • Certain beverages. Alcohol and coffee are reported to trigger the occurrence of this disease.

  • Stress, whether caused by work or events in the home, allegedly can cause migraines.

  • Excessive light, glare of the sun and the sound of that is too hard can trigger this disease.

  • Cigarette consumption excessive has been reported to trigger a migraine attack.

  • Changes in sleep schedule.In some cases, some of the individuals who schedule the sleep is not regular basis have been reported to experience migraine.

  • Environmental factors, such as changes in weather, climate, up of moisture can trigger the disease.
Migraines Symptoms

In patients with the disease is a headache that is felt is usually accompanied by a sensation of throbbing. These headaches may be getting worse. In a minority of cases reported of this disease can be on both sides of the face although rare. No individuals who suffer from this disease have the same complaint. The symptoms can last between 4 hours and three days.

Here are the signs of symptoms of someone who is stricken with migraines, including:
  • Head pain, which is felt with a level of moderate to heavy
  • The pain is felt generally only covers one side of the head. However, in a minority of cases reported may occur on the two sides of the head.
  • Headaches that are accompanied dengansensasi throbbing
  • Sensation nyeriyang aggravated by physical activity
  • Headaches extremely, to limit the activity of day-to-day
  • Nausea, with or without vomiting
  • Fear in the light
  • Headache attack usually will experience improvements during the day or after a break. Most sufferers complain of feeling tired and weak what happened after the attack
  •  Vision has become blurred
  • Loss of consciousness or fainting in some cases.

Migraines Diagnosis

If You are experiencing some of the symptoms mentioned above, immediately consult a doctor. Don't cope with the headache drugs excessively, because it may make further handling becomes more difficult. Even so, taking migraine drugs recommended as initial treatment (prior to the doctor).

When the headaches experienced by the patient occurs repeatedly, it becomes the doctor's instructions to establish a diagnosis. Make it a discussion in detail about Your symptoms to the doctor. Next, the doctor will perform a physical examination related grievance, in order to get rid of the possible causes of other diseases. If necessary, will also be made laboratory examination.

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Migraine Preventive Medications

The Diagnosis should be done immediately and aid should be brought in as quickly as possible, if the patient is experiencing the characteristics and symptoms here :
  • There is a weakness or paralysis on one or both sides of the face and or body
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Headaches up to pain that has never been experienced before
  • Headache accompanied by high fever
  • Headaches accompanied by stiff neck
  • Seizures
  • Double vision
How to Prevent Migraines ?

There are various kinds of preventive measures that can be done to avoid this disease. One way is to avoid factors that can trigger a migraine attack. Do a healthy lifestyle can also reduce the level of severity experienced by sufferers. Here are some of the patterns of life :
  • Do exercise regularly at least 30 minutes 3x a week
  • Avoid salty foods, fast food, and processed
  • Expand to eat fruits and vegetables
  • Stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and coffee
  • Apply a sleep schedule that is healthy
  • Talk to your doctor if you are taking certain medications such as hormonal drugs
  • Avoid causes of stress overload such as sound too loud, excessive light, or smoking cigarettes.
Handling Migraines

Treatment in cases of migraine is divided into two, acute treatment and therapy to prevent the arrival of migraine recurrent. Patients who already have recurring migraines usually get a combination of both drugs. It is intended to reduce the migraine triggers.

The goal of treatment is to restore the state as before, to prevent complications, to stop the headache that had happened. In addition, the treatment is also done to reduce the number of attacks and severity of migraines, so improve the quality of someone's life.

Here are some of the drugs and therapies which are generally given to patients with migraine to reduce the symptoms :
  • Drugs selective serotonin receptor
  • Painkillers
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory non steroid
  • Combination therapy
  • Drug anti-nausea-vomiting
In addition to that already mentioned above, there is one therapy the treatment of migraine called a triptan. This therapy is done on patients if painkillers usually are not able to relieve the symptoms of this disease. There are side effects from the use of these drugs, such as the onset of the sensation of heat, tightness, and heavy feeling on the face, limbs, and chest. Not only triptan, the use of other painkillers also may be recommended by Your doctor.

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