Here's 10 Best Remedy For Sunburn

Best remedy for sunburn, Everyone knows that applying lots of sunscreen and stay in the shade is the best way to avoid sunburn (sunburn). Scientists recently discovered a protein in the body that trigger the appearance of pain due to sunburn and an antibody that can reduce sensitivity to pain through an experiment on mice.

But what should we do if it burns it's already happened ?

According to dermatologist, taking pain relievers such as ibuprofen and aspirin is one way to eliminate the pain due to sunburn. But there is also a selection of natural remedies to help overcome them. To that end, we describe a 10 reliever to prevent or cure the pain due to sunburn as reported from Huffingtonpost :

10 Best Remedy For Sunburn

1. Aloe Vera
In the pharmacy or drug store, You can find aloe gel to relieve pain due to sunburn because the content of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Even if You can get fresh gel from the plant, then the efficacy is much better than the products that are sold freely in pharmacies, which may include the content of aloe vera in it but not really relieve the pain, Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald.

Although these drugs can relieve, most scientific evidence does not show that aloe vera is able to speed up the healing of sunburn, said Dr. Jonette Keri, MD, professor of dermatology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

2. Shaving Cream
Even though it sounds weird, but shaving cream often appeared as a reliever of sunburn that can be obtained in the house (although technically, this cream does not contain natural ingredients). Even though there is no scientific evidence that states that shaving cream can relieve sunburn, but that doesn't mean that shaving cream is not useful, said Keri. "Shaving cream contains menthol and other chemicals that are naturally able to cool and make the skin feels good."

That's because menthol is a compound that is very quick to evaporate and carry the heat from the sun that evaporates with him, says Dr. Jessica Krant, MD, assistant field tool clinical professor of dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, New York City and the founder of the practice Art of Dermatology.

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3. Vitamins E and C
Some sites in the natural health recommends applying vitamin E oil on the skin that exposed sunburn so that pain gone at once to help moisturize the skin. Many scientists agree that vitamin E and C is able to work as a means of prevention of the occurrence of burns due to sunburn, says Krant. That's because both vitamins act as antioxidants to heal burns that have an impact on oxidative damage on skin cells.

Vitamins are "more effective when used regularly than if applied only once," adds Krant. "But there is no proof vitamins can eliminate the pain due to sun burn it."

4. Vinegar
Vinegar (especially apple cider vinegar) is one of the reliever sunburn most famous of which can be obtained at home. But does the vinegar really work? There has never been a study which studied the effects of vinegar on sunburn, but these materials tend to be effective because vinegar is an antiseptic and can help cool the skin when it evaporates, says Keri.

Theoretically, vinegar could help to balance the body's pH levels by eliminating the feeling stung by the burning sun, although the way it works is just giving a cold sensation on the skin, said Keri.

5. Ice Cubes and Cold Water Bath
Logically, if You got stung by the sun then You should put something cold on top of the pain. The experts agree that a cold shower can help cool the skin and make You feel better. Then how about a hot bath? "Some people say that hot water makes the heat of that burn out of the skin, but it's not true," said Keri.

10 Best Remedy For Sunburn

Naturally, the ice cubes are also part of the tactics of the cooling however be careful when applying ice cubes on the burn because this can create the sensation of heat became more severe by creating an "ice burn" or sensation such as burning from the sting of the ice.

6. Baking Soda
Although there is no research to support it, a lot of people who switch to using baking soda to relieve sunburn. It is absurd, says Keri. Baking soda creates an alkaline environment that can soothe the skin and is antiseptic and can help relieve itching it. Dr. Fitzgerald also recommends mixing baking soda with water, then use cotton ball to rub it on the area affected by sunburn or add a half cup of baking soda in the water to take a bath and soak.

7. Milk
A glass of cold milk certainly refreshing, but some health sites show that the cold milk is rubbed on a sunburn can help relieve the pain. Milk is known to help relieve pain, itching and burning when used in the form of a cold compress, says Krant. Yogurt also seems to have the same effect. But there has been no scientific studies that support this.

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8. Honey
Honey is often hailed as a reliever for various ailments, including pain caused by sunburn. Honey is antibacterial and several studies indeed have shown that honey can help heal wounds, says Keri. Because of this, applying honey to wounds caused by sunburn can help skin regenerate the cells of the skin epithelium new, he added. Fitzgerald also suggested that using manuka honey in particular because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammation.

9. Tomatoes
This may sound crazy, but some people claim that rubbing tomato on the wounds caused by sunburn can help relieve the pain. Although the evidence scientific is not sufficient, however tomatoes can cure sunburn, but tomatoes can be useful to prevent the appearance of the wound, said Keri.

However, a German study shows that smearing tomato paste on the skin may help prevent sunburn. This may be because tomatoes are rich in a chemical compound named lycopene that can help reduce ultraviolet radiation on the wound due to sunburn.

10. Oatmeal
Applying oatmeal on the sores sunburn is one of the treatment of ala is the oldest house and this seems also supported by the scientific evidence. Wheat germ extract has been shown to have anti-inflammation can help to reduce the pain due to sunburn, says Krant. "The possibility of oatmeal refrigerated and then applied topically on skin affected by sunburn will ease the pain."

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