Here's 9 Best Food Poisoning Remedy

Food poisoning remedy, Cases of food poisoning are still often encountered in many developing countries. In most cases, food poisoning caused by the habit of eating snacks at random on the roadside.

Food poisoning symptoms do not appear immediately after eating foods that are not clean, so many people do not realize they have fallen ill. In fact, food poisoning can lead to death if not handled properly. Learn how to cope with food poisoning at the bottom of this before it's too late.

Food Poisoning Remedy

How to cultivate and prepare foods that are not sterile, the food is not cooked until done, as well as hygiene poor self can invite the pathogenic cause of poisoning alighted in the food. The causes of food poisoning the most common are bacteria, although it can also be caused by a fungus, alga, parasite, or virus. 

These germs eventually come ingested together with the food and landed in our digestive tract. When germs settle in the body, they will continue to multiply in the gastrointestinal tract while producing toxins that irritate the wall of the gastrointestinal tract, sometimes even to damage the tissue.

Food poisoning symptoms do not appear immediately once You eat contaminated food. The germs that cause poisoning takes quite a long time to multiply in the body. The bacteria Salmonella, for example, requires incubation time of about 6-72 hours, so that new symptoms will appear 2-5 days after eating the food.

The bacteria Campylobacter has an incubation period longer than Salmonella, which is up to 2-5 days. After the incubation period, then You will feel the symptoms of food poisoning. ( Read more : allergy medications and dry eye medications  )

Even so, do not panic so that should hurry to go to the doctor because there are several natural remedies at home that can be used to overcome food poisoning here :

1. Tea
Stomach infection can be cured one of them with tea. Brewed peppermint tea, or if it is difficult to get it, simply pour warm tea and add a few drops of basil juice and honey.

2. Ginger water
Mix ginger water with a tablespoon of honey to reduce inflammation and pain in the abdomen. A concoction of ginger water as it is one of the home remedy that is easily available to overcome food poisoning.

Food Poisoning Remedy

3. Grated peel of pomegranate
This is one of the home remedies that can cure vomiting caused by food poisoning. The skin of pomegranate is very good for the drug.

4. Brown sugar
When You experience food poisoning, continuous vomiting and stomach pain then the body can become weak. To antisipiasi, pour boiling water with four teaspoons of brown sugar so that You can renew.

5. Aloe vera juice
To cope with food poisoning, consume aloe juice three times a day each as much as 60 mg.

6. Yogurt
This is a home remedies that are popular to cope with food poisoning, especially if You are vomiting excessively. Therefore, the microorganisms in yogurt can help cure vomiting and abdominal pain.

7. Lemon
The acidic properties in lemon can be so effective remedy for food poisoning. Drink three to four glasses of lemon juice to treat food poisoning danjou. wishful forget to add salt in the lemon juice, instead of sugar, so that its benefits can be more effective.

8. Banana
Mash the banana with apples to make a banana shake. Bananas are rich in potassium and apple which is rich in enzymes can inhibit the growth of bacteria. So, the combination of the two fruit it can reduce abdominal pain and diarrhea as well as helping the recovery of the body after the food poisoning.

9. Water
There is no better remedy than to drinking a lot of water. So, when the body of food poisoning You must keep yourself hydrated. Make sure You drink plenty of water. Therefore, drinking water can also help cure vomiting, stomach heartburn so that toxins and bacteria are quickly removed from the body.

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