Top 5 Best Vitamin Brands and Supplement Brands

Multivitamin and mineral contained in the supplement is a substance that is useful for the health of the body. From the number of multivitamins that are sold, can You choose which Best Vitamin Brands should You buy?

This time we will explain how to choose a good multivitamin based on price, content material, as well as reviews from the wearer.

Because a multivitamin is something that is consumed every day, then choose the most appropriate products for You!
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Best Vitamin Brands

Understanding multivitamin and mineral

Vitamins and minerals included in the 5 main nutrients in addition to protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Of the five nutrients, protein, fat, and carbohydrates are the 3 main ingredients that produce energy for the body, while vitamins and minerals function to maintain and balance functions in the body.

Vitamins and minerals can we get from the foods that contain balanced nutrition. However, many of the difficulties in applying the pattern of eating healthy and balanced. Hence, it would be difficult if we only rely on the food we consumption as a source of vitamins and minerals, every day. The word multi means “many” or “some”. In other words, multivitamins & minerals is a supplement consisting of a mixture of some vitamins and minerals.

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The type and function of a multivitamin & mineral

Before we explain how to choose a multivitamin that is good and right, You have to understand the type and function of each vitamin. Here is the explanation. There are 13 types of vitamins that the body needs as micronutrients, which are important in optimizing the performance of our body.

Although the amount of vitamins needed by the body just a little, however because the body can not produce the amount of vitamin a sufficient, then we need the extra vitamins from the food.

In general, vitamins can be grouped into 2 types, namely water-soluble vitamins, namely vitamins C and B, and fat-soluble vitamins, namely vitamins A, D, E, and K. Because water-soluble vitamins easily disposed of the body together with urine, so You need water-soluble vitamins every day.

Fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins stored in fat tissues, where when it goes into the tissues of the body then it will be difficult to be issued. This Vitamin can cause side effects if consumed in excess.

Among these vitamins, vitamin B is a vitamin that can increase vitality, while vitamin C is a vitamin that plays a role to increase the immunity of the body. In addition, there is vitamin D which serves to increase the strength of the body, while vitamin E acts as a natural antioxidant that protects cell structures from damage caused by poor lifestyle.

Because each vitamin has a different function, then before You choose a supplement, understand first the functions of each vitamin so that You get maximum results in accordance with what You expect .

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Best Vitamin Brands

Brands of vitamins
There are many brands of vitamins for endurance body adults that are sold in pharmacies and a grocery / convenience store. However, not all brands of vitamins are good and quality. here is a list of vitamins for endurance adults that You can make a choice :

1. Scott’s Emulsion
Did You know that fish oil is the best multivitamin for the human body? Therefore, it is very reasonable if scott's Emulsion entered the ranks of the brand multivitamins a nice version Bacaterus. Multivitamin this one comes from cod liver oil which is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

In addition, scott's Emulsion has excellent flavour so favored by children. For your information, this multivitamin has been there since decades ago. A lot of parents who entrust the needs of a multivitamin for children on scott's Emulsion.

2. Fruit 18
Multivitamin this one is a little different from other multivitamins. This is because Fruit 18 made from the juice of fruits which are formulated synergistically. Fruits used in Fruit 18, among others, are orange, grape, pineapple, apple, lemon, and many more.

Fruit 18, this available for adults and children. In addition to strengthening the body's resistance, Fruit 18 also help smooth defecation. If children are difficult to consume this vitamin, You can mix Fruit 18 into the drink or food that will be consumed by the little guy.

3. Im-Boost
Same as the brands of multivitamins the other, Im-Boost is also beneficial to maintain the durability of the body. In every tablet Im-Boost contains Echinacea and Zinc Picolinate. By consuming Im-Boost regularly, then You will be spared from the risk of disease, especially in the rainy season.

Your body will become stronger even though Your daily activity is quite solid. Enough consumption of Im-Boost 1-3 tablets a day and have a healthy body and not easily attacked by diseases in the transition season like now.

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4. Stimuno Forte
Durability the body of each person is certainly different. People who have weak immune system will be more susceptible to disease. But, everyone certainly want to have a body that is healthy, strong, and not easily hurt. Therefore, Bacaterus recommend Stimuno Forte.

This Multivitamin improve a weak immune system so that it becomes more powerful. For children, You can give Stimuno Syrup with a variety of flavors that surely liked by your little one.

 5. The Right C
Recipe to have a strong endurance so not to ease the pain is to meet the intake of Vitamin C daily required by the body. The Right C is a product that can meet the needs of Vitamin C You day-to-day. The Right C will provide a source of Vitamin C the best for Your body.

In addition, this product is also safe in the stomach so that the patients with ulcer disease can also be consume vitamin this one. The Right C is only consumed 1 tablet a day. If You regularly consume this vitamin, then Your endurance will increase from day to day.

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