Here's 20 Natural Remedies For Bladder Infection

Natural remedies for bladder infection, When experiencing a urinary tract infection, is indeed the medical treatment is the most widely sought after than the herbal treatment. It is true that medical treatment is widely available, it's just that sometimes the treatment is herbal or natural to be a supporter of the medicinal benefits of medical also make healing much faster.

Because urinary tract infections can harm the health of the body if left unchecked, there is always the risk weight that could occur later in the day. If it is still in the mild stage, then it will be easier to treat it, but for the stage that weight, the disease is able to be a trigger for complications of severe and attacks the kidneys.
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20 Natural Remedies For Bladder Infection

Below is a list of herbal remedies urinary tract infection to be spied :

1. Cranberry Juice
One of the herbal remedies are safe for sufferers of urinary tract infections is cranberry juice. Natural treatment has a content of monosaccharide and fructose that are good for health. Treatment for urinary tract using cranberry has been around since the 1920s, and indeed in cranberries have also been shown to have compounds to reduce the symptoms of urinary tract infections.

2. Parsley
To infection that occurs in urinary tract, try using parsley as a cure. To make it, You simply need to take some parsley leaves and mix in water to taste. Make sure the leaf is already Your washing clean first.

After that boil with medium heat to a boil for a few minutes until the content of the leaves of parsley out and in general just need to wait for about 5 minutes. Once removed, pour into a cup and wait to cool before finally allowed to drink it. Do this treatment method 2 times a day regularly will make the infection subside.

3. Blueberry
In addition to cranberries, there is also the fruit of other berries, namely blueberry. Such as cranberries can be juiced, blueberry juice offers the same benefits for patients with urinary tract infections. Good content in blueberries ready to fight the bacteria trigger urinary tract infections; can also if you want to eat directly every breakfast.

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4. Cucumber
Other herbal remedies the most simple and easy to buy is cucumbers. Because the water content in cucumber is very high, consuming it will help in moisturizing the urinary system. Even cucumber is also very good in making the pain and discomfort in the bladder is much lighter naturally.

5. Celery
In addition to capable of become drugs that lower high blood pressure naturally, celery can also be utilized by sufferers of urinary tract infections. Enough chew-chew some celery seeds regularly can cure the symptoms of the infection in the urinary tract. Or just drink the water decoction of the leaves of celery every day in order get better.

6. Oregano Oil

Urinary tract infections also can be treated with oil of oregano in which this herbal medicine is known to have anti-bacterial properties high. If you want to use this type of natural antibiotics, then oil of oregano is reliable to drink it directly or mix them in Your dishes. In addition to urinary tract infections, this oil is useful in treating ear pain, swine flu, arthritis, sinus and allergies.

7. Garlic
Although there is a danger of raw garlic, eat it raw actually is the most recommended because of the content of antibacterial and antiviralnya will be able to fight bacteria and infection in the urinary tract. Healing also secured much more quickly if regularly eat garlic.

8. Sandalwood Oil
Sandalwood oil is a recommendation of herbal remedies to cure urinary tract infection which is also natural as well as potent. To use, simply take the oil of sandalwood 5 drops of course and treat infections in the urinary tract by drinking it directly or mixed in a glass of water. Eating regularly will help the healing faster.

9. Horseradish Leaves
In treating infections in the urinary tract, can also utilize the leaves of radish are also clearly natural. Simply take the leaves horseradish to taste and clean first before You can take or put out the juice. The juice of radish leaves as much as 1 cup each day can cure the infection quickly enough and effectively.

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20 Natural Remedies For Bladder Infection

10. Spinach
One type of vegetable which is also used as herbal remedies by the patients with urinary tract infections is spinach. For best results, mix the juice of spinach a bit with coconut water to taste and drink to be able to make the infection much milder. Regular consumption of over the sore will speed up and increase its effectiveness.

11. Goldenrod
Other herbal remedies which are also the most good is the goldenrod. Because of the infection in the urinary tract pose a name the pain in the urinary system, then the goldenrod with the nature of antijamurnya will help get rid of the pain caused by the infection. Ramulah by drinking boiled water regularly in order to quickly recover.

12. Corn Silk
That's when they wanted to cultivate corn, we would throw the hair-her hair, then to patients with infection salurna piss, should be precisely utilizing her hair as a herbal remedy. Corn silk is a diuretic so as to lower the risk of inflammation and even help treat swelling and also kidney stones which occur in children.

13. Couchgrass
There is another plant super potent who can be trusted to treat infections of the urinary tract, i.e. couchgrass. One of the benefits is to reduce inflammation in the urinary tract, urethra and prostate. Even plants with the name of the other grass grinting is also very good in treating kidney stones because there is the effect of a natural antibiotic in it.

14. Lemon

No doubt, the fruit which contains high vitamin C this ready to help You in curing urinary tract infections to the fullest. Take the lemon juice by 1 teaspoon and mix into 180 ml boiling water. The solution then can be drunk when it's warm so I can heal the bleeding and the burning sensation due to infection.

15. Goldenseal
There is another antibiotic medication herbs that also offers tremendous benefits for the patients with urinary tract infections, namely goldenseal. The content of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial is high so that it will facilitate and accelerate the healing of the symptoms of urinary tract infections, including bleeding that occurs in patients due to infection.

16. Yogurt
Home remedies, traditional and safe next is the yogurt. In the yogurt contain acidophilus a ready help to reduce and even fight infection in the urinary tract effectively. Eating unsweetened yogurt is the most recommended because of its benefits for health is great, and is even able to help those of You who are in diet program.

17. Apple Cider Vinegar
No need to wonder anymore if apple cider vinegar can be used as a drug urinary tract infections. Besides being able to normalize the blood pressure and also high cholesterol, apple cider vinegar able to eliminate the burning sensation and also other symptoms caused by the infection. 1 tablespoon mixed with a glass of plain water can be consumed each day until completely healed.

18. Pineapple
The fruit of this one contains anti-inflammatory high which is able to be inhibiting the bacteria that cause the infection. Because it contains anti-inflammatory properties, so eating a pineapple every day will make the healing period is guaranteed faster. Enter this fruit in the food menu in Your daily when the infection began to show symptoms.

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19. Apple Juice
As we know, apple is the fruit health and in it contained potassium as well as other vitamins that is ready to eradicate the growth of any bacteria, including bacteria that cause infections in the urinary tract. Apple juice can also be consumed every day as an effective remedy because it is a natural antibiotic.

20. Leaf Cat Whiskers
Take 30 grams of cat whiskers that the leaves are still fresh or prepare 15 grams when you want to wear a dry. The following also don't forget to provide 15 grams of cananga flower dried and 20 grams of the roots of the reeds which is also still fresh. Boil everything together with water to 4 cups and bring to a boil until left to 2 glasses. Consume 2 times a day to show signs of improving, but if in 3 days not yet recover also, directly to the doctor.

That's 20 herbal medicine urinary tract infections worth to You lyrics and also try at home. Hopefully the recommendations of this herbal remedy can help You who are confused to find a solution for urinary tract infections experienced.

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