6 Natural Remedies For Stuffy Nose

Natural remedies for stuffy nose, When suffering from colds or allergies, often people have difficulty breathing because his sinuses bothered or familiar called nasal congestion. Almost all people have experienced this. The sinuses are cavities in the bones around the nose. Cavity-this cavity continuously produce mucus that is drained into the nose.

Impaired flow of mucus due to various causes will cause a buildup of mucus in the sinus cavity. Accidents that cause head trauma can also close the sinus and cause the narrowing of the sinuses that last a long time or even permanently.
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Natural remedies for stuffy nose

"To overcome this, a lot of people use nasal sprays to relieve a stuffy nose (decongestants) without a doctor's prescription. However, this drug is not for everyone and there are some health risks because of taking certain medications, especially medications nasal sprays and decongestants," says Chris Kilham, the hunters of natural medicine and lecturer in ethnobotany at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Injuries that cause narrowing of the sinuses usually requires surgery. However nasal congestion due to colds, the flu, allergies or the consumption of certain foods can be eliminated with natural medicines.

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The following natural ways to relieve nasal congestion :

1. A Solution Of Salt Water
Drain sinuses with salt water solution dilute it is often effective to cope with sinus congestion. A small container like a teapot mini called 'neti pot' is often used to drain the salt solution into the nose. Many people who have tried it, and the result is quite satisfactory.

2. Inhalation of Aromatic Substances or Inhaler
Another way to expel the nasal congestion is by inhaling steam aromatic substances such as menthol or eucalyptus. Inhaler products containing menthol, oils of peppermint, Cajeput and eucalyptol, components of the wood white is quite effectual. Simply place the inhaler just below your nose, then inhaled, the vapor from the inhaler will ease the sinuses.

Aromatic products others of the same ingredients can also help. If you have clogged nose, fill the bath with hot water, put 4 - 5 drops of aromatic oil, go to the bath, and inhale the steam.

Natural remedies for stuffy nose

3. Oil and Supplements White Wood
Another way to overcome nasal congestion is inhalation of cough medicine made from white wood. When the drug is inhaled, then the sinuses will open. Supplement products made from eucalyptus are also effective. A small capsule containing an extract of eucalyptus can clear the stuffy nose. This product is good for overcoming sinus problems more severe.

4. Menthol
Peppermint contains menthol, and when to drink peppermint tea, the menthol in the tea will spread up into the sinuses and helps to dilate the sinus. Peppermint is not as strong as eucalyptus, but it often works well.

5. Avoid Milk
A lot of people who can't tolerate dairy products, but often do not realize it and are experiencing sinus congestion for years at a time. If you suffer from sinus congestion that is chronic, avoid all dairy products, cheese, and cream for a while. If avoiding milk can make the sinuses is relieved, then the most likely cause of sinus blockage is caused by the consumption of milk.

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6. Avoid Causes Of Allergies
Substances cause allergy from environment such as dust, yeast and fungi can also cause disorders in the sinuses. Air filtration is not adequate in an office or environment that is not clean can cause sinus problems that do not stop despite having tried a variety of efforts.

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