How To Cure Eye Stye? Here's 7 Natural Remedy For Stye

Natural remedy for stye, How to Treat a Stye Overnight can be done by yourself at home. But still you need to know first the cause of the Stye and how to overcome them naturally. Certainly it's a shame that if on waking there is swelling in the eyes and difficult to see. Swelling on the eyes is generally referred to with scales. Well, for those of You who are experiencing a Stye, here's the wife? and hopefully you know how to handle it.

A sty is the scientific name of pain stye. The presence of infection or swelling of the glands at the edge of the upper eyelid and the bottom is what makes the eye stye. Swelling of the glands is caused by bacteria, usually by Staphylococcal bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus).

stye can arise in one or more eyelids. The affected eyelid scales include the Meibomian glands, glands of Zeis and Moll.
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Natural Remedy For Stye

Based on where the stye is divided into 2 types :
  • Internal stye, occurs in the Meibomian glands. In a lump scales internal this leads to the conjunctiva (lining of inner eyelid).
  • External stye, occurs in the lymph glands Zeis and Moll. A lump visible from the outside of the outer skin of the eyelid (palpebra).
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Symptoms Of Eye Stye

Sign of Stye is very easily recognizable, namely with the presence of a lump in the eyelid. Occasionally seen spots of whitish or yellowish accompanied by swelling of the eyelids. On the internal Stye, a bump will appear more clearly with the eyelids.

Complaints are often perceived by people Stye that sustains the eyelids, pain and pain when looking down. Sometimes the eyes watery and sensitive to light. Stye can form an abscess in the eyelid and broken with pus.

How To Cure Eye Stye

In general scales can heal in 1-2 weeks. But not infrequently require special treatment such as topical medication with antibiotic ointment or eye drops combined with oral antibiotics. However there are how to eliminate eye scales overnight namely in the following ways :

1. A warm compress for about 10-15 minutes, 4 times a day.
A stye is a red bumps, kind of acne, which are formed in the outer edge of the eyelid. Your eyelids have lots of oil glands small, especially around the eyelashes.  Dead skin, dirt, or buildup of oil can clog or block tiny holes. When the glands are clogged, bacteria can grow and cause the stadia developed. That's the cause of the eye scales.

How to treat a Stye in the eye of the first is to compress the warm part of the eye that scales. Compress is the most effective way to take care of the eyes. The warmth helps dissolve the pus and oil so that the Stye can dry out naturally. How to remove scales in the eyes is to wet a clean rag with warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot.

Compress with a cloth damp but not dripping then place it slowly over Your eyes for about 5 to 10 minutes. Do not squeeze or try to puncture the stye. You can do this 3 to 4 times each day.

2. Clean Your eyelids with soap and water lightly
How to treat eye stye second is by cleaning the eyelids with soap. Choose a baby soap and mix with a little warm water. Use to wipe off the eyelid using a cotton swab or a clean rag. You can do this every day until the stye is gone.
Natural Remedy For Stye

3. Use the tea bag warm
If not can use the compress a warm cloth, You can use the tea bag warm as a how to eliminate a stye in the eye. Black tea works best because it can help to reduce swelling and has some antibacterial properties.

Boil water and put a tea bag in his cup as if You were making tea to drink. Allow the tea to be cold about a minute then put it over your eyes, and then compress on your eyes for about 5 to 10 minutes. Use the tea bags separate for each eye hospital.

4. Avoid using makeup contact lenses
Avoid using makeup if you have stye. Makeup can irritate the eye even can delay the healing process. You can also transfer the bacteria to the makeup and spread it to Your other eye. Wash brush which can be re-used regularly. Waste eye products older than three months.

If You wear contact lenses, while just use the glasses until the stye You recover. Bacteria from scales can get into contact and spread the infection.

5. Use the antibiotic ointment
You can buy ointment store over-the-counter in pharmacies to treat stye. To use this ointment, pull the lid of the affected eye and apply about a quarter-inch of the ointment on the inside of the eyelid.

Avoid using topical steroids for stye. These drugs can cause side effects. Make sure that any product You use is made for use in the eye.

6. Massage the stye area
You can massage the area of the stye with a tissue. Massage the affected area stye with soft and clean hands. Keep the area clean and avoid touching Your eyes. Stop massaging if it feels pain.

7. Get medical care from Your doctor
Your doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic cream for the infection. For inflammation, the doctor may give You steroid injections to reduce the swelling. Sometimes the stye need to be treated in a professional manner, especially if it is internal or affect Your vision.

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Use topical Antibiotics (ointment, eye drops), for example:

  • Gentamycin
  • Neomycin,
  • Polimyxin B
  • Chloramphenicol
  • Dibekacin
  • Acid fucidic
  • Ampicillin
  • Amoxicillin
  • Erythromycin
  • Doxycyclin
Oral antibiotics are used if stye showed no improvement with topical antibiotics. The drug is administered for 7-10 days. The use and choice of oral antibiotics only on doctor's recommendations based on the results of the test.

The dose of antibiotics in children is determined by weight according to each type of antibiotics and the level of severity stye. Symptomatic medication (to reduce the complaints) can be given to reduce pain, for example: acetaminophen, mefenamic acid, ibuprofen, and the like.

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