Here's 10 Best Source Of Vitamin D

Best source of vitamin D - Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble vitamins, also called calciferol. This B Vitamin has many roles in the formation of the structure of bones and teeth and enhances the absorption of calcium in the gastrointestinal tract. Buy vitamins D can also strengthen the immune system so the body farthest from the many types of cancer.

Vitamin D deficiency can cause disorder of the disease among them, osteoporosis, osteopenia, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

Actually, vitamin D is the only vitamin that can be produced by the body itself. The trick is when exposed to sun light, compound precursors 7-dehidrokolesterol will be converted into the compounds of cholecalciferol, as quoted from wikipedia.

Best Source Of Vitamin D

This induction is caused by UVB rays, which then compounds cholecalciferol will be converted into the compound kalsitrol which is the active form of vitamin D. Kalsitrol itself is produced in the kidney, and then circulated to all parts of the body, especially bones and teeth.

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Sources of Vitamin D from Food
The intake of vitamin D can also be found in some of the best food that You can serve any day which is :

1. Cod liver oil
Although many people are not familiar with the taste of cod liver oil, they can actually get a lot of health benefits from this fish oil. Contains vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids in high levels, cod liver oil can meet 75% of the needs of vitamin D daily in just 1 teaspoon.

100 grams of cod liver oil contains 10,000 IU of vitamin D, and are now widely available cod liver oil enriched flavor so that You easily eat them.

2. Salmon
Because vitamin D is fat soluble, You need to consume fat to absorb it. Fish, particularly fatty foods, is one of the best foods rich in vitamin D.

Salmon, among other things, is the best vitamin D source which is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Half slice the meat fresh salmon (155g) contains 1035 IU of vitamin D, but You can also get enough vitamin D from meat canned salmon.

3. Tuna
Tuna fish is a food ingredient that is commonly used in the daily menu because the price is cheaper than salmon, but the levels of nutrients are not at all inferior.

Including types of fatty fish, tuna is a source of vitamin D and also rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. One serving of tuna (85 grams) contains about 200 IU of vitamin D, and You can easily get it in the form of canned tuna.

4. Sardines
If You are not accustomed to eating salmon or tuna, sardines can be the right choice. Widely found in Indonesia, this fish contains a lot of vitamin D and types of other minerals.

100 grams of sardines contain 192 IU of vitamin D, and You can easily get the benefit of his health in the form of canned sardines which are delicious and available cheap.

5. Milk
A famous drink in vitamin D, milk is a source of nutrients that are very good for the body. Cow's milk also contains calcium and minerals in levels that high so it is very beneficial for the health of bones and teeth.

Cow's milk, either pure or skim, naturally contain vitamin D, but it has a lot of available cow's milk-fortified with extra nutrients that are good for the body. Cow's milk that is enriched contains 127 IU of vitamin D in 1 cup (244 g).

6. Eggs
Eggs are the food sources of vitamin D are common in the daily menu. The eggs are large-sized (50g) contains 44 IU of vitamin D, and one cup of eggs (136g) contains 120 IU of vitamin D.

If You are accustomed to set aside the yolk when consuming animal products, You better start learning to enjoy it because on the yellow telurlah there is a lot of content of vitamin D. The egg white contains a lot of protein and the yolk which contains a lot of vitamin D, the eggs become food ingredients that are healthy and cheap to be consumed every day.

7. Mushrooms
Mushrooms that are exposed to a lot of sunlight (ultraviolet B) proven to contain a lot of vitamin D. Types of mushrooms commonly consumed, such as button mushrooms, ear mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms, very nutritious and beneficial for health.

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Best Source Of Vitamin D

Button mushrooms, for example, if exposure to ultraviolet B light for 2 hours, will contain a 734 IU of vitamin D only in I cup of the incision (70g). Shiitake mushrooms originated in Japan contain 41 IU of vitamin D in 1 cup of the incision (145g). Low in fat and calories, mushrooms can be a choice of healthy food ingredients to be consumed day-to-day.

8. Shrimp
Sea food is famous for its protein content, but shrimp is also a source of vitamin D which is good. In addition to a lot of protein and vitamin D, shrimp actually also contains omega 3 and low in fat and calories.

One serving of shrimp (85g) contains about 129 IUS of vitamin D, and You can enjoy it with boiled or steamed to get the health benefits best.

9. Cheddar cheese
Products of animal origin are processed from cow's milk that has been brooded in a certain time. Cheddar cheese contains nutrients that are good for the body, and in 1 irisnya (28g) contains 11 IU of vitamin D.

Cheddar cheese can be combined with a variety of other foods, making it the perfect food source of vitamin D that is easily consumed every day. In addition, the cheddar cheese can be a source of vitamin D in childhood because a lot favored by kids thanks to a unique taste.

10. Cereal
According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2004, fortified cereal is the main source of vitamin D in the United States. Most cereals ready-to-eat available in the market are cereals that have been enriched, and 100 grams of fortified cereal generally contains 332 IU of vitamin D.

If consumed with milk with vitamin D high, fortified cereal would be a healthy breakfast full of nutrients good for the body.

A lot of the general public who think that it is very difficult to meet the needs of vitamin D daily for the body. But not so in reality.

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Aside from sunlight and the foods above, vitamin D can also be obtained in supplement form. By taking a vitamin D supplement every day, You can get the intake of vitamin D with more measurable, especially if You have a deficiency of vitamin D. Consult your doctor or nutritionist for more information regarding the dose of vitamin D supplements is right for You.

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