Where Is The Zika Virus ? How to symptoms of zika ?

Where is the zika virus ? Zika virus is a viral infection spread by the mosquito Aedes Aegpti – type mosquitoes that also transmit dengue fever and chikungunya. Aedes Aegpti spread the Zika virus by the way suck virus from an infected person, then transmit it to healthy people. Zika virus common in tropical areas where many found the mosquito Aedes Aegpti. This Virus can affect anyone in various age groups.

However, pregnant women or anyone living in or traveling to areas where there are infection Zika has high risk to be infected. Similarly, people who have sex with an infected partner Zika. Even so, this condition can be handled by reducing the risk factors. Discuss with doctor for more information.
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Where Is The Zika Virus ? How to symptoms of zika

Due to Zika virus, thousands of babies have been born with the condition of the brain that has not fully evolved. In some areas, the status of national emergency has been imposed to cope with the spread of the Zika virus.

This policy is not superfluous to recall a number of doctors assessing the  Zika virus is now being developed into a plague. For that, the doctors appealed to women in countries that are exposed to Zika to postpone pregnancy. However, there is so much about the Zika virus, which is not yet known to a lay audience.

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Symptoms of people who contracted the Zika virus

Cases of death due to the Zika virus rare and only one of five people suspected of being exposed to show symptoms, among others.
  • Fever
  • Head pain and dizziness
  • Experiencing joint pain and swelling in the joints
  • Muscle pain
  • The eyes become red
  • Feel pain in the back
  • Pain in the back of the eye
  • Red spots appear on the surface of the skin
Regarding the symptoms of the Zika virus, many health experts see a lot of similarities of symptoms between dengue fever with fever Zika. However, the most distinguish between the symptoms of the Zika virus with dengue fever is a fever that arises due to a viral infection this tends to be not too high, sometimes the maximum is only at a temperature of 38 degrees celsius.

In most cases, people who contracted the disease Zika can be recovered in total and the symptoms improve by itself. A person infected with this virus will generally recover in 7 to 12 days.

Even so in some cases more serious, these conditions require further treatment in the hospital because of the presence of neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases in people who are infected with the Zika virus. If this happens, the doctor will perform further diagnosis by performing laboratory tests in the form of RT-PCR & antibody test.

How to treat Zika?

To date there is no specific treatment for the Zika virus, this is caused because initially the infection of the disease is considered to be not classified as severe and only a few reported cases. So, the reatment that exists today still focuses on addressing the symptoms. However, there are some things that can be done if You are indicated as experiencing symptoms of the zika virus, which is:
  • Meet fluid intake to prevent dehydration.

  • Taking pain medication such as acetaminophen or paracetamol to relieve fever and headache.

  • Do not forget to always beriskusi with your doctor before You use medicines in addition to those already mentioned above.

  • Enough rest.

  • Do not consumption of aspirin and drugs of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and other to dengue are removed to reduce the risk of bleeding.

  • For patients who have been infected with the Zika virus expected to avoid mosquito bites during the contracted the virus is because the Zika virus, which can last a long time in the blood of sufferers can be spread to others through mosquito bites.
Until now, even this disease could not be prevented with a vaccine. If You are infected with the Zika virus, avoid mosquito bites during the first week to minimize the possibility of the spread of the disease. The first week of infection is a critical period in which the Zika virus active in the bloodstream and is easily transmitted through mosquitoes. One mosquito can infect many other people.

WHO Warning

A number of doctors in several countries say the Zika virus associated with neurological diseases rare, namely Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which can cause crashes while. So far there is no vaccine or treatment that can cure the zika virus so that patients who are exposed to it is recommended to rest and drink plenty of fluids. However, the biggest concern is the impact of the zika virus to the fetus in the womb because it could lead to a reduction of the brain, or microcephaly.

Microcephaly is a condition a baby is born with small heads because their brains do not develop fully in the womb. Severity vary, but can be deadly if the brain of the baby is not very developed and is not able to regulate vital functions in the body.

Some of the babies who died had the zika virus in the brain. The Virus was even detected in the placenta and amniotic fluid. If there is a baby that survived from the condition microcephaly, they usually face an intellectual disability and delay development of the body. WHO says there is ‘agreement scientific’ that zika virus microcephaly and Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Where Is The Zika Virus ? How to symptoms of zika

The center for Disease Control of the United States (USCDC) has said the zika virus settle in the blood for one week and can be transmitted through sex. “The Virus does not cause infection in the fetus that are created after the virus is cleared from the blood. There is currently no evidence of transmission of the zika virus cause fetal abnormalities in subsequent pregnancies,” call the USCDC.

WHO recommends for your partner to wear a condom during sex or not having sex at all during the eight week if the girls just got back from the exposed to the zika virus. If the party men who have symptoms of the zika virus plans to impregnate his partner, then he should not be having sex or have sex wear a condom for six months.

The history of Zika virus
zika virus was first identified in a herd of monkeys in Uganda in 1947. Cases in humans was first discovered in Nigeria in 1954 and sem pat endemic in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands. Most cases occur small-scale and not considered as a big threat to human health. However, in 2015, the zika virus epidemic in Brazil and spread quickly. Resurrection (zika virus) who is currently a pandemic and burst is incredible.

How the zika virus infectious ?

Zika virus spread by mosquitoes Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. The mosquitoes here, which also spread dengue fever and chikungunya virus. Species of mosquito can be found in the American Continent, except Canada and Chile because the weather there is too cold. Mosquitoes also breed on the Continent of Asia. Then, unlike mosquitoes spreading malaria, mosquitoes spreading Zika active in the morning and afternoon.

If the mosquitoes suck the blood of people exposed to Zika, the mosquitoes that can transmit Zika to the next person that they sucked the blood. Transmission through sexual intercourse, according to the WHO, it is also possible,  An example of the best case shows that a person can spread the zika virus for one week after infection.In the liquid the sperm, the virus can survive for two weeks.

Risk factors

The following factors increase the risk You are exposed to the zika virus, which is:

1. Pregnant women
In the official page of the Ministry of Health, mentioned that the greatest danger from the attacks of zika virus actually appear in pregnant women, because pregnant women who are positive have the virus that could likely transmit the virus on the fetus in the womb.

If the virus is to attack pregnant women, as a result will have an impact on the deterioration of muscle tissue and the nervous system including the central nervous system in the brain of the fetus.

Pregnant women exposed to infection Zika will be at risk of giving birth to children who suffered microcephaly, or head size that is too small. Please be aware, until recently the relationship of virus infection Zika in pregnant women with the incidence of microcephaly in infants who were born not scientifically proven, but the evidence in that direction the more powerful. It is based on some research done in the area of the spread of the zika virus in the year 2015.

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Where Is The Zika Virus ? How to symptoms of zika

Microchepaly on the baby can cause the baby to have such experience complications such as, can not grow and develop normally, have a disability on her face, having mental retardation, hyperactivity, and seizures. zika virus can be detected in pregnant women by conducting the examination of RT-PCR, while the expectant mother is experiencing a fever in the first week symptoms of the zika virus appear.Therefore, women who are pregnant it is advisable not to travel to a place that is going on the plague zika virus to prevent infection.

2. Sexual intercourse without a safety
The CDC has confirmed that the Zika can be spread through sex, usually after someone travels to a region where Zika has been endemic. Zika also be missed melakuki sex, although people who are infected have no symptoms at that time. The first case which proved that Zika could be transmitted through sex is in July 2016 in New York City.

At that time, the health authorities of the United States reported that a woman transmit the zika virus to a man through sex without a safety. Prior to that, the experts just never find a case where men transmit the virus to their partner through sex, as well as transmission from mosquito bites.

Some research shows that this virus can be transmitted in the blood – donors of blood, semen, urine, and saliva of an infected person, as well as eye fluid.

3. Go to the infected area
Most of the cases the cause of the Zika virusvirusassociated with the travel activity to the area being infected. The CDC issued travel warnings related to map the spread of the zika virus.

Diagnose zika virus

The first step in diagnosing the Zika virus is to provide medical history and Your journey on the doctor, including personal information such as sexual activity performed with a partner. To confirm the diagnosis of the symptoms the patient is complaining about, the doctor will recommend the patient to do a blood test.

A blood test is done to detect the nucleic acids of the virus, isolate the virus, and serological tests. In addition to undergo a blood test, the doctor also possible to undergo test of urine and saliva on the third day until the fifth day when the symptoms are still ongoing.

From the results of the blood tests that have been done in pregnant women, the medical team can:
  • Detect microcephaly and disorders of the brain through an ULTRASOUND test.
  • Take a sample of the amniotic fluid and examining the uterus using a hollow needle.

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