Signs and Symptoms Of Appendicitis In Kids

Signd and Symptoms of appendicitis in kids - The case that is often found is the appendix found in children in the age range from 4 years to 15 years. In the world of media, the appendix also known as Appendicitis. When it happens appendicitis? That is, when the organ called the appendix is inflamed. Inflammation of the appendix can occur when there is blockage due to a thing, for example the feces are hardened.

If there is no proper handling, or late parents determine the condition of appendicitis in children then it can lead to rupture of the appendix. This will cause infection to occur to the abdominal cavity of the child. Such a condition is what causes the appendix to become one of the diseases or disorders of digestion in children to watch out for.
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Symptoms Of Appendicitis In Kids

Then actually what are the symptoms and causes of appendicitis in children? Here's the explanation:

Signs and symptoms of appendicitis in kids :

It's important for parents and anyone to know the symptoms of diseases of the appendix in a child so that it immediately can seek medical help. In children aged 2 years and under, the traits of the most common of the disease of appendicitis is pain in the lower abdomen, vomiting and abdominal bloating (bloating and swelling).

In older children the initial symptoms can be abdominal pain near the belly button. Over time, the pain moves to right lower abdomen. In most cases, the pain does not get better even if the child continues to rest. The movement of the body usually make the pain worse.

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In addition to the main symptoms above, the disease of appendicitis in children is accompanied also with the symptoms as follows:
  • Don't want to eat
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • mild Fever
  • Swollen or bloated stomach
  • If the appendix ruptures, the child can experience a high fever due to infection that spread.

Very important for every parent to know the health condition of the child with detail, not least the health condition of the appendix of the child. When parents know the symptoms of pain of appendicitis is early, then the treatment will be more quickly so that it can prevent children from the risk of more severe. It is therefore very important for parents to know the symptoms of appendicitis in children. Symptoms that commonly occur is a child feel the pain of the stomach.

Note that for children aged less than 2 years, abdominal pain that is felt occurs in the lower abdomen. While in children is greater than that of abdominal pain will begin to be felt up to the right lower abdomen.

You need to be vigilant if abdominal pain experienced by the child does not go away even when they break and You have applied various ways to overcome abdominal pain in children. The child will feel the pain even when he tried to move his body.

Symptoms Of Appendicitis In Kids

Causes of Appendicitis in Children 

Many parents think of appendicitis occurs when children consume food which is seed, for example seed chili or guava. So the parents usually forbid their children to eat food type. Even the parents will not think that their child exposed to the pain of appendicitis although it has been showing symptoms of appendicitis.

It is because of the belief of those who have children away from foods that contain grains. This condition has become one of the causes of the delay in treatment of appendicitis in children.

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Causes of appendicitis in children has not been established clearly. However, according to media experts cause that most often occurs is the presence of the dirt that goes in the appendix. This dirt can also come from food of the child. That is why there are many benefits to teach children washing their hands before eating.

Germs or worms from the dirt is exactly what can cause inflammation of the appendix. These germs can also be the cause of diarrhea in infants and children. Another cause is when the child's stools harden and clog the opening of the appendix. This blockage will cause appendicitis have an infection and continues to be inflammation.

That's a little review about the symptoms and causes of appendicitis in children. Maintain the health of the child is very important. Pay attention to the healthy food for children growth will further improve health and prevent children from a variety of health risks.

Children also need to be taught about the types of food that are dangerous to the child, including the danger of snacks for kids. If the child likes to snack, You can choose different types of nuts are good for infants and children.

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