Baby Ear Infection Home Remedy and Treatment

Baby ear infection home remedy, Ear infections frequently visited the baby. So generally of this disease among infants make the case of ear infection often afflicts five of the six children less than three years old. If your baby is often seen tugging at his ears, fussy, often crying is not like usual, then there is a possibility that she was ill.

Watch for common signs, such as the emergence of a fever, discharge from the ear, trouble sleeping, and no appetite. If this is so, it means that he is experiencing ear infections.

Otitis media or ear infections is a painful inflammation on the part of the middle ear. The majority of otitis media occur in the channel bintang, i.e. the channel that connects the ears, nose, and throat. In children, channel bintang shaped more horizontally, short, and small if compared with the property of adults. This makes the channel bintang children are more easily clogged.
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 Baby Ear Infection Home Remedy

This condition can be painful for the baby and that makes it more dangerous is he can't communicate. Therefore, check with your condition to the doctor if it is suspected there are ear infections that plagued him, at once to relieve the discomfort experienced.

Most children who experience this condition can recover without medication. But if your baby is aged in the range of 6-24 months and has mild symptoms, then just keep an eye on his condition before giving any medication. In this case, the drug administered is required through a prescription from a doctor.

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Medicine Ear Infection Kids in the house

management measures can be prepared. Even so, the checks to doctors remains a top priority, especially when after 48-72 hours of the child's condition still did not improve, which is characterized with the emergence of high fever and the presence of early symptoms that are getting worse.

1. warm olive oil
If there is no fluid flowing from the ear of the child and there is no leakage in the eardrum, you can try to give a few drops of olive oil into the ear that hurts. Make sure the olive oil is not in a state of cold or hot, but slightly warm or the temperature equal to the temperature of the room.

Do this when the baby is sleeping so he remained lying sideways with the ear perpendicular to the top for a few minutes, then telentangkan back. It is necessary to allow the oil to achieve the eardrum. Do not overdo in doing this.

2. Compress the ear with a damp cloth that is warm
To help reduce the pain, compress the ear of the child with a towel that has been moistened with warm water for 10-15 minutes. Before use, make sure the towel has been squeezed as hard as possible.

3. Inadequate supply of drinking
Give fluids as often as possible to the child. Swallowing the liquid can help open the channels saxophone instrumental so that the liquid which accumulates in the channel can flow.

4. Don't give me any drugs
Avoid giving the child a cold manifold decongestants, medicines, antihistamines, or aspirin. This drug does not make the child's condition become better, they can give dangerous side effects. Aspirin can also make the child more prone to a rare disease that proved fatal, namely Reye's Syndrome.

5. Elevate the position of the baby's head
When the baby is sleeping, lift up slightly the position of the baby's head by placing 1-2 pillows behind the mattress, not directly under his head. It aims the circulation of the sinus baby.

6. Take advantage of gravity
For a few moments, lay the baby with a sideways position for positioning the ear pain face up. According to the theory, this position will reduce the pressure by pushing fluid out of the ear drum.

7. Shake his ears
One of the tricks used by a pediatrician to eliminate the pain of the ear is to pinch the soft ear lobe with the thumb and forefinger, then pull it slightly toward the outside of the bottom a few times. This allows the channel bintang open and dispense liquid.

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Drug Ear Infection the Child Should be with a Doctor's Prescription

The three parts of the ear are quite susceptible to infections caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi. Ear infection can attack any age, but generally quite often experienced by kids, especially a middle ear infection (otitis media).

Baby Ear Infection Home Remedy

If an ear infection on the Fruit of The Heart do not heal in a few days, immediately consult to the doctor. Don't let the ear infection the child is getting worse because it can lead to infection of the organs of the inner ear to permanent hearing loss.

The form of the handling of an ear infection in a child is administration of medications ear infections, including:

Administration of antibiotics

Antibiotics are given to ear infections caused by bacteria. The condition of the child with the ear infection can generally be cured without antibiotics. However, the doctor will give antibiotics if the child has pain that is quite severe.

Accompanied by the risk of experiencing complications due to infection. In addition, if the child is under two years old and have an infection in both ears or experiencing pain and mild fever, then the doctor is likely to give antibiotics also.

Before suggesting the use of antibiotics, the doctor will check the condition of the health of the child first. Then, wait for the result for a few days. If the ear infection has not healed well, then the doctor will prescribe antibiotics, such as amoxicillin.

The use of antibiotics is considered not effective when the symptoms of ear infections the child still appeared in a period of more than 48 hours after the administration of antibiotics. You are advised to consult to the doctor if the child's condition does not improve more than two days. This is so that the doctor can prescribe antibiotic drugs other groups that may more effectively deal with the infection.

The choice of drug to Relieve fever and ear pain

Infection of the middle ear can cause symptoms such as ear pain and fever. So the action handling is done for the sake of reducing these symptoms. Type-the type of drug ear infection can be used like:

  • Paracetamol or acetaminophen and drugs anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal is used to relieve pain and fever. Read usage instructions on the packaging labels and follow the doctor's advice before giving it to the baby. Be careful also not to give aspirin to relieve the symptoms of hay fever to children under the age of 16 years. In order to avoid the onset of serious illness, namely reye's syndrome.

  • Ear drops. Most types of ear drops can treat the ear disease worse. However, do not use ear drops if the eardrum is ruptured. The use of ear drops should be through doctor's advice to get considerations how to use the safe.

  • Corticosteroids. Sometimes given in conjunction with antibiotics to overcome the buildup of fluid in the eardrum. The use of steroid medicine is very not recommended, especially if the child recently experienced chicken pox (varicella).
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Warning Drug Use Ear Infection Other

Medication-painkillers and hay fever relief, such as antihistamines, decongestants, and cold medications that are freely sold, directly can not prevent and handle infections of the ear. Antihistamines have side effects that make kids sleepy, multiply the fluid in the inner ear, and even aggravate the condition itself. Check with your children to the doctor to get the right advice before using a drug of ear infection.

Keep always the condition of the body and the cleanliness of the ear before the infection attacked Your child. Drug ear infection can be a way of proper treatment, but there is no harm to give priority to prevention.

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