Sitz Baths : Best Bartholin Cyst Home Remedy

Bartholin cyst home remedy , Bartholin cysts form when the blockage in the duct of the Bartholin gland. Cysts can be small-sized and does not cause pain, however it could also be vice versa.

Bartholin's glands are located on both sides of the vaginal lips of the female genitalia.

The Bartholin's glands secrete fluid that acts as lubricant during sexual intercourse. It is a small gland that is not easily detected by hand or eye.
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Sitz Baths Bartholin Cyst Home Remedy

The Cause Of Bartholin Cysts

Fluid secreted by the Bartholin's glands flowing through the channel directly towards the vagina. Clogged vents will accommodate the excess liquid then develops into a cyst. Bartholin's cysts can be more enlarged after sexual intercourse due to the addition of fluid produced from the Bartholin's glands occurs when sexual intercourse.

Blockage of the Bartholin's glands caused by several factors, such as bacterial infections, long-term irritation, or inflammation. Infection of Bartholin's cysts can be caused by bacteria that cause sexually transmitted infections (STIS), namely the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which causes gonorrhea or gonorrhea, the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis that cause the disease Chlamydia. Other bacteria are Escherichia coli or E. coli are often the cause of diarrhea and food poisoning.

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Symptoms Of Bartholin Cysts

Following this a number of the symptoms of Bartholin's cysts :
  • The existence of Bartholin's cysts that are not infected-shaped lumps without pain and palpable tender. Cysts are usually found accidentally at the time carried out routine checks on the pelvic area.
  • When infection occurs, the size of the cyst Bartholin bias enlarged in the period of a few hours or days. The infection causes swelling in the cyst is accompanied by the appearance of pus (abscess) and pain. This causes sufferers difficulty for sitting, walking, or sexual intercourse.
  •  The symptoms can also be accompanied by fever.
Diagnosis Of Bartholin's Cysts

In the early stages, the doctor will ask about the patient's medical history. Then, the doctor will perform a physical examination. Generally Bartholin's cysts only occur on one side, while the other side remains normal sized.

Important to conduct routine checks on the pelvic area, especially when found the lump to determine the diagnosis of the disease. In addition to examination on the pelvic area, the doctor will also take a sample of fluid from the vagina to determine whether there is a sexually transmitted infection.

Taking a tissue sample (biopsy) of the Bartholin gland to be examined will be recommended in patients with postmenopausal or older than 40 years to detect cancer cells.

The Handling Of Bartholin's Cysts

Bartholin's cysts are dealt with in different ways. Small cysts that are not infected can be treated at home and does not require the procedure as well as medications specific.

On the contrary, the cyst requires requires handling more when the size is large, making the patient uncomfortable, or infection occurs. The handling of Bartholin's cysts include drugs, expenditures, abscess, and cyst removal.

Treatment with the use of Sitz baths
Sitz bath is a treatment of the buttocks and perineum, that space between the rectum (inside the anus) and the vulva (the outer part of the vagina) in women or testicles in men. This treatment is also known with the term soak sit or soak the buttocks. In addition to cleaning the genital area, sitz bath is a procedure that can help relieve itching or pain in the buttocks area as well as genital.

You can do a sitz bath in a bathtub or with a plastic kit which is laid on top of the toilet in the house (see picture above). This Kit is round-shaped, shallow container that is often equipped with a plastic bag that has a pipe or hose length at the ends. These pockets can be filled with warm water and used to fill the bath safely through the hose.

The container is sized scare bigger from the holder of a standard toilet so it's easy mounted securely on the toilet seat to allow You to remain seated while enjoying the treatments sitz bath. This Kit is available at some pharmacies and medical equipment store.

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What is the use of sitz bath ?

Sitz bath is a treatment aimed at to maintain the cleanliness of the anus and the genital area, reduce inflammation and pain due to hemorrhoids (piles), as well as help the healing of wounds in the genital area and the vagina after childbirth.

Soak in warm water (lukewarm, not hot water) can help speed up the healing process by increasing blood flow to this area. Sitz bath it will not cure Your condition, but can reduce the irritation and discomfort.

This treatment is usually used as a home treatment for the following things :
  • Anal fissure, or small tears in the skin lining the anus that
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Hemorrhoids (piles or haemorrhoids)
  • Prostatitis (inflammation of prostate)
  • After a normal delivery (through the vagina)
Soak warm water can reduce the pain, burning, irritation, and inflammation, but You may still need other treatments. Therefore, consult to your doctor first before undergoing this treatment.

Sitz Baths Bartholin Cyst Home Remedy

Stages sitz baths

1. Sitz bath in bathtub
Make sure the bathtub in a clean state. Clean the bath by mixing 2 tsp of bleach with a half gallon of water. Rub the bathtub and rinse until clean. The bath is ready for a warm bath (sitz bath).

Following stages :
  • Fill the bathtub with warm water (so Your genital area can be submerged). The water used should be warm, not hot water. You can add medications that may be recommended by Your doctor.
  • If the water temperature is quite comfortable for You, soak Your genital area for 15-20 minutes. Bend Your knees or maybe let Your legs dangle over the side of the tub to avoid Your feet from the soaking water.
  • After the finish, wipe gently part the buttocks of a submerged until dry, but do not rub hard.
  •  Don't forget to clean the back of Your bath tub as before.
2. Sitz bath while sitting on the toilet
Rinse the plastic kit with clean water before use. If it is already clean, You can follow the stages below :

  • Put the equipment a sitz bath over the toilet seat.
  • Make sure the kit will not be shifted.
  • You can pour warm water before You sit down, or by using a plastic bag and a hose to fill the kit with water after You sit down. The water should be deep enough so soak the genital area as well as Your buttocks.
  • Soak for 15-20 minutes. If You use a plastic bag, You can add warm water while your bath water is already cold. You do not need to worry if the water in the kit will overflow, because most of the equipment sitz bath have a hole.
  • After the finish, wipe gently part the buttocks of a submerged until dry, but do not rub hard.
  • Don't forget to clean up return the kit to normal.
The kits are sold typically include instructions for use and how to clean it. If Your kit did not come with instructions, clean in the same way when cleaning Your bathtub or ask the pharmacist.

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